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V: the science


She didn’t ask the King and Queen. She asked Adelaide whose eyes were wide as she glanced towards her mother and Willow several times.

“Nadia was my sister,” Adelaide answered, her voice wavering. “Her name wasn’t in the history books or any other books. Oh… that’s why she looks like you. That’s why mama looks like you.”

They were not making sense. The King and Queen didn’t say anything. They never even moved. They were too surprised by the sight of a nineteen-year-old woman that was carrying their daughter, the woman looked exactly like a carbon copy of the Queen.

While the Queen’s hair was short, resting just above her shoulders, Willow had a long one. Her and the Queen’s hair were both in the color of a raven, black like midnight. Not only that but there were a lot more similarities that could not be considered as merely a coincidence. Both of them had deep hazel eyes, narrow, feminine nose, high cheekbones, and heart-shaped lips.

“Okay, I’m going to put you down now.” Willow did what she said, kneeling down in front of the princess, not caring of the onlookers. The blood-stained cloth was untied and she inspected what was once an arrow wound but was now a huge bruise, black, blue, purple, and yellow coated her skin. She poked it and heard a hiss of pain coming from her. “Okay, that’ll take only a few more hours and it’ll be good. Stand straight.”

Adelaide did what she was told, her face no longer contorting with pain.

Willow nodded. “Good, you’re not limping. I’d say about an hour or two. That’ll—”

“Adrik, look at her.”

“I am. She looks exactly like you, Sasha,” his thick Russian accent rang in Willow’s ears. He had the same accent as Adelaide’s. Only hers was softer; probably from having an American for a parent.

“I know, it’s her.”

Willow furrowed her brows as she glanced back at them. “Who’s her?”

“What?” Adelaide asked.

She pointed at the King and Queen. “They’re talking about how I look like her and how I’m her.”

“You heard us?” Sasha gasped, a small smile creeping up her face, turning to her husband. “Adrik, it really is her.”

She wanted to tell them that they were talking out loud. Of course, she would hear them. She didn’t push. The King and Queen just had a traumatic experience by losing their daughter—their second daughter as now that she knew. Furthermore, she looked like the Queen. It was just a coincidence, Willow placed it as one.

There were reports of people having doppelgangers all over the country and they were not related at all. This was no different with that. Sure, the woman was much older than her, but it didn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

Knowing that it’ll take them a while to start talking properly, Willow patted Adelaide’s shoulder. “You’re good to go kid.”

The Princess looked like she was contemplating on saying something but Adelaide didn’t push. Now that she knew the kid was safe, all she just wanted to do was go back to her pack. They would be worrying and she was also doing the same.

“Bye, Adi,” she ruffled the girl’s brown hair and turned back, walking calmly away from them.

She had not even gotten ten steps before the King and Queen called out the name that Adelaide told them—her name. Trying not to look frustrated and annoyed, she faced them with a forced light smile. It didn’t matter whether or not they were royalty and technically didn’t have any claim for her to respect them. All she thought was that if she talked to them respectfully and kept her answers short, she would finally be let go.

Walking into a territory full of vampires without telling anyone in the castle was forbidden. Each one of the guards had enough just cause on reasons why she should be shot, more so now that she was a werewolf who was carrying the Princess in her arms moments ago.

“You—” The Queen breathed heavily. Willow could hear her thumping heartbeat hammering against her chest. “You saved our daughter.”

Willow nodded. “It was the right thing to do.”

“Do,” the King paused, taking a step towards her. His eyes were going everywhere her face and to her body. He and his wife looked incredibly sad and happy at the same time. Willow was now getting confused. “Do you know us?”

“King Adrik Petrov and Queen Sasha Petrov, rulers of all vampires of Russia,” she answered. “Look, I understand that you think I’m this Nadia woman that you’re talking about but I can promise you, I’m not. I’m just plain old Willow Quince. A rogue werewolf. Right now, the best thing for this rogue can request is for her to be left alone. Goodbye.”

The Queen captured her arm, tugging her back in place. The feeling that she felt for being touched caused for her to still and stare down at the fingers of Sasha. Her hands felt familiar. It didn’t make sense. Nevertheless, Willow softly jerked her arm back.

Sasha didn’t take the hint and took her hand. Her grasp made her heart tug. It also made her wolf howl—not by anger or pain but by reminiscing.

“Willow,” her eyes glanced up to the woman with hazel eyes. “you feel this? Right now, my wolf is howling. Is yours too?”

“How did—”

Her words were cut when Adrik took her other hand. Her wolf started jumping, wanting to rip her clothes off and shift. It wasn’t to attack them. She wanted to play with them for some reason. “You’re feeling this because you are Nadia.”

She blinked, noticing that the King never moved his lips. “Okay, this is weird. Only pack members can mind-link—not vampires and—”

“Family can mind-link to one another,” her eyes moved to Sasha, tears brimming her hazel eyes. “and you were never able to mind-link with your pack because you never belonged to any. Willow, please, just come inside and we’ll explain everything.”

She pulled her hands back. The sudden loss of contact caused for her wolf to whimper and her heart ached at it. “This isn’t—I’m not—I’m a werewolf for the Moon and Night Goddess’ sake.”

“And your mother is too,” Adrik’s dark eyes flashed a green rim around it. Only royals had that kind of ability and whichever country they were from, indicated the color of the rim around their dark eyes. “Listen, the science—”

Willow shook her head. She didn’t believe it. Her family would never hide anything something like that to her. They had a pack where each one of them would be truthful about anything. They created that pack on her fifth birthday, when they realized that she couldn’t mind-link to her parents or her sister or to anyone in the pack.

Maybe Sasha held some truth. They did say that family had the capability to mind-link as long as they had their wolves.

No, she thought. Her family was her family. She needed to trust that.

“The science indicates that if a werewolf and a vampire are mated, their offspring would be determined on who has the strongest gene,” she supplied, remembering all the books she read and all the teachers informed all of them. “Same goes for every other creature. Seeing as how you’re the King of all kings and queens, I would assume that you would have a child that’s a vampire and that is Adelaide.”

“He’s a king, yes,” Sasha spoke calmly, the tears that threatened were now spilling. Her wolf whined again at the sight. “but I, before I became a queen, was an alpha.”

“What?” She asked, full of disbelief. “Unless you’re the alpha of one of the strongest packs, I don’t see how it’s possible especially when there’s only one pack that’s still alive—” Then, it dawned at her, causing for her eyes to widen. “you were the alpha of the Jude Pack?”

“Supposed to be,” she corrected. “Adrik found me a year before I became an Alpha. They didn’t take kindly that my mate was a vampire and the king too. They were traditional, they disliked every other creature that’s not them. Please, Willow, just let us explain everything.”

“How can I believe you? How can I believe you when I just met you now? How can I believe everything you will say when even my supposed family hid information to me?”

Adrik stepped closer. Willow wanted to back away but her wolf didn’t want to. She was far too emotional now to listen to logic. His cool hands cupped her face, causing for her wolf to stop whimpering and her to relax under his hold.

His lips curled a little. “You look beautiful, my daughter.”

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