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VII: beg of you

He made a move towards her, his dark eyes flashing sapphire blue rings around them. His gums ached, his fangs flashing before her, aching to taste her blood, aching to taste his beloved. He used his speed, running to encircle her around his arms and make her feel safe but he wasn’t able to reach her because she moved quicker than him, quicker than any vampire he have known.

Her hands were up, palms facing towards him with fear and uncertainty flashing in her eyes. He didn’t know why she was acting like this. For centuries of living, he saw how vampires acted with their beloved and because he was a part of Adrik’s life, he saw how much stronger the bond he and the Werewolf Queen of all Russian Vampires had. For years that they have been together, his heart ached to have the same bond.

Now that he’s here, he didn’t want to let her go. He wanted to touch her, caress her long raven hair, to cup her cheek, to press his lips against her naturally red ones. No women that he found attractive—that he slept with—was as beautiful as her.

He took another step but the woman, the werewolf, only backed into a corner. He tried again. This time, a low growl came from the woman and Adrik stood in front of him, holding him back while his wife, Sasha, stood a few feet away from her—his beloved.

“What are you doing, Adrik?” He hissed, trying to pull himself out of the Russian King’s grasps but he because he was older, he was much stronger than him. Right now, it looked like he was a child having a tantrum in the hands of his friend, the man he considered his brother. “Let me go! I want to go to her.”

Adrik shook his head. “You have to calm down, Silas. Do you remember what happened nineteen years ago?”

Of course, he did. He was there to pick up the pieces of the broken Russian King and Queen. They came to him after the birth of their first child and when they told him about the story, Silas felt angry for his brother and for the werewolf that became his sister. They were family and he wasn’t able to save the child. They gave their first child away to save her.

In turn, Silas helped Adrik with his revenge. After the war, both Russian royals grew quiet, reserved, and depressed. He did everything he could to help them and for a while it worked but Silas knew deep down that they weren’t as happy as they portrayed themselves to be when it came to him.

It was when Adelaide was born that they truly found happiness again.

He nodded and turned to face the woman who still had her palms up, telling Sasha to stay back, to not come any closer. He observed her for a while before he looked down at his friend that was only inches shorter than him. It didn’t take a genius to figure it all out. She looked too much of Sasha for it to be a coincidence. “That’s her?”


It felt like he had been hit by a train. His teeth returned to normal, his eyes no longer had the blue rings. “But-but... for fuck’s sake, Adrik. Your daughter is my beloved.”

His friend’s grip around his arms tightened, his jaw clenching. “And I’m definitely trying my hardest not to punch you and break your nose. I will let you go but you have to calm down. Did you see how scared she was when you came into the room and found out that you were her mate? You can’t go to her. Not yet.”

It was hard. All he wanted to do was the opposite. He wanted to take her and never let her go but he understood. He was still confused why she acted that way. When Adrik had found his beloved, he told him on the phone that she was accepting of the bond.

He told her that even though her pack was traditional, it didn’t matter for her because all that mattered was him and her.

Was that why his beloved got scared? Was it because he was a vampire? Or was it because he was the king of all American vampires?

“Willow, you have to calm down,” Sasha spoke to her with such calmness. It was like she was talking back to Adelaide.

There was a frantic look in his beloved’s face. There were no tears, no lashing out, but he could feel it. He could feel her. The bond that was sealing them together made him feel her emotions. He knew right away that she wasn’t sad or in pain, but she was confused. She was having a hard time with all the information that she just found out the second he stepped inside the room.

He felt responsible. He didn’t want her to be like this. It was selfish for him to be happy that he did but he also felt awful for causing her to be distressed like this.

“Calm down?” Her voice was melodic to him even at her state. “I don’t think you get to tell me to calm down. In a span of hours, I have found out that my family was not really my family but are the King and Queen of Russian Vampires. Not only that, oh no, but I just found out that the King of all American Vampires is my mate. It doesn’t even make sense because I already had a mate.”

“What?” This time, he spoke with so much harshness. He wasn’t angry at her. Maybe, a little. He could not be faulted for his anger, he just found out that someone had a taste of what was his. He found out that she had a first mate. A true mate as the werewolves call it. It meant that he was a second-mate, the second choice for her.

What were the Gods and Goddesses playing at?

Sasha stepped closer and Willow did not make a move to go to the other corner. “It’s perfectly normal for you to have a second-mate, Willow. Will you tell me what happened to your first mate?”

“The asshole rejected me,” she answered coolly but Silas felt the anger she felt towards the man that rejected her. He couldn’t understand how the man would have the guts to reject her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The man was a fool; and Silas was glad that he did reject her. “and I rejected him. Then, I severed my ties off of my pack.”

She was a rogue. Silas was supposed to smell the scent of a rogue in her but all she smelled of were oranges. She smelled like his favorite fruit. It was intoxicating.

“Why?” Adrik questioned.

Pain shot through his chest. It felt like somebody had broke his heart. It wasn’t him but her. Her face contorted with pain from the memory and her hands started to shake with every negative emotion there is. “I don’t want to talk about it. At least, not right now. I have-I have to go. I have to go back.”

She made a beeline to the door but Silas took her panic as an advantage to block her way to the door. The movement made her stop dead in her tracks, inches away from his chest. Silas towered over her; a full foot of his advantageous height made her look up to him. He found her hazel eyes so delicate.

Instead of being scared or surprised at him. Her gaze hardened. “Move.”

“Go back where?” was all he replied, not bothering to follow her demand.

“Not your business, King.”

“It is. You’re my beloved.”

When the word came out of his lips, her gaze softened a little. Silas could hear her heartbeat—it had gone up. She wasn’t angry as she was seconds ago. The distance between the two of them and their staring contest brought warmth in his chest. He didn’t want her to go. He didn’t want that he was unsure if she would come back to him.


Her head turned to Adrik, losing eye contact with him. Silas grew irritated at him. Though he was her father, right now, all he wants was her attention. “You have to understand that you have to come back here—”

“No, I don’t—”

“You have to, my daughter,” he pushed. “Vampires have an intricate relationship with their beloveds. For werewolves who have the matebond, you only feel connected to one another once you initiate contact but for vampires, the second you two looked at one another, you already bonded. He’s a king and you are our daughter born with the most royal blood of all—your bonds are stronger than anything else.”

She furrowed her brows. “I don’t understand.”

“Sweetie, it means that if you want to go away, you have to come back.” Sasha explained further. “If you don’t, you’ll lose control of your wolf and Silas will become bloodthirsty.”

“And if I reject him?”

The words flew out of her so fast that Silas became incredibly angry in an instant. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to his chest, encircling his arms around her. “You can’t leave me. You can’t go anywhere, my darling.”

Her breathing hitched—Silas heard it. It made the corner of his lips twitch upwards. The contact sent goosebumps all over him, the warmth of his werewolf beloved made his heart almost burst with an indescribable, insatiable feeling.

Through out the years of being alive, Silas never begged women. It was always women who begged him. Now, he was getting a taste of his medicine for not caring about their feelings. In front of her stood a woman that he had dreamed of, longed for without seeing them, and she was contemplating on rejecting him.

“It doesn’t work that way, Willow,” Sasha spoke while they were in such a position. Neither of them turned to look at her. Silas was watching her and she only had her eyes on his chest. “If you reject him, he’ll die.”

“Why?” She whispered to his chest.

Silas knew that she was talking to him, not to the werewolf Queen. He cupped her chin with his finger, forcing her to gaze at him. “Because for us, our beloved is our heart. Without it, we’re nothing but a shell of a man. I beg of you, ma chérie, stay.”

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