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VIII: gets crazier

The sun had already set and darkness blanketed the sky. By that time, she worried if the young ones had something to eat or if they did, was it sustainable enough for the whole night. She had to always be there when they hunted. Being the person that’s stronger and faster than the vampires and werewolves, she was able to capture more animals than anyone could count. She worried that now that she wasn’t there, the people wouldn’t have enough food to eat.

“My love, you’re worried about something.”

Her head snapped up to the King of all American Vampire Kings and Queens. He sat at the couch in front of her with Sasha and Adrik at his side. Willow could not feel any of his feelings but that was maybe because she was still trying to make sense of it all that she could not separate her feelings and focus on his.

However, when the King pulled on her wrist, she felt sparks and being close to him made her feel warmth to her whole body. It felt like there was a fire being ignited inside of her and Silas was the one that held the match.

There were too many things that made her confused. Why would the Goddess pick a vampire to be her second-mate? Why pick a werewolf in the first place to be her true mate? Was it because having the alpha werewolf that rejected her made the Goddess think that she would be suited for a different creature that’s unlike her?

Too many questions and not a lot of answers.

She didn’t have time to be here. There were pups that were having a hard time in controlling their emotions, there were young vampires that still had a hard time with their transition, there were teens who still had a hard time controlling their magic, and there were fairies that still needed coaching in using their powers to heal without having to absorb the injuries of those they were healing.

It wasn’t like if she was gone, they would all fall apart. It was more of her being afraid of missing out to support that those who needed it. She was always there to help and because she was still nineteen, she managed to connect the teens and adults at the same time.

She thought about those who were worried for her, those who needed her, those that she herself needed to be with.

Her wolf was torn too. Both of them didn’t want to leave and be the reason that the King go mad and go into a rampage. She and her wolf wanted to stay and try to at least see what the bond can lead to but there was too much at stake at the Rouge Peace Tribe. Her wolf was the alpha—they had to choose the pack no matter what.

“I can’t stay,” she simply said. The corned look they all sported turned sad. “I can come back after a few days and stay for a few hours but other than that, I’ll have to go back.”

Sasha shook her head. “Honey, when your father and I would have to be apart, the best that we could do is two to four days. At that point, I’ll be always on edge and anyone who would slightly get on my nerves would be met with my wolf. I had no control over my emotions even when I tried hard.”

“I had a hard time controlling my thirst for blood,” Adrik mentioned. “I’m not proud of it but I lost it at two humans and if it weren’t for my second-in-command pulling me away, I would have attacked one more. The Sealing of the Matebond made everything calm afterwards.”

There was no way that she would go through with it. Not with knowing all this information at the same time. Like she said to the woman who was her real mother, she was over overwhelmed. Biological family, adopted family, a second-mate, the effects of matebond with vampires, and then the Sealing of the Matebond? It was making her dizzy.

Willow,” her eyes moved towards those beautiful dark eyes. She had seen a lot of the same vampire eyes, especially living in a pack that was mixed, but with him… it was different. He made her feel things that she didn’t even feel when she gazed upon Jasper. He was different. The way he said her name sent shivers down her spine. “Whatever it is you’re hiding or whoever you are protecting, we will protect them as well. You just have to stay here with me.”

Her knee bounced; her wolf paced. She didn’t know what to do.

“Fine,” she breathed. She really was going to do this. “I found Adelaide at the Middle Mountain Forest.”

Sasha nodded. “She did say that. You saved her from a vampire that wanted to use for her for ransom.”

“Yes, well, I was at the Middle Mountain Forest because I live there.”

They all looked too confused.

“Our pack, Rogue Peace Tribe, lives in the Middle Mountain Forest,” she explained further. “There are fifty-seven people living there. It constitutes of vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies. All rogues like me. We decided on a werewolf government which means we have Alpha, Beta, and a Gamma. I have to go back because I’m the Alpha.”

Adrik’s jaw went slack. Sasha’s frown turned into a smile. And Silas’ eyes were filled with pride for his mate.

“We lived there for peace, accepting rogues who will not create chaos, and giving them a home. Do you understand, now? I’m the Alpha and though my Beta is the acting Alpha with me missing, I still have to go back and take care of a few things. They need an explanation where I was and what happened because they are my family. They took care of me.”

The Queen nodded again, the smile that she had was now back into a frown. A sad one. “I’m sorry, Willow.”

The bond that was awakened with her and her husband, Willow could feel that they empathized with her. They knew somehow what she was talking about. It was not as worse as what they endured but for her, it was at the same gravity.

When she placed herself as a rogue, the two months she spent alone were harsh and finding them relieved of every pain she endured under her old pack and other rogues who wanted to hurt her.

Yeah, I’m sorry too. She thought to herself, making sure to block her mind so that her family wouldn’t be able to enter her thoughts.

“I know you want to go back and live your life there,” Silas spoke with such softness that it made Willow calmer of the situation. She even stopped bouncing her leg in nervousness. “and I know that you’ll choose to stay here because of me.”

There was no doubt about it that she will even if her heart will break. She couldn’t leave the vampire world to a king that will become bloodthirsty or that will become insane. King Silas’ history were full of bright colors—painting it with red would stain everything that he had achieved.

“In turn, I’ll help you.”

“What do you mean?”

“What are the primary concerns that your pack has?”

She went through the list. “Food. There are growing teens and children who just transitioned from being werewolves. The vampires aren’t much of a problem since they only need blood and we have witches that supply them with such. The others—they need more food. Especially the pups that are reaching maturity. They need all the food they could get for them to feel energized.”

“Anything else?”

“Blankets, clothes, extra beds. Each family only gets one cabin and one bed so that there would be room for others that would want to join. Some gets clamped with their housing situation and I can’t really do anything about it since we have that rule and we don’t have enough manpower to create bigger cabins. Even the cabin where the teens and children are being taught in is already tight for them and I haven’t found some solutions that would be best fit for them.”

Silas only nodded. “Done.”


“I’ll help you with everything,” he stood to walk over to her, holding out his hand for her to take. “I’ll escort you to your pack. I’ll stay there until you feel ready to leave.”

“You don’t have to—”

“Ma chérie, there is nowhere I need to be right now than be by your side. When my eyes landed on you, I would never want to let you go.”

Adrik cleared his throat, breaking the trance that the two were in. His English bled into something different. Russian. “You only met her today as we also have. Give her some space and she’ll come back.”

“You realize that I can’t leave her,” Silas spoke Russian so perfectly but all that Willow wondered was how she could even understand them. “You called me when you met Savannah or Sasha. Whatever her name was back then. You called and said that you can’t stay away from her and that’s what I feel right now. There is no way that I’m—”

“Alright,” Willow cut them off, speaking English. “Stop arguing.”

The three royals knitted their brows at her.

“You can understand us, моя дочь?” Adrik asked, surprised. He wasn’t the only one. Willow knew that he just called her ‘my daughter’ too. “Have you ever educated yourself with the language?”

“No,” she shrugged. “I just could understand you, probably because I’m Russian.”

“Your mother can’t even keep up with it when we talk fast and she’s been living in Russia ever since Adelaide was born. Adelaide even took years to understand Russian because her mother language was English. For you to know Russian and not even… it’s impossible.”

“Ha, this gets crazier and crazier by the second,” she commented before turning to Silas and taking his hand. She gasped when she felt the sparks run through her fingertips, to her arm, to her heart. “Can we go?”

His grip tightened. It was her answer.

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