Wait! I am A Demon Lord!?

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Killed in a car accident, Amagiri Ryu is suddenly summoned to another world full of swords, magic, and monsters. Upon waking up, he discovers that he is not your typicall hero but a demon lord!? What's worst is that he soon finds out that he is not the only demon lord, Things started to get worst when a hero stumbled upon his teritory. And so, how will our 'antagonist' get out if this....

Fantasy / Adventure
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'... Huh? Wh...where am... I?' I slowly opened my eyes, trying to process what the hell is going on here.

'Hm... Let's see. I am Amagiri Ryu... I am 17 years old and I study at Hiragami Academy.'

Yup, that's about right. Wheu, good thing i haven't forgotten about my name or that would be funny. While i was thinking about that, a shadow suddenly appeared behind me.

'Are you alright, my lord.'

I turned back to see a woman standing before me. She had black silky long hair, her eye colour were somewhat between red and yellow. Her skin were as pale as a dead person, she wore a white dress that didn't show much nor less of her skin. But despite that she was still a beutiful and busty woman.

But what kept me mesmorized is not just her beautiful appearence, she had raven-like wings at her back, almost seems like a succubus or a fallen angel. The woman realized that I had kept looking at her curiously.

'Oh, pardon the late introduction. I am Velty and yes, I am indeed a succubus, my lord.'

She blushed a little and let out a smile. Wow, she seems to know what I am thinking, are my expressions that easy to read? I began doubting myself. Then, I saw Velty staring at me as if waiting for me to introduce myself.

'Oh, I am Amagiri Ryu...nice to meet you Velty. And wait, what is this 'my lord' business about?'

'Oh, pardon my lord. It seems that you have yet to grasp at the situation yet. Well then, allow me to fill you in...'

'No need for that Velty, I will explain everything to Lord Amagiri.'

In front of me lies a man with well-groomed hair. He is wearing an everyday working suit I always saw my dad wearing. His eyes are full of darkness and has no pupils which honestly creeps me out. But soon I found out that I was scared for nothing...

'Oh my lord! How long has it been since we were able to summon an actual demon lord without being interupted, gah! Cursed those heroes...' The man was on his knees crying tears of joy(I think).

'Eh, stop it. You are embarassing yourself in front of my lord... At least wait until you are dismissed, you cry-baby.'

'Huh, what's wrong being happy that after so many tries we finally succeeded in summoning a demon lord without 'them' interupting us huh...'

' Eh, keep it down, you are scaring my lord here.'

'No, you keep it down... You virgin succubus.'

'Huh, what's wrong being a virgin. I have decided that I will only served my body to my lord.'

'Yeah, you do have a good point there...wait! Why am I agreeing with you....'

Velty and the man kept arguing over and over, with each line being more brutal than the last one. I could sort of see that they absolutely hate each other, or maybe is just an act to spice me up.

Honestly, I had no idea what had happen at all. There's a busty woman and a cry-baby man who kept saying that i am their 'lord'. What is this, a new type of cosplaying or something. If so, I don't remember ever going to a comic convention in the first place. Part of the reason is probably because of what I just saw. Although I must admit, I am a huge anime fan and a hardcore otaku. And yes maybe sometimes I posed in the mirror. I wouldn't go to that level where I would shout random anime lines in public. After all, I have been keeping it a secret from my friends and family. I tried to calm down a little bit, maybe my friends are trying to prank me or something.

'Um...hello?' I tried to let out a polite voice.

'Shut up, you slut!'

'No, you shut up, you ear-piercing man!'

'What's wrong getting a piercing huh!?'

Their arguement were so loud that they could hardly hear me. I tried to call them again but in the end they didn't heard me. In the end, I decided that I won't hold back anymore...

'Hey! Stop it and listen to me!' I shouted at them, which suddenly shocked and scared them at the same time.

'Ahh, sorry my lord.'

'I am terribly sorry too, my lord.'

'Good grief...' Good thing they finally stopped. If things had gone sour I don't even wanted to imagine what they're gonna do to me. I let out a sigh...

'So, what is this 'my lord' business about. Is this supposed to be a trending thing to say right now?'

They both looked at me, then looked at each other, as if they didn't understand what I just said.

'Pardon, my lord. But we didn't get what you mean.'

'Ahh... So that's whats it...' the man suddenly raise up his head to look at me as if he figured out everything.

'Sorry we didn't tell you this earlier my lord. But you see...' the man paused for a moment and touched his chin, as if trying to figure out the best word for it.

'Oh..pardon me, my lord. I am Lectus...and coincidentally, I am a dark elf.'

'Again, what is the difference between a elf and a dark elf... Oh wait! No nevermind.. Stop!'

'Argh, I told you Velty, there is a big gap between dark elfs and elfs. You see...we only serve the demon lords, while the elfs serve those annoying heroes and gods. And we are capable of using dark magic, while the elfs can't. Oh, and......'

And so, the explaination continued for over an hour...

'... Oh and the only similarities we and the elfs had are these sharp ears. So, do you now understand why is important to not categorized us with those pesky elfs?'

'Yeah, now I know why...' Velty looked like she is about to sleep after that forever talk. Now I also know why we shouldn't talk about this subject with Lectus...

'Anyway, can you explain to me now?'


'Where is this place, what am I doing here. Is this a prank of some sorts?'

'Oh, where was I...oh yes, you see um...you have been teleported to this world from your world via telepathtic transportation. In other words, you have been summoned to this world...as our chosen demon lord...'

Oh...hmm I see...okay then,so I will need your powers to help me conquer the world... Is not the kind of word I am about to say right now. A demon lord!? Huh? I didn't get summoned here to be a hero, but rather a demon lord, the one where the hero must defeat. Honestly, I had myself mentally prepared to hear that I had been summoned to another world as a hero...not a freaking demon lord! Oh...what do I do now?

As far as I've known, in the end, the protagonaist always beat the antagonist. But since I am the demon lord, which is basically the antagonist, then that means....

'Eh...eh....huh!!!!?' I..I will be the one defeated and get slayed by the hero?! No no no no, that is not going to happen...no no no, not on my watch. But in order to do that, I would need to find more allies, create an army and fend of agaisnt those who attacked me.


'Yes, my lord.'

'Go and gather all of our troops, I have an announcement to make as the new demon lord.' I tried to sound like a proper lord or rather, a demon lord.

'Uh..about that my lord...' Velty looked a bit pale(well although her skin is already pale)

'...hey Velty, hurry up and tell my lord about it...' Lectus seemed to be whispering to Velty...

'I am trying to...how about you say it then.'

'What? When did this become my problem. Hurry up, my lord asked for you, not me.'

'Eh~, fine...'

Velty and Lectus stood up at the same time. Then, with a deep breathe, Velty said:

'Um...sorry, my lord! But...but...most of our army had already been wiped out by the heroes, and some well...betrayed us...' Velty lowered her head and looked at the ground, as if getting ready to get shouted by her lord(which is me).

'Huh? What did you say?'

'Li....like I said my lord our...'

'Our troops have been wiped out by the heroes as we were trying to summon you. Ah, not that we are trying to blame you, my lord. It's just to show that you are very important to us.'

'Hm...I see.'

This is the first time in so long someone said that I was important to them. At high school, my grades were very poor, and so I was the all-time loser in my class. It was so bad to the point that my parents bought me a small house for me just to let me stay away from them. You see, my father was the boss of a big company, and my mother was a surgeon, so it's natural that they had high expectation for me. But since I didn't meet up to their expectation and continued to fail them, this happened. Of course they still gave me allowance and pay for my school fee, which was nice of them after abandoning and gave up hope for their second son. Yes, second, I have a brother. And what can I say, my brother and I were like polar opposites.

My brother was the spiltting image of a perfect person. He is the ace of his school's football team, so naturally he is good at sports. Besides that, he has excellent grades and is popular among the girls. The girls in my class would often talk to me so that they could use me to get closer to my brother. But despite that, I loved my brother, never once did I ever hated or get jealous of him for being too perfect. Same with my brother, he would often protect me from bullies. One time, he even broke up with his girlfriend when he saw that she was treating me badly and insulting me. You can say the he is the best loving brother I ever had. He never once compared me with him and felt embarassing having me as his little brother. When my parents decided to get rid of me(by that I mean buying the small house), my brother was the one who strongly rejected them and wanted to keep staying with me. But of course, my parents didn't allow that and in the end, this is how we were seperated. Most of the time, my brother would often spend most of his time to visit me. Even now, he kept persuing mom and dad to let me move back to the house...

'Um...my lord?' I came back to my senses and saw Velty staring at me, she must be worried, probably.

'I am fine, Velty.'

I looked around my surroundings. I am surprised to find out that after all this time, I was sitting in the middle of a magic circle, probably a summoning-type one. I always thought that a demon lord's lair is supposed to be dark and evil but this is totally different. The walls are painted white and it was very smooth. I don't need to touch to know that this place is well-made. As expected of a demon lord's lair.

'I was surprised with this place.' I told Velty and Lectus with a smile.

'I always thought that a demon lord's lair is supposed to be dark and gloomy but this is better than what i had expected.' I let out a nervous laugh.

'Yeah, my lord. Ah hahahaha.' Lectus let out a laugh as well. After that he just kept smiling, as if trying to hide something.

'Huh~, see what I told you, you little elf. Now you have to explain everything to my lord.'
Velty let out a sigh. But most importantly, she said elf. Oh god, here we go again...

'Like I said, I am a dark elf, don't ever call me or compare me with those lowly elfs.'

'That's not the point el..um...Lectus. Anyway, you needa explain to my lord now.'

'You were just about to call me elf again, right, right.'

'Like I said, not the point.'

'Argh, fine. But I swear if you call me elf again I will erase you from existence.'

'Yeah, yeah. Whatever.' Good thing this arguement ended quicker than I expected. Or else I will have to wait another one hour to get to the main point.

'Uhh...my lord, actually this is not what the real building looks like.' Huh, what does Lectus meant by 'real'

'What do you mean?'

'What I'am saying, my lord, is...' Lectus seems to be at a loss for words(again).

'Is better if I just show you, my lord.'

Lectus snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the whole room became more and more transparent. Then, I finally get what Lectus meant. The whole room became full of dust. The walls were wooden and torned up. The windows were broken and the floor has holes in it. Vines and molds are growing at every corner of the house. Yup, this is a lot different than the room I just saw.


'Yes, my lord. This is how the original room looks that. What you saw just now was created by my illusion magic.'

'Honestly, what were you thinking, Lectus. Deceiving my lord like that...'

'Ahhh! Sorry, my lord! I just thought maybe if you see this image created by my magic you will at least calm down, not like the previous summonings.'

'Wait, previous summonings?'

'Eep, well, my lord. Summonings are randomized and it requires a large amount of mana. And well, before you were summoned, it was another girl that looked about as young as you was summoned. Once she had woken up she kept panicking and screaming ' Get away from me! Help! Somebody! I have been kidnapped by some weirdos! ' or something along those lines.'

I felt sorry for that girl. And a little bit for Lectus.

'And so I thought maybe is because of this room and decided to changed it with my illusion magic before summoning another.'

'Wait, so what happened to the girl?'

'Oh, she got away. But don't worry, she doesn't have any magic compatibility to begin with. So I doubt she would make it out of the forest alive.'

Once again, I felt really bad for the girl. Yet again, why does Lectus sound like it is not a problem at all!?

'On the other hand, my lord. Your magic compatibility is higher than the average demon lord.'

'So...you can see how much magic compatibility I have?'

'Yes, my lord. It looks like an aura. The bigger aura you have, the more you are capable of using magic. Most of the magic users and see it.'

'But Lectus, I can't see it at all. Is this bad?'

'Not exactly, my lord. Whether you are able to see it or not doesn't effect your magic power.'

I see. So I have massive magic power than. Great, I think I will tell Lectus to teach me to use magic. I stood up from the floor and sat on the nearby bed...

'Oh but be cautious, my lord. You are no longer human.'

Huh, what does Lectuc mean by 'no longer human'. Could it be possible that since coming to this world my appearence had changed or something, or maybe that I had gain a strength boost as well.

'There is a difference between human's and demon's mana. For humans, exhausting one's mana means unable to move a muscle until the mana is stabilized. But for a demon, emptying one's mana is the same as emptying one's blood. And when there is no mana(blood) left, you will die. But in return, your mana will be able to generate faster than the average human. Magics such as, mana drain and holy-type magic are very effective agaisnt demons, so avoid it at all cost.'

I get it, so is like a trade-off, your mana can generate faster, but in return you will die if all your mana were drained.

'So, are holy-type magic the only magic demons can't learn?'

'Yes, my lord.'

Now that I think about it, it really sounds like a game of sorts. And above all, I got a special bonus---a dark elf and a succubus. Ah, and being the demon lord. Hehe, I guess it wasn't so bad after all. Wait, now that I think about it...

'Eh, Velty. You said that some of the monsters betrayed us right? Do they just escape to the forest or join forces with the humans or something.'

'Oh, by that my lord. They left us to join with the other demon lords.'

Oh yeah, that totally make sense now...wait, what!? Other demon lords!?

'But...I thought that there were supposed to be one demon lord only.'

'Well, yes. There were originally one demon lord only. But ever since he was defeated, a lot of people wanted to inherit him and become the next demon lord. So now, basically more than just one demon lord. Of course only a few selected people became the demon lord, each had their own unique spell given...'

'Great, so what is my unique ability?'

'Oh yes, the spell is with me. I implant the spell into you. You see, I may have magic compatibility, but it's not strong enough to let me use it. Oh and these unique spells can be transfered to another person if that person were to give it up or have been killed.'

'I will now transfer it to you. Are you ready, my lord?'

'Yes, now. Give it to me!' I felt a bit nervous, but feeling that way isn't going to get me anywhere. I stood up from the bed.

At that moment, a magic circle appear at the palm of Lectus's hand.

'With the wish of the demon lord, I now bestowed thee with the ancient dark spell that was given by the original lord. Hoping for it to be reunite with all thee ancient dark spells that were scattered by thee lord.'

Suddenly, I felt like a spirit had entered my body. Honestly, that was the most unplesant feeling I had experience. I felt like I had became stronger. I dunno why but I just felt like it. Suddenly, my feet felt sore and I fell backwards to the bed.

'My lord! Are you okay?'

'Yeah, I am fine. Thanks for worrying about me, Velty.'

'I..it was nothing.' Velty face's blushed a little bit and she was fidgeting a little.

'Oh~, look who's having a great time.' Lectus let out a smirk.

'Shut up, you elf!'

'I am not a elf!'

'Whatever, bleh!'

'Why you...'

While they were arguing(for the third time), I thought to myself :So...is this the new life I am living at now...ahh a demon lord...wonder how it would turn out...

Now, that I've been thinking, what was I doing right before I was summoned to this world. Did I die? If so, how did I die. These questions kept coming up from my mind. I thought I should ask Velty or Lectus about it, but I doubt they would know the answer. And besides, they are arguing now. I can't stopped them since I'm too tired to move. I guess this is the after effect...

I closed my eyes. Huh~ hopefully I will be able to move by tommorow... While I was sleeping I had a dream...

In the dream,

'So...this is the newbie demon lord?' I saw a shadow figure. I am assuming it was a female since the shadow showed of a long hair.

'I am afraid so...master.' Beside I saw a shadow as well. This shadow was wearing some sort of dress, probably a maid

'Should I order the troops to take down them, master?

'No...not yet. This is getting interesting. Hehehe.'

There was a round table and some chairs there, but they weren't sitting there. The woman was standing near a window with some sort of ball at her palm, the maid was standing beside her with a tray with tea on it. Everything was visible for me...well, except with the woman and the maid's faces...

Is this a dream....

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