Amaryllis's Warriors

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The adventure is out of this world. Literally.

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

War. Fire. Ice. Water. Many wars had been fought on Amaryllis. But none like this one. This was a civil war; The Forestcins against the Watercins. The Watercins wanted more power, and for their party to be superior. But Forestcins believed in cities, and different mayors to run those cities. You may be wondering where this is; Its a doughnut shaped planet not far from Earth. Every hundred years, six girls got powers. Only Amarylliens got powers- until now….

“I can’t believe it!” Sky sighed. “This always happens.” Ashley said. North shook her head in agreement. “Girls, just because our trip to New York was cancelled, doesn’t mean we can have fun!” City Wood, the girls mother, said. “Yes, we could… go on another trip- a road trip.” Jeff Wood, their father, said. The girls sighed. Sky was the oldest. Then North and Ashley. Sky had brown, shoulder length hair, with tan skin and olive eyes. North ( who looked quit different from Sky and Ashley) had light blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and pale skin. They Wood sisters always ignored that North looked different; She was about the nicest person ever. Ashley, on the other hand had tan skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes. They lived in Centerville, a small town almost in the middle of nowhere. Sky, North, and Ashley went upstairs into Sky’s room. “Lets just keep smiling- something cool will happen.” North said. “I know Ika, but I had been looking forward to our trip.” Ashley said. “Ash, lets not throw pity parties. This happened for a reason.” Sky said. “A very unapparent reason Sky!” Ashley said.

They continued the rest of the day regularly (trying to think of something other than New York). Finally, night came and the girls went to bed. “Should we tell them?” City asked Jeff after the girls went to bed. “I think they are ready. Send the signal.” Jeff responded.

It was a bright and early morning. The girls woke up and sat in Sky’s room. They were all looking forward to something but they didn’t know what it was. If I get passed to day I can finally enjoy this. But nothing was wrong with today. They sat in a circle thinking about what to do that day when their parents knocked on Sky’s door. “Come in.” They all said in unison. Jeff and City opened the door and sat on Sky’s bed. “Um…-“ They paused and looked at eachother. “Someone is here to see you.” Jeff finished. The girls looked at eachother excitedly. They ran downstairs as fast as they could and out their front door. Under a shady Cherry Blossom tree, a girl with black hair, latte colored skin, and olive eyes was sitting. “Hello,” She said. She was wearing a long, white dress with purple fading. It looked like a white flower petal to them. She was also wearing brown gladiator sandals and a flower crown with kinds of flowers the girls had never seen before. “I’m Camila- have your parents told you?” She asked standing up. Sky, North, and Ashley looked at eachother. “Told us what?” North asked. Camila paused. Jeff and City looked at eachother. “You can tell them.” Jeff said. “You have…. certain… powers.” “What?!” They said in unison. “One of you was born with water power and plant power. One of you was born with snow, ice, and invisibility. The other was born with fire, lightning, and force field.” Sky, North, and Ashley all looked at eachother. They couldn’t contain their excitement. Is this actually happening? They all wondered. “They will all be… sort of- activated when you get to Amaryllis.” Camila continued. “Amaryllis?” Ashley asked. “It’s a planet. Not far from your Earth.” Camila said. “Our Earth?” Sky asked. “Yes. Hundreds of billions of Amarylliens live on Amaryllis.” Camila said. “So why did you pick us?” North asked. Camila sighed stressfully and muttered “Your parents haven’t told you anything!” Under her breath. “Sit down, girls.” She said. They all sat down immediately, wanting to know more. “There is a war that has been going on for quite sometime- a civil war.” Camila said sitting down. “Between the Forestcins and the Watercins.” “Forestcins? Watercins?” Ashley muttered under breath. North nudged her. “Im with the Forestcins; They want peace throughout the galaxy.” “What other galaxy?” Sky asked. Camila sighed, again. “There is a whole other galaxy. Strange things exist. Aliens.”(She shuddered while saying ‘aliens’) North scrunched her nose. “Anyway, the Watercins want to rule the galaxy ‘peacefully’. They even have their own ‘King’ although Amaryllis used to be ruled by different… kind of governments. Some places on Amaryllis is super high-tech. More advanced then Earth. But some of them are barren like Africa.” Sky, Ika, and Ash were in so much awe, they couldn’t speak. Jeff and City were sitting in the grass nearby, listening. “There are two other girls that have powers. Including me, three. The others are Daisy and Tatiana. We best get going if we are going to make it by sunset!” Camila finished. The Wood sisters looked at their parents, and they nodded. “We have already packed your bags.” City said. She handed them each a gray duffle bag. “How do we get there?” Sky asked. “Follow me- you might want to hold your breath.” She started running towards a small, beautiful pond. It was littered with beautiful flowers, but something about it made it special. The water was very clear; although no fishes were in it. “Are you ready?” Camila asked. Sky, North, and Ashley looked at eachother. “Yes,” They said in unison. Camila jumped into the pond, and when her feet hit the water, they disappeared. The girls looked at eachother again. Then, Camila’s head popped back up. “Are you coming or what?” The sister held each others hands, and jumped in. The water swirled around them; but it wasn’t wet. It felt like they were falling. In under a second, Camila grabbed their hands and helped them out. No words could say what they felt. Amaryllis was so beautiful, it took their breath away. The sun was shining. The trees were so green and there were so many flowers. North dropped her bag and skipped around laughing. “It’s so beautiful!” Sky said. “What kind of planet is this?” Ashley asked. “ Its a doughnut shaped planet- in the middle of it, you can fly to the other.” Camila said. Ashley nodded and looked around. Sky examined the pool, wondering how. “When are we going to meet the other girls?” North asked. “Any minute now. Let me check.” With in a mili-second, Camila had disappeared, leaving the girls clueless. A couple seconds later she popped back. “Yes, they are coming.” She said. The girls stood there still in awe. “Well… why didn’t you teleport back with the girls?” Ashley asked in a bored tone. “Oh… right.” Camila said. “Impatient…” Camila muttered but Sky and North heard her, and giggled. Camila disappears like a snap. Then, she snapped back, with a brown hair girl by her side. She had bright blue and and a huge gown. It looked like it was made to look like a bellflower. “Hello!” She said in a quirky voice, then gasping. “You must be the humans.” She walked (more like glided in her dress) over the Sky, and shook her hand. “Im Daisy. Pleasure.” Her grip was very firm, and she shook Sky’s hand very fast. She did the same to North, but Ashley stepped back before Daisy could shake it. Daisy smiled brightly and walked away. Camila looked around expectantly. The girls heard wings flapping up ahead, and noticed an eagle soaring above them. “There she is.” Camila said. The sisters looked at eachother, confused. Eagle suddenly soared down, then when it hit the ground, turned into a girl. Sky, North, and Ashley froze in awe. She had black wavy hair with a ribbon tied into a small braid, olive eyes, and latte skin. She was wearing a shirt that looked like a flower, with brown shorts and light pink trim behind it. “So,” She said. “You must be the other trainees.” “Im Tatiana.” She said. She shook Sky’s hand (lightly so and gave her disgusted look). She did the same with North and Ashley. When she shook Ashley’s hand Ashley said in a whisper, “ If I slap your back, you’re face will be stuck like that.” Tatiana inhaled sharply and replied in whisper, “If you became mute right now, do you want those to be your last words?” They both smiled (disgusted) and fake laughed. When Tatiana turned away, Ashely looked at her older sisters. “Hi Ana.” Daisy said looking at the sky. “I told you to not call me that!” Tatiana talk-whispered. “Well I want to. And you know what I want you to call me.” Daisy said. Tatiana sighed. “Fine. Hello Day.” Daisy giggled. “Tatiana,” Camila said. “Camila.” Tatiana said shaking her hand. “Now, lets begin training. We still don’t know your powers.” Camila said facing the Woods. “Sky, you’re up first.” Camila said. Tatiana snorted slightly and sat down in the grass, Daisy skipping over and sitting next to her. Sky’s heart did a flip; Is this really happening?! “Now, reach out your hand.” Camila said. “Lets try fire first. Think of burning flames, close your eyes…” But nothing happened. “Hmm. Think of cold ice and snow.” She said. Sky tried again, but nothing. “Now try a beautiful vine from the ground.” Sky stretched out her hand. She felt the blood coursing through her. Her hand became very hot, then she heard Camila and her sister gasp. Sky opened her eyes, and saw a beautiful long vine, sticking out of the ground. Sky’s heart raced. “Did I really do that?” She asked. Camila nodded her head. “Lets see if you have water powers.” Camila said. Sky closed her eyes and imagined a trickling stream. She heard them gasp again. There was water on the ground, but it was flowing straight toward Tatiana! Tatiana gasped and started swirling her hands. all of the sudden a powerful wind blew and the water flew back toward Sky. While this was going on, North gasped and stretched out her hand when the water was flying toward Sky. All of the sudden, the water turned to ice. North heart was racing. Everyone stood there. “YOU must have ice, snow, and invisibility,” Camila said, breaking the silence. “It looks like someone needs to control their powers more.” Tatiana said leaning on a cherry blossom tree. “OH, its fine Ana! Remember the time you lost control of your powers and engulfed everyone in a snow storm?!” Daisy said. “Day, I told you to never bring that up!” Tatiana said. Sky and North were still breathing heavily. “Yes!” North cried running around shooting ice and snow at the ground. “I guess that means I get fire!” Ashely said excitedly, but then tried to be cool. She plucked a small leaf from the tree and caught it on fire. “Um guys I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT OUT!” Ashley said, panicked. Sky held out her hand and focused. Water started being created from her hand (Not coming directly out of her hand though) and put out the fire. Camila smiled. “Now that we’ve got that settled, lets get you girls to town. The girls sat down in the grass patiently, but Tatiana paced back and forth. Camila disappeared and appeared minutes later with a wagon. It had a cover on top, padded seats, and room for luggage. But the Wood sisters didn’t see any horse. “What powers it?” Sky asked. “It was enchanted.” Camila said climbing into the wagon. Sky looked around. Enchanted? Everyone else was climbing into the wagon like something being ‘enchanted’ was normal. Sky finally climbed in the wagon, the seats very comfortable. “Next stop, Lakeshore hotel.” Camila said. She gripped the reins of the wagon and closed her eyes. The Wood sisters looked at eachother. Then, it felt like they launched into the air; A weird blue light was surrounding them and it felt like they were going 1,000 miles an hour. A couple seconds later, they appeared in a mountainous area with a lake and a house. They got out of the wagon and followed Camila inside. From the outside it wasn’t that appealing; it looked like an old barn. Camila entered a code on a panel found under a bush. The door buzzed, and she took out keys from her pocket and unlocked the door. Inside was a lavished foyer. “Whoa.” North said. “Ya.” Sky agreed. Ashley looked around in awe while Daisy plopped on the white couch. There was a stack of pamphlets on a glass table and Daisy looked through them. “This is a nice house! How did it transform?” Sky asked. “It magical.” Camila (getting impatient that even though ringing the bell on the counter six times, no one came). Tatiana sat down next to Daisy. Finally (after Camila ringing the bell four more times) an old lady with glass walked (more like hobbled) to the counter from the ‘Staff Only’ door. “Ahh, Camila!” The old lady said and gasped. “You must be the trainees!” She said. “We are, Im Daisy, thats Tatiana, Sky, North, and Ashley.” Daisy said pointing to the group. “You girls have such pretty names; I wonder how I got stuck with Dolly.” ‘Dolly’ the old lady said. “Can we get a Hexagon room?” Camila asked. Sky looked at Daisy. “It’s one HUGE room with six small rooms in it.” Daisy answered. After they got checked in, they climbed the steps to their room. Camila entered a code, then unlocked the door. Immediately after the door, there are six rooms in a hallway, three on one side and three on the other. The group set their bags in their rooms then explored the rest of the room; there was a nice sized kitchen and dining room, a big living room, and a balcony viewing the lake. “Nice,” Sky said. North was already on the balcony taking in the view. Ashley was on the couch, looking at what channels the TV had. “This has most of the channels from Earth?” Ashley said, confused. “Yes, we enchanted-“

“Really? Enchanted? Don’t you realize that in all of the fairy tales, enchanted objects turn bad or somehow cause destruction?” Ashley interrupted. “Well, without risk, there is no reward.” Camila said. “But-“

“It’s time for lunch,” Camila said. “Is that enchanted too?”Ashely asked. “Not everything is enchanted, just things that could become important or necessary.” Tatiana said walking into the room. Ashley sighed. Camila called the group together then made lunch; strawberries, sandwiches, lemonade, and blueberry scones. “This is delicious!” Daisy said, her mouth full. The rest nodded in agreement. “Thank you,” Camila said feeling satisfied.

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