The Sanctuary

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"Here in The Sanctuary, we protect." A rogue who swore to protect those in need. A king who swore to keep his citizen safe. Yet, fate have an interesting way of bringing them together, threatening to harm those they love by brewing a war.

Fantasy / Romance
Florence R. Wolf
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My name is Florence R. Wolf. This is not my real name, however, it is the name that I’ve decided to use to start on my anonymous identity here as a writer.

Reading has always been part of my life as an escape route from my social life. Wattpad and Inkitt has been my ultimate life saviour. Yet, the more that I read, the more wild my imagination are and I thought to myself, maybe one day I would be brave enough to do something drastic. Fast forward to today, and here I am. Writing my first ever author’s note to a book that I crafted out from my imagination. It still felt so unreal as I am about to publish this. Just a side note, I am in the working industry hence updating as often as I want to is not something that would happen so casually. I’m bilingual, yet sometimes English can be rather tricky so I will always and forever be editing on my stories, therefore please do excuse if the English may seems weird from where you are from. With the continuous writing, I hope that would change. Enough said, let’s begin on the journey.

Any characters/story line/information/events/places mentioned or happened in this book are solely based on my own imagination. I did not copy it off someone’s book. If there’s a similarity between my book and another’s, it is purely coincidence - this includes the book title and book cover. Any pictures uploaded in this book does not belong to me and credits to the rightful owners. I hope you enjoy the book, feedbacks are highly appreciated.

copyright © 2020 florencerwolf. All rights reserved.

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