The girl I love

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The Revelation

Playing tennis with jackson relieves all of my stress..

Jackson, i went to mansion yesterday..

Jackson: and you didn't tell me..

Katherine mam invited me and i went..

Jackson: And what does she look like?

I tell you she isn't an ordinary person, she is ravishing, looks like a princess with long beautiful hair, honey eyes lean and tall..

Jackson: but why did she call you?

She called me to play with a girl, to be her friend, and now i will go there everyday..

Elena's POV

Mam is brushing my hair and mala is counting, she is mam's favorite as she never asks questions about anything..

Mala: it's over fifty

Mam: fifty more to go then..

But it's hurting, can we just stop it here..

Mam: No 100 times is a rule, you have to be the most beautiful girl, for this beautiful hair is required too..

Elena, tomorrow is an important day, and the thing that you're gonna do tomorrow isn't simple.. Don't do any mistake by forgetting what I'm teaching you.. You should look beautiful to get a place in anyone's heart but your heart should be stone cold...

Mam takes me outside the room at the pool..

Mam: So elena you should know that you have some powers, in order to use them you need practice..

I don't know what is she saying I'm not understanding what kind of powers she is talking about, and then i saw her, walking on the water flying in the air, i can't believe on my eyes, who is she?

Mam: you must be thinking elena, how's this possible?? I'm a witch elena and so are you.. Come on cross the water by walking on it..

No, i can't.. How can I?

Mam: Try elena.. Concentrate..

And I tried but fell in the water.. Mam hold my hand and took me out.. I was shocked with the entire revelation and I still can't believe what i saw...

Nivan's POV

Hey mom what are you doing outside my school?

Mom: Mam wants to meet you right now..

But mom how can i go there in this uniform..

Mom: no you're going right now, it's not right to keep her waiting..

Okay mom i will go, i was excited yo meet elena again, i wanted to know her, everything about her..

Jackson's dad is here too to pick him up.. He told me and mom that it's not safe in the forest at night, as many people are dying..

Is it happening by humans or are there something else? I asked..

Jackson's dad: At this time we are not sure, but soon we will find out..

Mom dropped me to the mansion..

Mam Katherine: So nivan, elena is waiting for you upstairs... I think you both can be friends..

But mam how can you tell that she's waiting for me? Did she tell you?

Mam Katherine: you really don't know anything about girls nivan.. She doesn't say it but she really likes your company.. Now come let me drop you.. Here you go nivan.. Best of luck..

I went upstairs.. Elena is trying to move from one bench to another by flying and fell down.. I laughed.. Elena gets angry.

Elena: you are laughing like you can do it..

Yes, i can.. I answered

Elena: oh then it..

I took a board and placed it between the two benches and easily crossed..

Elena: you are cheating..

No that's not cheating, you said to cross them without falling and i did it..

Elena: but there is a rule that nothing should be there between the benches..

Elena starts walking on the bench again.. I lift her and place her on the other bench..

If a work which can't be done by a single person, it can be done by doing it with another person..

Elena starts blushing..

Katherine's POV

Are you seeing lana? My plan is working, For the first time elena is smiling..

Lana: Nivan is the correct person for this, but may be you are doing wrong, you should stop it...

Just now the story is started and you are telling me to stop it? I have been waiting for ten long years, I can't stop now..

Lana: But they are kids, they are innocent..

In the war many innocents have to sacrifice their lives.. They can give me powers and my love back and i won't stop now at any cost..

Stefan's POV

Nivan is giving me instructions to draw the sketch of Elena..

Nivan: Now draw a sketch of Katherine mam too and tell who's more beautiful..

I draw as he said, nivan asked me to add few lines between the eyes as she never smiles and is always angry..

I remember her smiling and it makes me upset, all of her pain is due to me.. She was a person full of life, i made her like this..

Nivan: Now tell who is more beautiful?

Are you sure that you have told me every detail?

Nivan: oh yeah i have told you everything..

I smiled and drew a mole dot on the upper lip..

Nivan: oh yes how can i forget about this mole.. But how do you know?

Oh no i don't know, but she is so beautiful i thought it will enhance it, so i just drew it.. I hope i sound convincing..

Nivan: I have to do something for elena as she doesn't even know how to smile..

At the mansion

Me and elena are having a conversation.. She tells me she has never seen the outside world except her school..

What you haven't seen the outside world?

Elena yeah it's just that I'm not allowed to..

Just then mala comes with some pastries..

Elena: i don't like pastries, i don't wanna eat them..

Mala: Don't throw tantrums elena, you are adopted don't forget that, now have these pastries otherwise i will tell mam Katherine and then eventually you will end up having them, so don't show this attitude to me..

Saying this mala went and elena becomes upset..

It's okay elena don't be sad.. I put a smiley with some chocolate on the pastry, that's how we eat among friends.. Elena smiled and started eating the pastry..

Outside the mansion

Anna sniffs in the air and says whoever is hiding stefan, is here, I'll find him...

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