The girl I love

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The Game

Katherine's POV

Lana bring that box i can sense something wrong, we have to be prepared right away..

Lana brings me the box, now i have to protect the mansion so that no one can enter..

I put a spell on the door of the mansion .

Lana: From whom you are protecting it?

They are after the moon stone, and i won't let them get it..

Lana: But the moon stone doesn't have any powers right now, it's just like an ordinary stone..

The time is coming lana, and then again after 100 years there is a chance of having the powers of moon stone..

The one who was outside is gone, let's go now, it's safe..

Nivan you should go now too, it's too late, driver will drop you home..

Nivan: yes mam, i should go it's night, bye elena..

Nivan leaves with the driver..

Nivan's POV

Hey jackson!

Jackson: Hey nivan.. I wanted to ask you something nivan..

What is it jackson?

Jackson: Last night my father told me that you shouldn't be out im the night, it's too dangerous in the dark..

Yeah but what's dangerous, i mean are there some animals?

Jackson: Look nivan I know you won't believe, but there is a girl out there, she is soo dangerous that if she smells someone's blood, she won't rest untill she kills that person..

Jackson are you mad or is it some kind of a prank going on, I mean she is a girl right then how can she smell blood..

Jackson: I told you that you won't believe but just be careful..

Yeah jackson I'll be careful.. You know what even i wanted to talk to you too..

Jackson: About what?

It's Elena, can you believe she hasn't seen anything except for the school and the mansion, i mean the outside world..

Jackson: What? That's crazy, but may be you should take her out sometime..

Actually, not a bad idea and for this I'm not coming to school today.. Bye jackson

Jackson: but where are you going ???

I'm going to take her out jackson, thanks for the advice..

I picked my cycle and headed towards the mansion..

Carefully hiding from lana, mala and Katherine mam, i reached to Elena, Elena was shocked to see me..

Elena: what are you doing here? Go from here as the rules are fixed.. We can only play in the evening..

I'm here to take you out Elena let's go..

Elena: No are you mad? Mam would be mad at me just go from here..

Suddenly mala appeared and i hide behind a chair..

Mala: mam is meditating so don't disturb her..

Mala left and Elena started looking for me..

Hey Elena I'm here, can we go now?

She agrees and we sneak out of the mansion and spent some time together..

Elena and I heard a voice and we hide behind a tree..

It was a girl she was looking for something, jackson was here too..

The girl saw him and killed him, jackson's father arrived too, he turned into a wolf and tried to save jackson but it was too late, she killed him too..

Somehow we managed to escape, we were scared, I dropped Elena home and headed for mine..

At the home, mom was aware of the situation and she was relieved to see me..

The police came to our house as we and jackson were neighbors and told mom that the bodies were drained of blood, i remembered the whole scene, the girl was a vampire..

As the police left mom and started discussing about the vampires and i realized that stefan was one of them too..

Elena's POV

I should apologize to mam Katherine for whatever i did..

Mala have you seen mam Katherine?

Mala: She is upstairs with lana, and i don't think you should go there at this moment as she wasn't in a good mood..

I ignored her and headed towards her room.. I was about to knock the door when i overheard their conversation..

Lana all of this was a part of the story, Elena sneaking out of the mansion but there are somethings happened that were not a part of the story, Nivan knowing about the werewolves and the vampires wasn't a plan, I can see that it can be a problem in my plan.. Mam Katherine said..

You know lana i wasn't like this before, i was different, a totally different person.. My life was full of loveliness..

decorated with giggles like fragile flowers." And.. then i met Him! His Love gave my life a new meaning, Which firstly was just.. Fragile and Beautiful, Now became Pure and Deep!"

"drowning into the magic of love, he made many promises to me; Promise of Eternity, promise of limitless love and more over everything, promise of wedding."

"My happiness knew no bound. But then.. that day, he didn't came."

Mam Started Crying..

"I waited for so long, days turned into weeks and weeks into Months.. but, he didn't come. And Then I understood.. Love is like a shadow, it is.. and it's not. Love is a betrayal! now my heart has turned Stone.. and my love, into hate!"

"My love was a vampire. A beast of night.. who sucks out blood from people's body. he killed me without killing.."

"I understood, the power he desired needed me to give the biggest sacrifice! sacrifice of love.. true Love," then i started my game.. the young girl, Elena.. whom i adopted to melt that boy Nivan's heart, firstly i controlled her."

"my plan had just started when wind changed its way and i Understood.. they're coming closer, this time i couldn't let anything happen to my plan, vampires are coming back.. This time, in the game of love and hate, I have to win. for what Protecting Nivan was very important for me." So I protected the mansion from anna.

"But these children didn't knew.. I could See Them! It was just as i planned."

I left without going inside, tears dropping my eyes, so Nivan and I were just a part of her plans, we were destined to die? But No I won't let anything happen to him.. And that's a promise..

Stefan's POV

I have to save Nivan from Anna, she can do anything to him..

Nivan? Nivan?

Nivan: Don't come near me, you are a vampire and i know that..

But Nivan i won't harm you ever, I have always wanted to protect you..

Nivan: protect me? From what? Just because of your partner, my friend and his family died and you say you are protecting me? It's you from whom i need to be protected..

Listen Nivan, I don't kill people but she does, she can harm you and to protect you, i need you to listen to me..

Nivan calms down..

Nivan: I'm sorry, i should have known that you're not bad, if you wanted to kill me, you could have done it easily.. So friends?

I smiled and replied: friends!

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