The girl I love

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At the Mansion

Nivan's POV

Katherine: Nivan, I have a bad news for you... Elena is going out of city to persue her education..

Mam please don't send her, i need her.. I beg you mam please

Katherine: I'm afraid Nivan, i can't do anything to help you, that's her decision..

Can I meet her?

Katherine: of course Nivan, she is in her room..

I can't let her go, my heart was full of emotions, in these days i have already lost my best friend, i lost Jackson and now Elena is leaving too.. I went to her room..

Elena? What is this? You're leaving? Why?

Elena: Nivan, This decision, wasn't easy for me either, but after what happened, i can't live here anymore, moreover i hava an opportunity for a better future, better education, i can't lose it, please understand..

Elena but what about me?

We'll be friends nivan please try to understand..

I felt like crying, but couldn't, i know she should go, it's better for her to go, it's too dangerous here right now..

Will you remember me?

Elena: i can't forget you..

I said her a good bye and came home..

In The Morning

Hey mom..

Mom: Son how are you feeling?

I'm good mom, why are you asking?

Mom: I know son, jackson was your best friend, i know you're disturbed.. You don't have to go to school if you're not feeling okay..

No mom, don't worry I'm okay.. I have an important class today and I can't miss on that, so i have to go..

Mom: son I'm always here for you, you can share anything with me, just remember that..

Love you mom, bye

Mom: Bye son...

After school, I'm going home with mom, she came to pick me up so that i won't feel lonely as at this time i used to go home with jackson.. I'm lost in thoughts, I'm missing jackson, i wanna cry... But i can't upset mom..

Oh my God that vampire girl...

Anna: you little boy, where is stefan? I know you're the one hiding him..

Mom: who are you? He doesn't know anything about anyone, get out of here..

Anna: you old woman I'll slit your throat

Hey leave her alone

Anna: I'll kill you boy

Mom screming, run nivan run

No i can't leaver her alone but it was too late she killed her, i was running but how can i run fast than a vampire, she caught me.. my mom died now I'm gonna die too, i closed my eyes, waiting for me to die but nothing happened, i was released from the grip but how?

Someone caught her, they are fighting, he is strong, much stronger than her, she ran away l, my savior turned to me, it's stefan..

Stefan: Nivan? Are you okay?

How can he ask if I'm okay, tears dropping my eyes, i lost my mom beacause of you, i screamed

Go away don't come near me

Stefan: Nivan I didn't want this, i wanted to save you always..

Go away i said, you're not a friend, you can't be my friend.. Never

I lost everything, but there is only one hope, Elena..

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