The girl I love

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A new start

Eight Years Later

Elena's POV

It's been eight long years since i left my town.. I am completely changed, now I'm a college girl and dating one of the handsome guys in the college, umm do i love him? Probably not, I'm dating him because he suits my beauty...

"You're gorgeous Elena" said ariana

Oh thanks baby, you look good too, i replied as i was getting ready for my college..

I wore black short skirt with a red sleeveless top..

I wore my hair in a bun with minimum of the makeup on. I don't use alot of makeup, i think this simplicity complements my beauty even more.. And then i wore red 6 inches heels... I look umm beautiful.. I complemented my self as i look in the mirror...

At The College

As i reached college, i was welcome by drake with a warm kiss, drake is my boyfriend, we know each other for 4 years now..

Drake: You look ravishing.. I feel like bunking the college and fucking you all day..

I laughed, shut up.. We have to attend college, exams are near buttt after college we can act on your suggestion..

Drake: okay baby then I'll pick you at 3 o'clock..

Sure baby, i kissed him and went to my class...

I don't know why i selected history as a subject, i mean i hate it, i can't remember all this stuff.. Professor matt is blabbering about some stuff that I'm not able to understand..

Ariana: it's a boring subject, right?

Certainly, i don't wanna be here.. I should have accepted drake's offer..

Ariana: what offer Elena?

Like bunking college and then fucking a day.. I giggled

Ariana: You don't love him Elena, then why are you with him? You're deceiving yourself and him too..

Oh ari i love him, you have a misconception that i don't love him..

Ariana: I have never seen you happy with him Elena, so don't lie, but your eyes say that you love someone, and that's not him... You're hiding something..

I laughed, Oh My God all of your theories, they're so funny, if i would love someone then obviously I'll be with him, why i would do that to myself

"Okay class your project submission date is tomorrow , i hope you all have prepared your projects.. So see you in next class" professor Matt said

When he left i attended my remaining two classes as usual and then i waited for 10 minutes in the parking lot for drake but he didn't come, i called him, he didn't attend, perhaps he was busy with something.. My hostel is at walking distance so i walked towards my room...

Nivan's POV

Eight years ago, i lost my family, i lost her too, but there is a hope that she'll be back in my life and this time i won't let you go Elena.. After you left this diary is the only friend i left.. Mam Katherine has always taken care of me..

In all these years i missed you so much, but its time now that we finally meet, i got a scholarship today, mam Katherine told me that you're in the same college for which i got the scholarship, I'm so happy today...

Nivan.. Come down and have dinner, Mala said

Yeah coming in a minute

Okay diary its time to go now.. Bye

Mam Katherine: so Nivan have you packed? You're supposed to leave tomorrow..

Yes mam I'm done with everything...

"Wish you all the best for everything Nivan" mam Katherine said

Thanks mam..

I ate my dinner and went to my room to catch some sleep..

In the morning

I got ready and picked my bag, put it in the car and started my journey, hopefully I'll get what i want.

Stefan's POV

I'm weak Anna, her powers are increasing day by day.. I won't be able to face her, we're all weak infront of her...

Anna: Stefan, don't lose hope, come to your real face, she doesn't recognize it.. Hurry up we don't have time..

I can't do that Anna, for that i need blood from a witch..

Anna: I'm from the same family stefan, you know i was a witch before becoming a vampire.. Now hurry up she is here in the forest and she'll sense you..

I drank Anna's blood and came to my real face, the real me whom i left ten years ago..

Anna: She is coming here stefan..

Katherine: stefan, a blood sucking beast, I know you're here... Katherine flying in the air...

Just then i stepped out to face her...

Katherine: you think you can fool me by changing your face? I can smell you stefan, you can't hide from me, i have waited for you for ten , you abandoned the mansion, I light it every year on the same day when you left me...

I know i come every year to see you, your powers are increasing day by day, I'm weak when you're near me, my powers decrease in your proximity, as your powers are increasing, its becoming impossible for me to be with you, to eeven come near you.. soon you'll be able to finish me off...

Katherine took a fresh , and it burns in her hand..

Katherine: you're wrong, i can still finish you if i want...

She hugs me, and says why you left me that night? Did you not love me? Did i misunderstand you? Come on damn it answer me..

Anna, comes from behind the tree and tries to attack Katherine but before that Katherine attacks back with all her powers.. Anna lifts me and run..

Anna: let me remind you stefan, ten years ago you had gone to her just for the moon stone, so that no one could finish us, you were not supposed to fall in love with her..

But I fell in love with her, and the moonstone is useless untill one sacrifices true love..

Anna thoughts " I have to find a way"






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