The girl I love

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" i said i don't love you now let me go" I struggled in his arms, but how can i deny the fact that i love him, he shouldn't see in my eyes, He kissed on my cheek.. Why do you pretend Elena of not loving me, I know that you love me but ehy are you hiding it? You have tears in your eyes if you don't love me then why you're so afraid of loosing me, why you can't see me with someone else?... Katherine is a witch and is in search of the immense power of the moonstone and her lost love stefan.. Elena falls in love with nivan at age of ten but finds out that her love is in danger and keeps denying it to save him.. Nivan is the loving and caring guy who can do anything for elena and has great respect for katherine.. Stefan is a vampire and wants to save nivan from the evil..

Fantasy / Romance
Guilty pleasure
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How I met her

Nivan… Nivan.. come downstairs, you’re getting late for your school..Coming mom, just packing my bag.. okay diary it’s time to go, will be writing soon. Hey mom, what’s for the breakfast?

Here are your cereal nivan.. mom why are you ignoring me? What ha

ve I done now?

Nivan I wanted to talk to u for a long time, look son I’m fired from my second job so we have to cut down our expenses, I won’t be able to get you a new bag or clothes this month but I promise I’ll get them next month as soon as I find a new job..

oh mom give me a hug’ I don’t need new bag or new clothes I’m fine with what I have you just don’t worry, everything will be fine…

Oh son you’re such an innocent boy.. now go to school you’re getting late..Oh yes mom I’m going, bye mom…

Another problem, oh God all my class fellows are so rich, why I’m so poor, why I can’t get anything that I like? When this all will be over?

hey nivan, going school?

Oh hey Jackson, yeah I was just going to school, aren’t you coming?

Jackson: “No not today I’m not feeling well”

But Jackson you’re wearing school uniform..

Jackson: okay Nivan, I think I can’t hide anymore, actually I’m bunking school today.

And what are you going to do by missing school?

Jackson: nivan you know about that old mansion right? Well I’m just going there because last night I saw someone there.

Ofcourse Jackson it can’t be empty, people live there, my dad used to work there ten years ago..

Nivan I know it can’t be empty but don’t you think it’s weird that they never leave that mansion?

No Jackson it’s not weird at all, let me tell you the whole story, Katherine mam is the owner of that old mansion, dad told me that she was the most beautiful woman he ever saw, ten years ago she was madly in love with a guy and the day they were supposed to get married, he betrayed her and didn’t even come to the wedding, she was broken and couldn’t heel even after ten years, she completely separated her from the world..

Jackson: But Nivan it’s still weird that she didn’t left her house for 10 long years, I am going there today, and you’re coming with me..

Nivan: Okay okay Jackson let's go then, but what about the school?Jackson: I told you, we're bunking..

At the mansion

Jackson: Just keep quiet, nobody should see us nivan..

I saw a very beautiful girl there, she is sitting there, like a princess, in white gown with her hair open, but she looks sad, i'm feeling that my heart is beating fast..

Suddenly a dog sees jackson and starts barking and jackson runs out of the mansion, it was a good chance to meet that girl, to know her, i don't know why i'm feeling this way but i have to meet her.. I'm going to meet her, she saw me and gets anxious, and asked, who are you? What the hell are you doing here?

I was so lost in her beauty that i wasn't able to answer, suddenly her gown catches fire from the fireplace i run towards her to extinguish the fire.. somehow i manage to extinguish the fire but my hand got hurt..

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