The girl I love

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Our friendship

Suddenly a voice calling elena came and i started running, but it was too late because she saw me, she was Katherine mam, i can tell because she was very beautiful, as beautiful as my dad told me, but i didn't look back and came home..

Dear diary: i don't know why I can't stop thinking about her, i have seen her just once then why I'm feeling a strong connection with her? Am i in love? But i can't be in love I'm too young for that, I'm just 12 years old and she looks like 10 or 11.. I guess i should meet her again...

Nivan... Nivan??

Yes mom?

Mom: come downstairs your friend jackson is here..

Coming mom...

Hey jackson..

Hey nivan.. When did you come, did anyone see you?

Mmm no jackson nobody saw me and i came out as soon as you left.

Jackson: oh cool, wanna go there again?

No i don't intend to...

Jackson: me neither.. I should go now my mom will be waiting, i said her that i'll be home early, bye..

Bye jackson..

It's midnight and i can't stop thinking about her, may be i should go, okay am going.. I'm on my bicycle and heading towards the mansion, there is a forest on the way to the mansion, and people say it's dangerous at night, but i don't care...

Somebody just passed by me, i guess he was injured..

There are some people screaming to catch him, but why. I should save him. There is a lake in the forest i think he went to that side okay I'm going too, hey are you there? Look i won't tell anyone, please show your self.. Oh my God there he is, he is injured and bleeding, hey you hide behind that tree.. He does as i say.. Soon the people arrive too..

Hey boy: have you seen a guy, he was injured..

No i haven't, i answered stammering..

What are you doing here at this time?

Oh actually my dog is missing, i was just searching for him..

Look boy: it's not safe here, you shouldn't be out at this time..

I was just going sir let me find my dog..

Okay boy but if you see someone just inform us we will be searching for him nearby and remember he is dangerous.. Very dangerous..

Sure sir I'll inform you.

As soon as they left i went behind the tree where he was hiding..

Hey sir come with me i'll take you home with me you will be safe.. I am taking him home with me, i hided him in the backyard and gave him something to eat.. Hey stranger what's your name?

My name is stefan, the stranger answered..

Okay so stefan you have to stay here as my mom won't allow a stranger inside but i assure you that nobody will know..

Thank you very much, may I know the name of my Savior?

Oh yes my name is nivan.. Now i have to go as my mom can't find about you and me going out at this hour.. Bye

Bye nivan..

Next day as i woke up in the morning, i found out that i have been called to the mansion, mam Katherine has invited me, i am worried that she would be talking about my adventure the other day.. I am nervous but i can't show it to mom so i am pretending to be normal and having my breakfast..

As soon as i finished the breakfast mom told me to get ready, after getting in some decent clothes i wore a little perfume and a good pair of shoes and left for the mansion in a car that was sent by mam Katherine..

There were a lot of questions in my mind that why is she doing all this, who was that girl "elena" as mam katherine was betrayed by her lover.. At last i arrived the mansion..

And i met Katherine mam, she introduced me to elena as her new friend..

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