The girl I love

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Getting to know her

Elena is giving me a cold treatment as mam katherine asks us to join her for a game of chess...

As the game begins, katherine mam tells us that she loves playing with kids, amidst the game, i'm lost in elena and mam notices it, and interrupts, nivan? Where are you lost??

Mmm nowhere I'm just planning that what my next move will be..

Katherine: planning your next move or gazing elena, okay so if you manage to win the game then elena will drop you out holding your hands..

Now i have to win the game at any cost.. Mam excused herself..

Now was the time to know her i thought so i started talking to her..

Hmm so what's your hobby?

She didn't answered and ignored my next questions too and said that she wasn't interested in talking to me.. It's difficult to be her friend but i won't lose hope..

As i was winning the game, mam Katherine came back and asks how the game was going..

Elena's kind couldn't stand against my queen..

Mam Katherine: Elena come on you have lost the game now hold his hand and drop him to the gate..

Elena is angry but she gives in to mam katherine and comes with me...

Katherine's POV

Lana: Is Nivan the right person?

Yes, believe me he is the one, the one I was waiting for so long..

Lana: And Don't you think Elena is too young for this, she is literally a child, they both are..

Now you will tell me what to do? How come you are giving me advices, you work for me and that's all don't try to interfere in this matter, I won't spare if anyone tries to ruin my plan..

Somewhere in the forest

Anna is looking for stefan, and kills everyone that comes her way..

Anna: I'll find you at any cost, i can't let anything happen to you stefan.. You are the strongest of us but don't know why your heart still cares for people when it stopped beating two centuries ago..

We have to get the moon stone before it's too late, and only you can do it..

Nivan's POV

I have to check on stefan, he must be hungry..

I was worried that you must be hungry but you haven't even finished your previous meal..

Stefan.. Stefan.. It's me nivan you can come out..

Oh there you are

so what i was saying, you haven't eaten anything you should have something, your health is deteriorating..

Stefan: stefan smiles and says that he will eat something after a while..

Look you don't even talk much and here i am blabbering for so long..

Oh here comes my tomy boy, you know what stefan, for keeping tomy here i had to sacrifice some of my money..

Nivan.. Nivan..

Oh hi mom i was just catching some fresh air..

Mom: why is this food here?

Oh i thought of eating my food while having some greenery around..

Mom: so tell me about the mansion, did you meet mam Katherine?

Yes mom i met her..

Mom: Now you have to go there everyday, but what kind of work you are doing for them? If you are not comfortable i will refuse them..

Oh no mom am completely okay with that, actually there is a girl, her name is elena, my job is to play with her..

Mom: so did she like you?

No mom she hates me

Mom: Then why you still wanna go there?

Actually mom it's not her fault, she haven't even seen the real outside world, she has no friends that's why she is like that..

But mom the mansion is abandoned, there is no beauty there, it's like no one lives there..

Mom: katherine mam is heart broken 10 years ago, she was madly in love with a guy, she was ready as the most beautiful bride but he ditched her and never came back, that's why the mansion is in this state, before that it was a sight to see with all the decorations and lights...

Stefan listens to the story and his eyes moisten..

It is said that ever since he left, Katherine mam lost her mind and became mad but she still awaits him..

'Stefan remembers Katherine as she is shouting at the window "where are you" stefan cries as blood drops from his eyes'

Mom: But whatever people say i think the guy mam Katherine loved didn't ditch her without a reason because he loved her equally..

'Stefan recalls Katherine and cries'

Mom: Let's go inside son you have to do your homework too..

Yes mom let's go, i looked behind to see if stefan was there and came inside..

In the backyard

Stefan catches nivan's dog and drinks the blood and starts recovering..

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