The princess with evil intentions

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67 b.c two girls were born. The other one had blue hair and the other one has pink. Will these two “twins” be allies or will they be fighting for their parent’s throne? Two girls journey the the two paths being so different with each other, Bloom and Sasha took paths. Being kind or Being the villain. Will their parents be peaceful with their relationship or will the story break apart?

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The “Day”

"uwaa! Uwaaa"

The blue child cried, but the other one stayed quiet...

Viverlia: why..does the child looks like the father???and the other one.. hmm..

She shouted weakly. She smirked seeing the pink child so quiet. The mother was thinking alot when she saw the child. She quickly sat , besides the pain she was bearing that didnt matter to vampires. She put the blue baby down and the father took the blue one to carry it.

Viverlia: oh darling, you will be much stronger than Bloom. You can beat her. And when the day comes to the point she surrender, I will reward you my amulet

Amulet-a powerful source of power that is only bestowed upon royal families that can conquer the world. When the blood of the keeper gets to touch the amulet, the amulet will automatically be owned and become its master

Two days later...

“Hmph! IS THIS WHAT I TOLD YOU TO GET?! This is not what i wanted!!! You useless servant!”

The mother shouted at the servant who prepared a dress for the pink baby, or what they call her... Crown Princess Sasha.

At such a young age, sasha already learned how to walk and eats on its own. Just two days old. While bloom, cant even stand.

The mother glared on the servant and looked into Bloom

Tch. Let me ask you a question slave.”

“W-what i-is-s it your m-a-majesty?”

"do you think this child over there deserves to be my daughter?"

The servant was shocked to hear her question

W-what do y-you m-ean you-r ma-majesty?”


“Y-yes your maje-sty. S-she d-deserves to be y-your da-ughter.”

“Hmm.. is that so?...alright you can take your leave. Next time...”

The mother/queen death glared the servant. The servant quickly runs out of the room after saying farewell to the queen.

The queen walked towards the crib of bloom.

“Do you really deserve my attention?”

The queen glared at her child and slowly she is reaching out for blooms head thinking....


Sorry it was kind of boring😅
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