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The Alpha and the Princess (sample)

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A/N WARNING MATURE CONTENT "MINE!" I heard a loud growl. I couldn't recognize the man in front of me. He was bigger than usual, towering over me, all his muscles flexed and his jaw clenched, hate and anger all over his face. He looked like a furious beast, his nostrils flaring and his eyes bloodshot. I was feeling pulled towards him, unconsciously my hands reached to him and rested on his chest. I could feel his body relax immediately under my touch, his breathing slowed down and his face softened. He looked again like the sweet Victor I knew. "Please calm down." I said in a soft voice. His eyes darted back to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me to him. I could feel him sniffing my hair then he planted his head on the crook of my neck. I lifted my arms and put them around his neck. We stood there for a minute, hugging each other. It felt intimate, warm, safe and comfortable, like I was home, like I was where I belong. Summary Claire run away from her foster home and troubled past to stumble into an unknown territory. She's looking for family love and a place to belong to. Little did she know, that she was the lost princess of werewolves, mated to the most powerful Alpha of them all. Can love thrive with hidden secrets and the battle for power. Could they overcome everything standing in the face of their love?

Fantasy / Romance
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Runaway girl


Keep running girl.

I kept pushing myself. I didn't know where I was going but I didn't want to look back. It was too dark to see anything and the moon light was blocked by the thick trees. Sometimes I stumble on a branch or a rock and manage to keep my self up but other times I would fall and cut my self, I get up and keep on running. I was running like there is no tomorrow. I wanted to let behind everything and go as far as I my feet can carry me.

I recalled the day before yesterday, It was finally the day before my 18th birthday. I'm going to be free soon. I wanted to prepare my back pack in advance so I can leave smoothly the next day, making it look like I went to school as usual.

After I finished work, I went to the the house, I got up to my room quickly and quietly. I packed an outfit to change into, two pairs of underwear, made sure to not forget my medicine and few sanitary items and the charger. I put the phone in my pocket, made sure my necklace is locked tight and tucked it under my t-shirt so I don't lose it. It's the only thing that I have left from my parents, it's my most precious possession even if I don't have much. Everything else is replaceable but this necklace is what links me to my real family.

I saved few bucks from my part time job, more like hidden from my foster parents. This wasn't my first time running away. I learned few tricks and how to be prepared to leave when life becomes unbearable. Definitely this the last time I have to plan a gateway like this. I'm turning eighteen and I will be out of the system.

I had to hurry though, I had to finish packing and hide the bag. I knew I had only a couple of minutes before that asshole came banging on my door to ask for my pay or to order me around to do chores.

"Do you think you can avoid me bitch? This is my house and I make the rules. OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR SLUT! "

When he said those words, my mind shifted, I knew he was after something else, he hinted at it many times and then became more explicit about it and in the last few weeks he started touching and groping me.

He kept saying that nothing will stop him when I turn 18 he can do whatever he wants then claim it was consensual. I wasn't planning to stay around and find out.

I wanted to kick the hell out of him but I needed to stick to my plan even if I had to change the timing. I figured it was better to leave now without having to wait for tomorrow. I headed to leave from the window, hoping the locked door will keep him out. But he smashed it the moment I had one leg out and one leg in. No time to panic, I jumped in the bushes, stood up and ran. I catched the first available bus going out of the state and towards the east coast. I wanted to see the ocean, I have never seen it before. Honestly anywhere is better, if it's far enough from this hell.

The bus dropped me in the middle of nowhere, I didn't have enough money to reach the final stop. I was walking all day long and started to get tired. I wanted to save the little I had left for food and essentials, I thought hichiking would be great idea. It wasn't a long time before I realized it was not.

At first glance, he didn't look like a bad guy, we started talking a little bit. At first it was small talk then he started to ask all this questions.

"Where are you from? Where are you going? Where is your family? Who are you visiting? "

I tried to avoid answering and changing the conversation but something changed in his face, he was no longer smiling and his eyes turned cold.

I knew what was coming next, I was hoping he wasn't another creep I had the misfortune to meet. I noticed he took his hand off the steering wheel and hovering towards my thigh. The movement took only one second but in my eyes it was a slow motion. My instincts kicked in I reached to the handbreak and pulled it. Of course he lost control and the car did turn around a couple of times before it crashed on a tree. I was terrified and in shock so I did the only thing I know, I ran.


Hello Inkitt community, new writer here. Please consider this book as a draft. It's my first work and I'm trying to figure out things. Please forgive the grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm a multilingual and sometimes it gets mixed up. Once I finish the book I will review and correct. Please let me know what you think in the comments, I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.

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