The Alpha and the Princess

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The flashback of memories was interrupted when I realized the bushes were getting thicker and I had to slow down. The silence was broken by my havy breathing, the cold forest air was like sharp needles in my lungs. The woods were so quiet and I was surprised that I didn't encounter any animal. I trusted my guts and followed my instincts to try to make my way out of the dense vegetation. I saw a faraway light flickering like dancing fire through the little openings between the leaves so I followed it. It looks like a bonfire party in the middle of a clearing in the woods. They looked like they were gathered closely around someone, suddenly they all turned to face my direction. It freaked me out because I was still in the dark there is no way they could see me.

Then the group separated, in the middle, they were making way for someone. A guy came out from the crowed and walked towards me. He was tall and well built, his walk was so confident like he owned the world.

I was frozen looking at him, as he was getting closer with every step, the light of the full moon shining on his face I could distinguish his features more and more to see how handsome he is. He must be a player, any guy who looks like that is usually a player. He stopped a few feet away from me.

" hello there. You can come out now, it's okay"

My body complied to the deep voice , I moved forward and looked him in the eyes his beautiful eyes. I looked intensely trying to figure out their color. I was about to zone out when he stepped forward and reached his hand to my arm?

"Are you okay? You seem injured"

I swayed away from his touch.He pulled his hand in defeat.

" I'm fine. I got lost in the woods. If you can please show me the direction to the road and I will be on my way."

"I can do that but it is the middle of the night there's no buses or taxis at this time. "

"I'll walk"

"Neither my conscience nor my people would be let me leave a young lady walk alone at night in the middle of woods. Plus you are injured, our doctor can treat your injuries."

"I don't need a doctor, it's just few scratches"

"We have many empty rooms. How about you stay tonight and you can leave tomorrow morning?"

I was considering his offer, it seemed tempting giving the fact that I didn't have other alternatives or none.

" A meal, a shower and a bed, does that sounds good to you?"

"Are you saying I stink!?" I yelled at him, It was unexpected and humiliating. I was already tired of everything that happened in the past couple of days. I was trying hard to save my own life and all he can see is a dirty lost girl.

"I've been in the road for two days , couldn't find place or time to get a shower"

I said calmly though I was feeling a ball forming in my throat and my eyes getting watery.

" I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you. You smell fanta- ffine. It's just you have dirt all over you."

Only then I realized I was constantly gazing at him , I broke the eye contact to take a look at myself, I knew I fell in the dirt earlier but I couldn't understand how I got so bloody. I lifted my hand up to my face, instead of tears it was blood running down my cheeks.

I had such an adrenaline rush that I didn't feel the injury I got when the car crushed. I was zoning out again, I think I hit my head hard, when he reached his hand again.

This time it was in the front like an invitation. I wanted to take his hand but I was still on my guard.

I was out of words and excuses and he was right, I really need a shower a meal and a bed, he is certainly generous but I can't trust him immediately, I have to be careful, he could be like all the other creeps I met before.

I left his hand in the air, I walked around him and out of the woods, then stood waiting for him to lead the way.

Again he retracted his hand in disappointment, turned around and walked back to where he came from.

"I'm Victor by the way"

"I'm cc.. Claire"

I stuttered like I didn't know my own name. His voice had a special ringing in my ears. It vibrated through me and made me feel so shy. The way I'm looking now, homeless, lost, a nobody, next to this gorgeous man I could only dream of. I was looking at the ground all the time. I couldn't stand the eyes of the crowd, they were all staring at me.

He ignored everyone and went to this girl and told her

"This is Claire, she is going to be our guest. " He he whispered something to her then looked at me.

" This is Hannah, she's my little sister. She will show you the way to your room and take care of you. I have few things to take care of."

He didn't wait for an answer, as soon as the words left his mouth he was already gone and the crowd broke with everyone going in different directions. Only few people remained, sitting around the fire drinking and talking.

Hannah grabbed my hand dragging me away from my thoughts. We made our way through the giant trees.

"What did Victor whisper to you?" I was curious to know.

"He told me to give you the nicest room. But that would be his room. So you'll get the second best" she said with an amused tone.

Her voice was calm and warm,she was near my age so it made me feel I can be her friend.

" Earlier, everyone was looking at me, it felt so weird like I'm an alien or something"

She laughed " It's just usually we don't have univited visitors. It's a secluded community and our people are not used to strangers"

I thought she would lead me to a small cabin in the woods, a chill run through my body remembering the horror movies I have seen.

Maybe it's a cult, they will torture me or sacrifice me. I choke off those thoughts when we reached our destination.

It was a big mansion, almost like a castle, these people must be super rich. I couldn't imagine something like this in the middle of the forest. We entered through the back door to the kitchen and up the stairs.

She was holding my hand all the way and left it only when we got inside the room. It was bigger than my previous house. The room was elegantly furnished. A king size bed in one side and in the other a couch facing a huge TV.

My eyes were roaming around exploring the luxurious decorations until it landed on a standing mirror, I took one look at my self.

"OH MY GOD, I LOOK HORRIBLE" I was shocked seeing my own face.

"No you don't, you must have been through a lot. The bathroom is over there, take a bath Or a shower whatever makes you feel better.

I'm going to get you some clothes and I hope you don't mind leftovers from the party."

"I .." I was trying to say something but the words didn't come out.

"Now, make yourself at home, I'll be back in few"

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