The Alpha and the Princess

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Hannah left and I went to the bathroom, it was spacious, all white and gold, a vintage style bathtub and bassinet, the decor was in harmony with the bedroom.

I started to run the water in the tub, I thought a bath is needed to remove all the dirt and to wash away my exhaustion.

Also my foster parents didn't let me use the bath,. I was allowed to 5 minutes in the shower and when I stayed longer they would turn off the boiler and I had to finish with cold water.

There were many products, brands I never heard of but looked very expensive. There were also bathbomb with a flowery fragrance, I always wanted to try one of those.

While the bathtub was filling I washed my face and cleaned the wound on my forehead. It wasn't bleeding anymore and it was along the hairline so I won't be bothered by the scar.

I took off my clothes and got in the water, the bubbles were tingling my skin and the warm water soothed my tensed muscles. I ducked underwater to soak my hair then put my head on the edge of the bath .

I don't remember when was the last time I had a moment of peace like this, I let my tired body be soothed and tried to clear my mind.

I think dozed off and almost falling asleep but Hannah knocked on the door pulling me back to my senses.

"Are you doing ok in there? I brought you some clothes."

"I'm fine! I don't need it!"


I couldn't talk to her like this, yelling through the door, so I got up , I grabbed the first towel I could see, wrapped it around me and walked out to the room.

To my surprise, Victor was standing there. I didn't know if it was the hot bath or his gaze, but I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and felt all flustered.

I didn't realize until now how small my towel was, barely covering enough my body, a wrong move and I would reveal more than I want to. I clunched the bottom of my towel with one hand and tried to cover my chest with the other.

That's when he averted his eyes and turned to look away.

"I'm sorry , I didn't mean ..I'll be downstairs"

And he stomped outside.

I was petrified, I just met the guy and he already saw me naked. Hannah came to his defense.

"He was just worried about you , you spent a long time in there, he wanted to make sure you were fine."

"Thanks, I didn't mean to overuse the water and abuse of your hospitality, the bath was so nice that I fell a sleep."

"Don't worry about those things. I brought you some clothes, I hope it fits you"

"I have clothes in my bag."

She tilted her head and gave me a questionning look.

"You didn't have a bag when you came."

"What? I had it earlier, it's a blue backpack..."I interrupted myself.

I scoured the room with my eyes and my head trying to remember where I left it. Then it got me: I left it in the car before I crushed it. I didn't think about it when I made my exit.

I lifted my hand to my chest and could not feel the necklace, I went back to the bathroom and looked in the pile of dirty clothes. I kept looking frantically in every corner of the bathroom and the room but nothing.

Hannah was following me around and asking me what is wrong.

"I can't find.. my ... Necklace..

I have to find it.."

When I finally realized that I had lost it, probably forever, all the emotions I kept inside for so long overflowed and the tears came out like a fountain.

I fell to the floor and started sobbing. Crying my heart out from all I have been through. I tried to keep my self strong against all odds, but like anyone I had a limit.

Losing the only thing I had left from my real family pushed me to the edge and I found myself falling in despair.

I've lost everything, I never had anything to begin with. I was in the middle of nowhere heading to an unknown future.

Hannah came to her knees and hugged me. I put my head on her shoulder and sobbed. She tried to confort me and calm me down but I couldn't stop crying.

After a while she helped me get off the floor and sat me on the bed.

Even when she was putting clothes on me I was sobbing heavily like a child who lost his mom. I did lose my mom, I never knew my mom, I wish I had a mom.

Every thought I had brought a new wave of tears. I was so overwhelmed that I lost touch with my surroundings.

My exhausted body and mind took the best of me and I fell asleep with tears still falling from my eyes. I was restless at first but then I felt something warm around me and a nice smell filled my nose it was masculine and sexy but conforting. I gradually relaxed into it and I fell in the most peaceful sleep I ever had.

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