The Alpha and the Princess

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A girl in the dark

Victor POV

It was a nice evening, even though it was the end of February it wasn't very cold. It was the usual party we have under the first full moon before the beginning of spring.

Everyone had a great time eating drinking and dancing and the party went uneventful. It was getting late so I thought it was time to wrap it up with the traditional speech just to lift the spirit of my people and motivate them for the coming busy season.

Then out of nowhere a peculiar smell hit my nose, at first it was faint but the wind would bring a new huff of the delicious fragrance.

My words were slowed by the occasional sniffing, but I couldn't get enough of it, it was feminine scent, an elegant floral fragrance with a touch of vanilla.

The smell got stronger, something moved inside me and my heart started beating fast. My wolf senses led me to the direction of the smell and I looked at the woods in front of me.

There is definitely someone there, a special someone. I had to know who is the person hiding in the darkness.


I stopped at the edge of the shadows that the moon has cast over the trees. I let my eyes adjust to the low lighting, and I could sense her presence by the sound of her erratic heartbeat.

She must be terrified, you have to be cool and friendly. I thought to myself.

" Hello there. You can come out now, it's okay."

A girl walked out of the shadows and stood in front of me. I reached my hand to her arm I wanted to touch her so much to make sure that she is the one destined for me.

"Are you okay? You seem injured."

She moved away to avoid my hand.

I was disappointed my mate refusing my touch but also worried by the blood she had on her face coming from a cut on her forehead, what happened to her?

" I'm fine. I got lost in the woods. If you can please show me the direction to the road and I will be on my way."

"I can do that but it is the middle of the night there's no buses or taxis at this time. "

"I'll walk"

"Neither my conscience nor my people would let me leave a young lady walk alone at night in the middle of the woods. Plus you are injured, our doctor can treat your injuries."

"I don't need a doctor, it's just few cuts."

"We have many empty rooms. How about you stay tonight and you can leave tomorrow morning?"

I wanted her to stay with me but I didn't want to scare her away by being to insisting. 'Compromise Victor, make a reasonable offer.'

" A meal, a shower and a bed, may be? Does that sounds good to you?"

"Are you saying I stink!?"

She yelled at me , I didn't mean to offend her.

"I've been in the road for two days , couldn't find place or time to get a shower".She said apologeticly.

Her words were chocked like she's about to cry. No, I don't want to make her cry the first time I met her. I don't want her to remember me like this.

Well done with your first impression.

" I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you. You smell fanta-"

Maybe be saying fantastic is going overboard with it, I thought.

"-ffine. It's just you have dirt all over you."

I extended my hand hoping she would take it and accept my offer. She refused my touch again, walked around me and stood waiting for me to lead the way.

It looks like she accepted my offer, it's not so desperate after all.

"I'm Victor by the way"

"I'm cc.. Claire"

The stutter is so cute, is she affected the same way as me? Does she feel our special bond?

We walked silently back to the party and made my way to Hannah.

"This is Claire, she is going to be our guest."

Then I whispered to her.

" Give her the room next to mine. I don't think she knows about our kind. Be careful what you say, don't freak her out."

I looked back at Claire

" This is Hannah, she's my little sister. She will show you the way to your room and take care of you. I have few things to take care of."

And moved away while signaling that the party is over and for everyone to get home. I grabbed Steven, my beta, and we went to my office.

"I think she is my mate Steven, no I am sure she is. But her wolf is not responding to me. She is not reacting to me and refused to let me touch her"

"But she's not one of us. You can't have a human mate ."

"She's not human, no human has ever crossed our borders. I don't know why her wolf is not responding to me but I'm not giving up yet." I was pacing through my office, I couldn't calm down.

"Maybe she didn't turn 18 yet. That could explain why she doesn't recognize as her mate".

"You're right, I have to be sure"

I stormed out of the office and run up the stairs only to find Hannah on my way.

"She is having a bath give her some time." She gave one of those looks like a mom protecting her pup.

"Ok , I will wait until she finishes."

I waited, the minutes turning to hours and still no sound coming from the next room.

I was growing more impatient and pacing around the room. I can't wait anymore I wanted to go to Claire but Hannah stood in my way one more time.

Why is she so protective of her. Claire is my mate and it's normal for me, but I couldn't understand why Hannah is like that.

"If you won't let me check on her you do it. What if she fainted or drowned or something. Please Hannah I just want to make sure she is okay"

I am the alpha why I am begging, this isn't like me. Usually I would use an alpha command and people would obey.

"Fine, I will check on her." Hannah finally cave in.

She knocked on the bathroom door.

"Are you doing ok in there? I brought some clothes."

"I'm fine! I don't need it!"


Moments later , She came out from the bathroom suddenly with only a little towel wrapped around her perfect body.

She has an athletic figure, long toned legs and arms. She was the manifestation of strength and beauty fused together.

I never had a doubt she was beautiful, somehow seeing her face clearly made me more attracted to her. She had heterochromic eyes, one blue iris and one green, a rarity even among wolves. Pale skin and pink cheeks, cute little nose and pulp lips Her dark wet hair was falling around her face, to her shoulders and ending on her breasts.

I wanted to lose my self contemplating her for hours, but too soon the view was blocked suddenly when she moved her arm across her chest. My eagerness to look at her clouded my reason.

I realized I was invading her privacy and made her feel uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry , I didn't mean .. "

It was a pathetic apology, I struggled to find an excuse. So I had to retreat for now.

" I'll be in the kitchen."

I raced downstairs and sat on one of stools by the kitchen island. I took a deep breath and gulped some water to try and cool down the heat I got from what I have just seen.

A couple of minutes later I felt like a dagger in my heart, a sharp pain that I didn't know where it came from. Claire's face popped in my mind I thought she was in danger.

I sprinted back to the room ready to attack who ever was responsible for hurting my mate.

To my surprise as I pushed the door open I saw Hannah and Claire hugging and kneeling in the floor. I couldn't see Claire's face but she was sobbing like she was mourning a dear someone.

I looked at Hannah and mouthed what happened. She said Claire lost her necklace and waved her hand sending me away.

I couldn't stand still doing nothing for my mate who's crying painfully. I had to do something. I went back to the woods to the place where we first met thinking she might have lost it in the woods.

Her sent was still lingering, it was faint but it was enough for me to trail it.

I let my wolf guide me to where the sent was stronger and I saw something on the ground between the leaves. It was a silver necklace.

I grabbed it with the hem of my shirt and raced back to my office. I wrapped the necklace with a handkerchief, put in a wooden box and tucked it away in a drawer.

I wanted her to stop crying and make her smile but I couldn't give her back the necklace. Silver is poisonous for our kind. I was wondering how she could wear it but that would explain why her wolf wasn't responding to mine, the necklace was restraining her wolf .

I went upstairs, cracked the door slightly to check on my mate. She was in bed still crying under the covers. Hannah was by her side, when she noticed me, she got up, turned off the lights and pushed me out to the hallway.

"She's not well, I tried to calm her down but nothing works. She seems like she was through a lot. Maybe letting her crying it out is the only thing we can do for her." She murmured to me.

"Hannah she's my mate. I can't sit back and relax when she is like that. My heart is breaking listening to her sob."

" But you said she didn't know about our kind, does she know you're her mate?"

"She doesn't seem to know anything, I think her wolf is suppressed somehow and that's why she didn't recognize me. But there is no doubt that she IS my mate and I can't stand leaving her like this."

"She probably thinks she's human then, I advise you to take things slowly. Just let her be for tonight, you will have plenty of time to bond with her later."

I always listened to Hannah, she was more than a sister to me. I trusted her because she is wiser than her years and always knew what was the best for me.

I sat down on the floor in my room my back resting on the wall standing between me and my mate.

I couldn't sleep or rest while she was still crying. I was listening to her, after an hour or so she was more quiet, but I could hear her sniffing every now and then.

My world was getting darker and I was loosing my patience. I opened the door and sneaked in her room. I closed the door without making a sound and crawled slowly on the bed. I was careful to respect her personal space so I got as close as possible without touching her but enough to fill my nose with her delicious sent.

Soon after her breathing calmed down, her heartbeat was slow she was fast asleep and I feel asleep too.

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