The Alpha and the Princess

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A new day

Claire POV

I can't remember last night clearly, but I woke up feeling better than I would expect after the long crying episode.

I didn't cry in a long time because it would me feel weak and lose my focus. When life is a daily struggle there is no time for self-pity and tears.

Enough with the sadness, I should leave the past behind. Even if my future is uncertain I want to live the present and live my life to the fullest before hardship strikes again.

It was a beautiful morning the sun was shining through the curtains. I turned around looking to the other side of the bed thinking that Hannah spend the night here.

The covers were a little creased but it didn't look like someone was sleeping there.

I got closer to the pillow and had a whiff of the best masculine perfume I had smelled. It was like amber and something else, it was seductive and sweet at the same time.

I found myself plunging my nose in the pillow inhaling the nice fragrance and it made me so relaxed that I was falling asleep again, but the growling in my belly brought me back to reality.

I hadn't eaten a proper meal for days and I was starving.

I lifted the sheets and went to the bathroom for my morning routine. Since I had a bath last night I skipped the shower and just washed my face. There was a packaged toothbrush I figured it was for guests -aka me- so I used.

My hair was a mess, I slept without blow-drying it so it was very knotted. I brushed it down and maid a braid.

With my hair out of my face, I saw my eyes puffy from the crying, I could barely see the scar from yesterday. I'm used to healing faster than the other kids but I found only a thin line.

This is weird, how long was I asleep did I fell in a coma or something.

my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

" Yes?"

"Good morning, can I come in?"

It was Hannah, I smiled at the sound of her voice.


I went back to the room and greeted her.

"How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?"

"I'm better now, I think I slept pretty well."

"It's a relief to hear you say that. Victor and I were worried about you."

"Why would he be worried about me?" I didn't question Hannah's feelings since she was nice and friendly to me, but I couldn't understand why Victor would worry about me.

"He is kind and protective of his people. At first, he might seem arrogant , cold and distant for many but he has a big heart.

He is the leader here so he's very busy and have to deal with many responsibilities.

Don't be afraid of him you will see how nice he is when you talk with him and get to know him better"

"I'm not afraid of him. It's just... man aren't nice with me and when they are, it doesn't end well for me."

My brows furrowed at the memory of the not so far incident.

"Don't worry about that. Let me tell you a secret. He might look like a Greek god but he never had a girlfriend."

Hannah said smiling almost laughing.

"Is he gay?" It came out as a surprise and a question, I thought he was a total player.

She shrugged without saying anything leaving the question unanswered. I assumed it was a subtle affirmation.

"I got your clothes washed but the stains won't come off. So I brought you some of mine. You're taller than me, but I think these would fit"

"I really don't know how to thank you for everything you did for me."

"You don't have to."

My stomach started growling again and we both laughed at the sound.

" I'll be in the kitchen while you change."

As soon as she was out of the door I took the clothes out of the bag she handed me. There were a pair of matching black lace underwear with tags still on it.

The fabric was so soft and delicate, different from the cheap ones I wear. I removed my pajamas to see that I was naked underneath it.

With my state of mind last night, I didn't even think about putting on my underwear. I felt so ashamed that Hannah had to dress me like a child.

I put on the bra and panties, it was a perfect fit, it's the first time I see myself in sexy lingerie like this, but it didn't look good on me with my A cup and lack of curves.

Then I put on leggings and a loose t-shirt long enough to cover my behind. The weather was still cold so I put on the jacket and sneakers and headed downstairs making my way to the kitchen.

I didn't expect to see so many people gathered in the kitchen. Some by the island, others sitting on the table and some are making food and drinks.

They were all chatting and suddenly when I entered the kitchen it turned quiet. I couldn't quite understand the meaning of the way they looked at me.

I just checked my self in the mirror so I had nothing on my face. Was it my outfit?

But it's not different from what the other girls are wearing. They are all young and beautiful and I was akwardly standing and wondering what to do with myself until Hannah came to the rescue again.

She led me to a free seat next to the head of the table where Victor was sitting.

"Good morning!" I said trying to be cheerful and less akward.

"It's almost noon but good one to you too!" said the redhead at the other side of Victor.

"Steven don't be rude to our guest. Excuse him he has no manners." Victor scolded him.

"Good day to thou my Lady." Steven stood up and did the bow with one arm behind him and another in front. Like a gentleman would in those era movies.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. Then I stood up and did the curtsey while pinshing the sides of my shirt as if it was a dress.

Then laughs broke around , the straight faces relaxed and smiled. Then they continued with their chatter and I noticed Victor trying to contain his laugh but ended up smiling shily.

GHOSH! He so handsome when he smiles. And his eyes, I only noticed in the natural light his honey coloured eyes with brown dots. He has a beautiful jaw line and a straight nose. And his red lips so ..

Snap out of it girl, you're drooling over a man out of your league. While I was lost looking at the man next to me, Hannah sitting at my other side, kept piling food in my plate and in front of me.

There was many kind of dishes, one would think this is a royal feast, but it looks like it's a normal meal for these people.

My hands reached to the food and started munching like my stomach was an endless pit. I'm not a glutton but today I was hungrier then usual.

I choked on my food when I noticed Victor and Steven looking at me with wide open eyes.

Victor handed me a glass of orange juice .

"it's nice to see a girl with a healthy appetite."

"Ahm.." I cleared my throat and gulped the juice.

"the food is really delicious, and I'm super hungry I'll gladly eat anything. "

he seems amused by what I said because he smiled again.

Hannah leaned and whispered at me.

"Finally someone made the grumpy Victor smile, twice!! you're a lucky girl Claire."

I almost spit my drink so I put my hand on my mouth to contain the splatter.

I was done eating and the others already left the kitchen so I turned to Victor before he leaves too.

"Excuse me, can I ask you for a favor?"

I didn't want to make excessive demands, I only extended his offer.

"Yes sure, anything."

"Um, you mentioned you had a doctor in the community? Can you please take me to him."

"Are your injuries that bad?"

"No I'm fine, it's just I lost my bag and my medicine was in there so maybe your doctor can give me what I need?"

"Sure, let's go. I'll show you the way."

He got up and I followed him out of the mansion. There were many buildings and houses almost like a small town in the middle of the woods.

He was showing me around and talking about how everyone had a role and job. How important everyone was for the survival of the community in one way or another.

They had a clinic, a training ground, and different other buildings.

"Are you like Amish or something?"

He smiled again

"no far from it actually"

"No church?"

"No, we are not very religious people"

"You are not a cult are you ?!"

This time he laughed out loud, he seemed too amused by my questions to keep it in this time.

" No we're definitely not a cult. If you stay around maybe you will understand our way of life, and eventually like living here.

Some of the kids want to go to college and see the outside world, and they always come back after graduating or finishing their training. We encourage our people to have skills and education.

Life here is different than the city we live in harmony with nature."

With that said we reached the clinic. There was a couple in the waiting room and as soon as we stepped inside the doctor came to us.

She was a woman in a lab coat with the stethoscope around her neck. I would think she was in her fifty's because of the grey hair but her face looked much younger.

She reached to Victor and hugged him.

"Claire this is doctor Stone, I will let you in her care. "

And he was gone the next second.

"Nice to meet you Claire, my office is this way"

Instead of sitting behind her desk she sat in the front facing me

"Tell me how can I help you"

" I lost my medicine and I need to take my pills, maybe you can give me some"

"What kind of medicine?"

I talked to her about my symptoms, and named everything I was taking for DHAD, bi-polar syndrome, schizophrenia and everything else I was diagnosed with while fidgeting in my seat and playing with my fingers.

"I want to help you, but that's not common off the counter medicine . I'm not a specialist for mental disorders so I can't prescribe it without talking with your doctor first"

I wrote down my doctor's information for her.

"When do you think I can get my pills"

" It depends, maybe few days"

"I can't wait few days"

"What's the worst that could happen? Just wait "

"The voices will come back, and I will lose my mind" I deadpanned.

"Try to keep yourself busy, meditation could be good too. if that doesn't work you can come back here"

"Ok I'll try"

I was septic of her calm reaction and the solution she gave me. What kind of physician would prescribe meditation?

Like usual doctors don't know what is wrong with me or don't believe me and I didn't want to argue with her because she is just a general physician.

I stomped out of the office and started running, I needed to release the tension I felt from not having my medicine. It usually calms my nerves, but now I am becoming hyperactive and I had to let go of some steam.

Somehow I found the training ground, where the members were training. he was there in the middle, his shirt was wet and clinging to His perfectly sculpted body.

He was making elegant moves, as if it was a choregraphy designed by a Martial artist. As I get closer they were getting in pairs and in positions for one-to-one fight training.

"I want to join the training!" I jumped in excited about getting some action.

"This isn't a playground Claire!"

Victor came from behind the others and walked to me .

"Hey, I know this is a serious training. I was in wrestling team and I can fight with them. I'm a professional athlete, I almost made it to the Olympic team"

"Fine you can pair up with one of the girls"

"Where is the fun in that?! I want to pair with one of the guys"

His eyebrows raised in surprise, not believing what he is hearing. He must be underestimating me, thinking I'm just a weak girl.

One of the guys came to the front pumping his chest.

"I'll take her" he said with a smirk.


it was a loud growl from Victor, he jumped at the guy pushing him back violently.

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't know she was your.."

He stopped when Victor glared at him while he grimed his teeth. THe poor guy was so terrified he was shaking and tripped in his shadow walking backwards.

The others walked few steps back as well. I couldn't understand the unfolding secene in front of me. this isn't the sweet and shy Victor I have met before, but Hannah's words made sense now that I've seen this side of him.

He looked at me and his eyes turned dark . He looked like a different person.

"I will be your apponent"

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