The Foreigner

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Uruq wakes up in the middle of a dark forest. Uncertain of the circumstances, he must follow a wolf-like creature Lasha that will guide him to the path of danger and fresh knowledge. They will have to challenge the eternal darkness or fail in vain.

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Darkness would not be penetrated even by a single beam of light. Only the dark clouds, which filled the sky, could tell an environment of such ferocity, while a peculiar smell of rainy weather was felt throughout the vacuum. I looked around in vain and took a glimpse at the silhouettes of some trees, situated around me. The absence of voice came as a surprise for any brave soul deciding to speak. Albeit the soul was mine and a shattered one, long dropped piece of glass would envy. Although, it was me who took a step forward into the paucity of trees. Out of nowhere, the sound arrived and soon after a sight to behold stood in front of me. My palms filled with sweat and the legs started shaking in a matter of seconds just as I looked at this creature of a dark fur and unnatural blue eyes; teeth sharp as a sword created from the steel of Damascus and claws twice as deadly. A tall wolf of an unnatural kind stood on two legs; holding a torch in his right arm, he spoke in a high-pitched voice, only a beast would offer:

“We have been waiting for you.”

My goggling eyes widened in response and tended to move around, examining every piece of the ambiance carefully until taking a gawk at the very creature before topping up the absence of any sound.

“Me,” I answered, “But why me?” moving my hands upwards.

“I can explain the circumstances as we walk towards the destination.”

Unable to object, I followed the wolf but still being powerless against the sweat that wasn’t aided by the fastened beat of the heart.

“I am Lasha,” The creature spoke in a calm manner “and you are the Uruq.”

“Uru… Who?!” I exclaimed as the heart gave more fierce beats.

“Uruq – The wise chief. You have been reborn. Last time I saw you, she took your life with the demon-like claws and the world descended into a period of darkness.”

“But I remember nothing!” I declared, noticing my naked body below me and blushing, adding some sweat to my cheeks.

“You never do. Here, take it” He threw a bag at me. In it I found a pair of blue pants and a red shirt, both made from cotton; followed by fancy leather sandals. As I put them on, flying silhouettes of demonic kind appeared out of nowhere. “Stay beside me!” He said while enhancing the claws in a quick manner. There were three, four or five of them. Although, my sight seemed limited, while the opponent was approaching hastily. The claws of the wolf moved in the air against the demonic creatures that descended upon their prey and extinguished the source of the light in a matter of moment. The showdown of claws generated a sound of clattering as if the ground shook in an acknowledgement of chaos.

“Lashaaa!” I cried out as my penetrated back hung in the air, flying away to uncertainty.

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