The Curse of Created (The Donor #2)

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Brokenhearted and angry at the secrets Ly kept from her, Dess tries to restart her life to the point before she became a Donor. Hiding the truth about the supernatural world she discovered at Almsgiver Camaraderie from her little brother Jeremy, Dess is sure that that part of her life is now finished and behind her. However, the secrets, lies and mystery that was left unresolved follow Dess and she becomes aware - once a Donor, always a Donor.

Fantasy / Romance
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With the cover of night, the movements of a certain young woman were not so easily observed.

The darkness provided for a much-needed privacy that she wished to have as she did something that ordinary people would consider quite horrible. That was if the observation was done with the eyes of a human.

A perceptive person would also see that this woman dragged something behind her with strength that would not be acclaimed to her otherwise frail stature. Her figure was rather petite, yet it showed no strain as she dragged behind a corpse. The sound of a lifeless body being scraped against the leafy ground of the woods in the otherwise silent night was eerie. There was no moon on this fateful night, providing a much needed darkness when such a fowl deed was done. A real setting right out of a horror novel.

“I think the Gala tonight went rather well, don’t you?” Renée addressed the corpse as if it could reply to her. “That finale. My favourite moment in the otherwise dull evening.” She proceeded with the macabre stroll through the night woods. “This attack is actually the best cover for us to disappear, making everyone think we were kidnapped or perhaps even killed.” The tinkling giggle was echoing through the woods as Renée laughed at her little joke that the corps couldn’t understand. The dead, glazed over, eyes stared unseeingly at something above.

“The mess and hysteria when the unsatisfied Created descended upon their ‘betters’ will make me smile for quite some time. Our vanishing act will only add to the confusion that already rules over Camaraderie tonight.” Renée gleefully exclaimed and looked down on her silent and unresponsive companion. “To conceal me and your sorry state was quite draining, I was lucky to find out where the Oracle was. Finally. Otherwise, we would be in quite a pinch.” Progressing rather quickly on her way with a slight burden behind her, Renée finally came to the spot where she wished to be. Her milky white eyes glowed in the dark as she assessed the place.

They shined in this way whenever she tapped into her power or lost control over her emotions. Being an Oracle and one that crossed over to the darkness, gave her unimaginable power. Unlike her goodie-two-shoes sisters’ she opened the doors to necromancy, however, it came with a price. Her energy was not enough to sustain it, she needed to kill and consume it from her victims to maintain the gloomy spells otherwise they would obliterate the caster.

A small wooden hut or perhaps a tiny cottage was the perfect hiding spot for a dead body, and a little distraction from the suspicion Renée knew she was under. The group in which Dess and her little friends were, had suspected too much of her disappearance to Paris. She had to keep them busy to gain time, to run and disappear. To become someone new.

He was already sniffing too close. If the Shade had even the smallest knowledge of me being alive-

A shiver ran through Renée. The attack that happened tonight at the Gala was his doing most likely. She was sure of it. The pattern matched. He adored pulling at the strings, persuading people to do what he wanted them to do in such a way no one could link it back to him. It was a game he enjoyed most. The small part of the plan she heard from the Shade long ago was to start inflicting chaos at the most structured, ever so stable and archaic supernatural society- the vampires. It would give him satisfaction to see them crumble from the inside out.

Renée opened the hut and threw the body of the young blond Stainless girl of whom she was pretending to be a Donor. It slumped with a thud on the wooden floor like an oversized rag doll.

“All good things must come to an end, I suppose.” Renée stepped over Colette’s corpse with blasé and advanced to the mirror that hung on the wooden wall opposite of her. The reflection stared back apathetically, as if it was an everyday occurrence to possess an appearance for two years.

The petite frame Renée stared back with hazel eyes, however, they started to shift and became the darkest brown. Then the short bob of brown hair started to grow with unnatural swiftness and shifted colours to the most vivid bright auburn. The straight hair turned curly, and the face grew broader yet the skin fairer. The petite girl turned into a taller woman with an hourglass figure that admired herself in the reflection she saw before her. Gone was the little French Renée like she was the snow that melted on the first warm spring day.

“Ah, how I missed me. Hello there Marina.” Winking at herself, the woman turned and happily observed her behind. The clothes, which were fitted for the slim Parisian girl, were trying not to burst at the seams as the body of a voluptuous woman moved.

Looking over to the unmovable Colette, the Redhaired woman poked her with her foot. “We had a good run for these past two years, didn’t we Colette?” It was a rhetorical question to which Marina did not expect a reply.

A smile that was more mischievous than happy bloomed on the woman lips. “I was just starting to get bored and then Dess came along making everything so much fun.” And how true that was. The strange girl turned the whole Camaraderie upside down before she even arrived at the place.

Not to mention Dess piqued Marinas’ interest the very first time she saw her. When she took a first glance at her, Marina saw that Dess had a blood curse on her. Well not just on her, Desses’ whole lineage was accursed to attract misfortune and misery. That had to be one of the reasons why her blood was so appealing and nourishing to the vampires. If she were a Donor to a stupid wanker like Julius, she would be dead after the first feeding. No doubt that was the curses' intention.

I wonder what naughty thing one of her ancestors had done to get cursed like this.

“It was thanks to Dess that I was finally able to come into the Varshawsky manor and see where they kept one of the history most potent Oracles. To think the little group is convinced that the Oracle had mummy-like abilities. Bitch please.” Marina needed more power, and that withered husk of a body had a truck full of it still contained inside it without the vampire knowledge. Once the power found a home in a new wielder, the mummified corpse turned to dust instantly. The pulsating energy was the only thing keeping it together. However, if it somehow remained intact, Marina would destroy it immediately, not risking the possibility that the Shade would get his hands on it. The Oracle corpse could reveal too much even in its' dead state.

Something caught the dark Oracles' attention as it gleamed when the moon finally got free of the clouds. The former Renée crouched by Colette and peered the stiff fingers open in which a golden clutch was still clasped. Marina remembered what she saw through Colettes' eyes. “Ah, Dess. You really should control your emotions and not let strangers deliver your messages. Who knows if they will fulfil the messenger duty?”

Opening the golden handbag, she was happy to find the golden earrings and a precious comb that held more than the eye could see. Jingling the jewellery at Colette, Marina happily exclaimed: “I will be taking these. The essence of a powerful Stainless woman could come of some use to me.” Throwing the now-empty golden bag on top of the body, she turned around and left with the door of the hut behind ajar.

Looking back at the little crime scene that she staged made Marina grin in revenge. The knowledge that a certain young handsome Stainless vampire will most certainly be in trouble made her chuckle. “I do hope next time Lysander minds his manners when he calls someone a bad friend.” With that, Marina threw the shoe that she wore as Renée beside Colette.

This should make them ultimately confused for long enough.

As she emerged from the hut and swayed into the woods, Marina had not realized that two pairs of animal eyes were watching her movements from the bushes. Their gazes were dissecting, assessing the human woman. When Marina disappeared from view, a low grumble of a growl escaped the bigger animal.

A fox glanced at his more significantly prominent wolf friend questioningly while the orange wolf eyes watched. A sound that resembled a whine escaped the fox like it felt something was not right with its' companion. It slowly backed away and merged with the night.

The wolf had not followed and just stared fixedly at the spot where Marina dumped the body. Then with almost silent steps, as if it made up its’ mind, the wolf retreated into the dark forest until nothing, but an orange gleam of its' eyes remained.

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