The Curse of Created (The Donor #2)

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Chapter 14: Pure Intentions behind Harmful Display

There was a common concept that the colour brown was associated with warmth and at times, sunny autumn days. Lots of things that were of that colour gives warmth to the heart. Such as chocolate in every shape and form imaginable, a freshly baked whole wheat bread, pancakes with a generous slosh of maple syrup and long-awaited package packed in a carton box which was ordered online. Notable mentions should also go to spices like cinnamon and vanilla which tickle the nostrils as well as the palate.

These eyes which were drilling into my golden ones were nothing of the kind; the warmth was lost somewhere along the way or perhaps there was none to begin with. Even though James was smiling down at me, with the corners of his eyes crinkled upwards in a general sign of happiness, the expression seemed flat and doll-like. They didn’t reflect any emotion or gave any hue of life to the eyes; they seemed colder than ice. Empty of all emotion and reaction. James’ bleak facial expression relayed onto me that if there was even a slightest opportunity, he would lunge for me with an intention to make a kill. The problem I sorely represented needed an instant and effective solution after which I could never cause any kind of trouble again. Permanent termination of my life span seemed logical to James, fiasco surrounding Ly would be fixed in a matter of seconds.His energy was similar to Lys’ father Andrey as if he was channelling the great leader of Varshawsky line. Or perhaps evil had the same aura, although many divergent faces.

Stiff and frightened, I waited for James to make the first move while steadily holding his gaze to predict if there would a sudden change occur. My palms became sweaty and cold perspiration appeared on the back of my neck. Feeling the small drops slipping down the curve of my spine, I awaited my fate. I would rather know what kind of form would death take when it came for me.

Keeping our gazes locked, James started to bend downwards to me with a sense of determination that could only be described as predatory. I could hear him inhaling my scent deeply as he came towards my neck. Then I was no longer gazing into the flat bottomless void of his brown eyes but at a tense muscular back and a rigid form of another.

Ly stood between James and I like a stone sentinel, unmovable in both stature and willpower. “Withdraw.” The treat he uttered was backed up with a low, threatening snarl which promised bloody retribution if the Created would not heed his warning. “Now.”

“Her scent does spark the curiosity of how she tastes.” James, who was nose to nose with Ly, smiled. “Don’t be concerned; I was just testing a theory.”

“Touch my Donor, and it will be the last you shall test again.”

“Sire,” James bowed; however, his eyes were still on mine, a hint of emotion gleaming behind them. I preferred those eyes flat and devoid of feelings. Deep inside me, I had a suspicion that arousing James’ interest was anything but good. Slowly backing away, he gave one last glance toward a fellow vampire and with a previously displayed chilling smile added, “You know what to do.”

James’ words lingered in the air between Ly and I, like a poisonous cloud even after the voice faded away. We stood in silence; Ly was probably too angry to speak while I was spooked to the point of my soul trying to escape my body. It took all my concentration to persuade it to stay where it was and not nope the hell out of here, done with this life. When it has finally been tethered to my body tightly once again, my focus went to Ly. Staring at the closed double door of his room, he emanated seriousness with his tense body. Ready to attack be it necessary. The inhales and exhales of his ragged breathing echoed in the noiselessness of the vast bedroom, which was in utter mess. The broken wooden arms of one the chairs were laying discarded amongst a hundred tiny shards of broken crystal coffee table.

Is the destruction of material a constant occurrence when there are more vampires together under one roof?

While moving my head around to asses the damage a small glint of something caught my eyes. The way it glimmered was different from the broken crystal and with interest I by stepped Ly, who was still in his stone-like state.

Crouching and balancing on the balls of my feet, I rummaged carefully through the sharp crystal shards (the last thing I needed was to bleed) and uncovered a very unconventional piece of jewellery. It was a thin piece of leather from which in the middle dangled a gaudy coin with some sort of crest impressed into the gold with a letter V in the centre. It would be somewhat wearable if not for a strange tiny blunted needles on the inside.

Stretching my fingers, I gently touched the coin, trying to examine it more up close; however, it was yanked away from my grasp by an olive-skinned hand. Above me, Ly glared at the object in disgust as if it just uttered a nasty, crude cuss about him. Clenching his palm around it, he was trying hard to remain calm.

“What’s that?” Inquiring softly, it seemed a bit weird that he lost his marbles in front of the dangerous visitor because of this object. It was a seemingly harmless piece of a decorative jewellery.

Ly ignored my question; however, addressed another topic that suited him more. “How much have you heard?” The purple in his irises became much more prominent than the yellow. There was tightness in them, indicating he was mad, which made me involuntarily shudder.

The last time Ly had made such an expression, I received a memorable and somewhat sadistic vampires’ bite. Even though my mind pushed the memory aside, my body still remembered the pain. Feeling threatened, and in inferior position that rendered me feeble with him looming over me, I jumped up. Will we be fighting again? In the back of my mind, the box happily rattled, jumping on the shelf, reading its self for Round One. All it needed was my permission and a judge to blow the whistle, and then it would descend upon the victim.

“I know it wasn’t right of me to overhear your conversation.” Pushing my emotion down to the lower levels of my subconscious yet again, I continued with my palms lifted. “But in my defence-”

“Stop lying to me.” Replying with a brusk tone, Ly glanced in my direction then averted his gaze. “We both know that door was cracked open for at least a week which you continually used to learn all sorts of things.” After a significant intake of breath, he sighed as if defeated and turned his back toward me. “It doesn’t matter now anyway,”

It took me by surprise that I was not being teased, mocked or anything in between. Blurting in nervousness, my mouth moved with unusual quickness. “I thought you were at least going to give me a lecture saying: ’Odessa it is unacceptable to eavesdrop. If I have something to tell you I will say it straight away since I am a man of honour even though I have been lying through my teeth for the past month like a smooth criminal-” I lowered my voice to mockingly mimic Ly, I even went as far as to lift the brow up in a way he did.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Ly interrupted me with his profile only slightly visible to my eyes. The dusk left just enough of the light to see his features, although the silvery hair hid his eyes from me and with it the gateway to his inner mind.

Crossing my arms readying for a verbal spat, I confronted him with an uncivil tone. “Oh, so you wouldn’t have lectured me? Do you feel alright? Should we call for the witch doctor to measure if your levels of mockery had fallen below the recommended line?”

Ly ignored my obvious sarcastic comment and moved toward the fireplace. With a few scraps of a match against the ignition paper, he lit a fire to a scrap paper which he gently proceeded to put in the hearth full of logs. While watching the flames slowly growing stronger and lick at the wood, Ly leaned on the mantle seemingly deep in thought.

Is he ignoring me? Okay have it your way, stupid stuck up vampire.

Turning on my heel, I stomped toward the opened adjoining room.

“I have to talk to you.”

His sombre voice stopped my progress. Every time Ly said those six words combined into such sentence; our conversations ended with one of us screaming at the other.

Closing my eyes, I counted to ten channelling my inner state of calm. When my inner self was sufficiently composed, I prompted him. “Is it about that vampire, James was it?” I waited for him to continue; however, Ly remained quiet while watching the fire.

My patience came to an end when his mouth hadn’t moved even once for a whole five minutes. “Such a nice conversation we are having; it is a shame I need to put an end to it. Now if you excuse me-”

With a big sigh, Ly decided to break his recent vow of silence. “Yes and no.”

“What kind of cryptic shit of an answer is that?” My brusk voice carried the irritation I felt.

Still gazing at the amber flames, Lys’ face was basking in the warm firelight, and the accompanying shadows were making him annoyingly mysterious and handsome. My heart gave a thump while the little tinkling sensation made my lower parts clench. It was unfair for him to look attractive when I needed explanations.

Bloody hell now is not the time to be thinking about that—stupid hormones.

A few seconds ticked by and I was standing there, deciding if I should do anything but what Ly suggested, just to irritate him. My body; however, decided for me; I was too curious to leave, and I stayed rooted.

Breaking the silence while still keeping the distance between us, Ly softly asked: “If I asked something of you, could you not doubt and question me about it, but just do it.”


With a small smile that didn’t reach his eyes, Ly glanced my way. “I figured as much.”

Irritated by his stupid request, I crossed my arms. “Yeah, and why would I do that? Since I have come back, your favourite sport has been Daily terrorization of Dess. Are you seriously surprised that I refused?”

“And if it was for your own good?” Ly turned towards me with the firelight behind him, making him look like he just rose from the red flames of hell that opened up the path into Hades. Cryptically eyeing me, he waited for my reply.

“Why don’t I decide what is and isn’t for me?” I defiantly lifted my chin while giving him a slight smirk which I hoped was icy. “The last time you did something seemingly good for me ended up shattering my whole world.”

“My intentions at that time were not entirely noble, I admit,” Ly muttered under his breath, averting his gaze.

“Ha! Noble?” I scoffed at him. “That is not the word I would use.” Then without warning, I took a step back, my eyes going wide as a bad hunch bloomed in my stomach making me feel sick. “My God, you are going to lock me in a coffin, aren’t you?”

For Ly, that would be the ultimate punishment, and perhaps he considered bestowing that kind of penance for my eavesdropping. I don’t have claustrophobia; however, I do not fancy myself being locked up in a tight matchbox like space for hours even days.

Looking utterly baffled and confused, Ly, who was advancing towards me, stopped in his tracks. “What? No! Why would I? Do you really think that I would do that to you?”

“You have done a lot of things I thought you weren’t capable of Ly.”

My reply visibly shook him, and for a minute, Ly just stared. After a minute with arrangement of his features in serious mask, he inquired: “Have you noticed anything else during your careful observation of me? Or had just your resentment of me deepened?”

“You know

“Of course, I know.” He interrupted softly. “I’m attentive of everything you do. Every gesture, look and word. I’m always aware of you and what you do.” The softness with which Ly peered at me made me nervous.

“If that was supposed to make my heart skip a beat, you are too late.” I broke our gazes and paced away to put more room between us, and once I was ready with a narrowing if my eyes I stared him down. “I’m still waiting for an apology.”

Ly pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled noisily through his nostrils. “Dess,”

“No, if there is some kind of plot you are acting out on because of the bizarre circumstances, you should have the guts to say sorry. There are no Created in the house, you have said so yourself to James. There isn’t a need to pretend or wait for me to be drunk to confess.” Ly winced when I revealed that I regained memories from my drunken night. When there was no answer from him, I added; “Or have you yet again manipulated me?”

An eagerness lightened up in Ly as he took a step towards me. “I” He began with a feverish gaze but then stopped himself, letting his eye grow oblique. Looking into the flames again, Ly sought solace in the embers. “If I say there is a reason for my actions, would you be able to let it go?”

“Let it go?” I repeated, dumbfounded at what I was hearing or more likely questioning if he really was thick enough to ask this of me.

“Yes.” Ly looked into my eyes while numerous emotions swirled them. “Please just let it go.”

Let it go? He can’t be serious! I’m finally getting some answers about what the hell is going on around here.

“No, I need an explanation for all your erratic behaviours. I know you have been trying to act like you once did down at the Camaraderie

“Damn it, Dess this is different than just some Camaraderie!” Exploding with sudden irritation, Ly raked his hand aggressively through the short silvery strands. “Knowledge can be dangerous, especially for someone as nosy as you.”

My eyes narrowed into slits. “And not for Ali? Where are you sending her off too?”

When he just stalked and plopped on to the unbroken armchair, I decided it was time to change my strategy from offence to defence. “Let us make a deal, then. You apologize, and I will perhaps consider doing whatever you want me to do.” My tone was very business-like, and it drew the negotiator in Ly from out its’ cave. He was the future leader of his line; after all, the art of negotiation was drilled into him since the tender age.

1:0 for Dess.

Ly pondered on it for a minute then carefully formed a response. “Can I just say that I have good reasons for my attitude? While I am not happy that I had to resort to those kinds of methods and use them on you, it was necessary.” Seemingly happy with his vague explanation, he leaned his chin on his palm.

My cheeks burned with irritation, I received nothing but a shitty excuse from him. Again. “Seriously? That doesn’t come close to saying: Gee, Dess I am really sorry for all the emotional crap I had put you through for the past few months.”

As if guilty but not enough to back down, Ly grumbled and opened his palm. From his index finger, the gaudy leather choker dangled. The golden coin caught the light of the fire, and it seemed as if it held the dancing embers within it. “Please just put this on,”

“What is this?” I asked with suspicion, glancing wearily at the jewellery. “It doesn’t look very comfortable.”

With a calm tone that was somewhat laced with discomfort, Ly replied evenly. “What does it look like Dess, it is choker an accessory worn by women.” After giving it a second thought and with a slight twitch of one brow, he added: “Sometimes, even by men who have peculiar and particular tastes.” With a swift move, he threw it in my direction.

Catching it smoothly between my palms, the feel of the cold thin leather was too rigid under my skin, and on closer inspection, I noticed it held something metallic within. I mirrored Lys’ mood; however, remaining cautious of the object in hand. “Why would I wear this? It looks like an expensive, humanised version of a dog collar.”

Ly strangely remained silent, and when I met his eyes, he quickly averted them, squeezing them shut while his jaw was clenched tightly showing the jumping tendons under the olive skin.

Staring first at him and then looking closely at the object in my hand, my brain finally made the connection in my mind. My eyes widened, and I gasped: “Are you out of your mind?”

Dropping the thing out of my hands like it was a hot coal, I put distance between the choker and me as if it was a poisonous beast, hissing and bearing its’ fangs at me.

“Are you seriously expecting me to? Ly, you are giving me a collar.” My heartbeat was going out of control, hundred minutes per hour, and every single stressful emotions I have felt and experienced since I have come back doubled, nay tripled.

The carefully put away box of emotions exploded without warning, nothing able of holding the gushing of the hot, molten lava in anymore. There were so many feelings I was angry, hurt, grief-stricken and most of all, betrayed again. “I am not an animal neither am I a traitor who deserves this! Scratch that, not even the worst person deserves to be shackled by this!” I kicked the collar into the direction of the fireplace, hoping it would burn.

Ly, giving me a calm look; didn’t speak only assessed me while remaining a cold watchman at my outburst. That tranquil demeanour of his made it all the more frightening.

I felt the anxiety rising pulling me under, and all I could hear was my won erratic heart rhythm. “What? You expect me to put it on and allow you to attach a leash to it next!” I sneered while my fists were balling up, while my eyes filled with tears. If Ly wished it, he could force that on me in a second and I would be powerless to avoid it.

“Just put it on Dess,” Quietly and in a sensible tone while without any expression on his features, Ly placed his elbows on his knees while glancing at me from under his lashes. One half of his face was in obstructed by the shadows while the other was basking in the fire. Both eyes shined unnaturally and were enhanced by the golden light of the dancing flames.

“Not bloody likely. Haven’t you humiliated me enough? I just can’t believe you! Tomorrow I will probably find myself wearing a shock collar

When Ly guiltily glanced away and jumped to his feet while grasping the trembling hands behind his back, hiding them away from my gaze, I stopped talking. Firstly, because of utter shock of seeing him express one of the emotions he rarely showed. I had never seen Lysander Irenei Andreyev Varshawsky frightened. Never. Secondly, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept that was presented.

After a while, I finally found the words even though my throat was as dry as pepper. “Jesus Christ, Ly.”

He still couldn’t meet my eyes; however, pointedly looking into the crystal remains of the coffee table. There among the broken shards was evilly glinting, a black plastic controller. Finally there was some sensible explanation to the inner side of the choker; those blunted needles were there to deliver the connection between electricity and the skin.

My skin.

The legs couldn’t hold me anymore while my knees trembled and they gave out. I just sat on the rug with my head in my palms, laughing while tears ran down my cheeks. “Wow, so what? You will just zap me with enough voltage for me to pee myself every time you are not in the mood to listen or aren’t in agreement with me?”

With that, Ly snapped his head up from the rubble, attention on me , and the disbelieving expression bloomed on his visage while his voice cracked with emotion. “How could you think that? I would ever use it on you

“Oh, that’s very comforting! Giving me such a sense of security! Until you just change your mind and zap me because I looked at you funnily.” I grasped my knees and slightly rocked back and forth.

“Dess, you wearing this will keep you safe, protected.”

His words gave me enough anger to muster the strength to jump up from my miserable ball of limbs. “Are you kidding me, Ly? Safe, protected? How could I be safe when I have electricity around my neck! Not to mention I can never shower again unless I have a concerning wish the be electrocuted to death!”

We stared at each other, neither of us knowing what to say. I breathed heavily, and I shook with anger while all along also shivered with the unnatural coldness that didn’t come from the fire lit room.

The stillness made me restless and began pacing here and there. “You know what, maybe I should just put it on and walk right under the water so that I could save you the trouble of another complication .” I zeroed in on the collar and stalked toward it while passing Ly.

That seemed to have done it and snap him out of his overly calm state. Grabbing my wrists tightly in his iron grasp, Lys’ porcelain façade broke, and desperation that was almost on the verge of insanity emerged like a tidal wave. “This has been all for you! All of it! You would already be dead if I hadn’t intervened!”

When I struggled, his arms only tightened around me; all restraint Ly had evaporated, leaving only raw emotions in its’ place. “Did you expect that there would be no consequences for your actions when you ran? It is either that bloody choker, or you heard James, he will take you away. I will force this on you if I have to rather than let them take you away.”

“I think I would rather go with James than staying here with you and your electric torture device!” I beat against his chest with all my might, zealously looking at the infernal device.

Ly grabbed my shoulders and rattled me like he wanted to find some sense in me or just shook it in forcefully. “You don’t mean that. Damn it, Dess tell me you don’t mean it!”

I felt like the Cocktail mixer in his arms; Ly certainly stirred me and all my bodily fluids into one human beverage. Then he suddenly stopped and lowered his head while whispering. “If James takes you away, you will die. Jeremy too.”

I was dizzier than when I rode the fiercest adrenalin ride in Disneyland. Although before I could say another word, Ly tightly hugged me close to his chest. It was hard to breathe in his feverish vice. “I thought you were taken or killed somewhere when I couldn’t find you during the attack.” I felt his ragged breath against my cheek and could hear it in my ear. “It almost derailed me, turned me feral, and start slaughtering those Preyed fanatics. Then I saw how calmly Will acted despite the confusion and I just knew you were all right. He would be frantic in search of you if he didn’t know you were safe.”

Ly gripped me tighter, and I felt under my palms his heart beating. There wasn’t just one thump but at least three or four strong ones vibrating under my hands.

“Then, after a week of investigating, I finally acquired the video from the hospital. Seeing you march in and out with Jeremy, I felt so relieved that you were safe, alive. But I knew that I would rather have you somewhere in the world alive and safe than around me and be under threat. I just needed to wait it out, for it all to calm down and I would come to get you, all would go back to how it was.” Chuckling without any actual wit, he buried his face into my neck. “It all went fucking downhill from there, snowballing into the oblivion.”

I remained still, my eyes comprehensive, not knowing what to do while Lys’ words were flowing like a waterfall out of him, even he unable to restrain them. “Dess, when you went away without consent, you broke our contract and that alone can give a Stainless a reason to kill. But the longer you were gone more vampires came to believe and had their reasons to speculate that you were the one behind it all. You were branded as the snitch.” Sighing heavily, Ly sent my hair dancing.

“Not just the Stainless were after you, but Created searched in secret for you for their justice. Then there are the enemies of my line that hold grudges. Knowing my father; there are many pissed off people just waiting for a chance to pounce at any sign of opportunity, of weakness. Also there are the Rogues that want to gain an advantage” Taking in a big shaky breath, Ly shuddered, making my frame shake with his. “I had to persuade my father not to go after you himself and let me deal with you while he focuses on the family reputation and damage control.

“You would rather wear a hundred collars than be with him when he is like that. Even a minute would seem eternity.” Ly pleaded softly in my ear as he laced his fingers in my hair then with a final tight embrace, he let me go so that he could gaze into my eyes.

His purplish-golden orbs were full of fear; however, it was not for himself. “If you don’t put it on, Andrey will come for you with the support of Synod behind him. They will drain you of your blood and throw your body away. Then someone that truly is a traitor working with The Preyed will pin this whole attack on you and Jeremy will be next

“That doesn’t explain why you act so cruelly.” Whispering, I remained stoic, avoiding his searching eyes.

Ly placed his palms on my cheeks gently yet firmly enough to made me look at him. “If I don’t appease the pissed off Created of our line by at least displaying roughness, one will go behind my back and sanction you themselves.”

“Give them bread and circuses.”

“Exactly.” Giving me a small, proud smile, Lys’ features softened, and it reminded me of the times before all the mess.

With a swipe of my hands, I brushed his palms of my face and turned my back towards him. It was hard to remain impartial and cold when before me was a promise of what once was. “This doesn’t mean I forgive you.” Whispering, I added.

“I know, and I am not asking you too.”

Lys’ mournful words made me turn my head so I could see his face. “What are you asking of me?”

“I’m not asking anymore.” Without another notice, the prideful heir of the mighty, most pure vampiric line got on one knee and lowered his head in silent plea. “I’m begging you to do as I say. Do it for Jeremy, for yourself and me because I won’t survive if I see another person I love die and be rendered powerless to stop it” When his voice cracked, Ly stopped talking. His face was not visible, it was sunken into the darkness which his muscular physic cast. Long shadows were slightly swaying because of the dancing fire behind. The only sound was the crackling of the logs in the grate.

Remaining stunned speechless, I looked down upon Ly, and something in my resentful heart mended. It wasn’t healed, not in the slightest; however, it was the beginning of the process. Extending my hand towards Ly, I touched his chin and gently forced it up. When his face was upturned for me to see, our eyes met. Something passed between us, a sort of truce, as we let our barriers down to show our emotions to each other. Let the hurt flow without pointing fingers who inflicted it—just letting it be there, acknowledging that we both were the cause of each other’s suffering.

Ly saw something on my face that put courage in him to speak. “I promise you that that,” Pointing at the choker, he stared daggers at it while the strand of hair fell on his right cheekbone. “Is just to please the audience that is so closely observing us. I swear that I will never put a single finger on the remote to zap you. In fact

Ly stood up in one swift elegant motion and picked up the small remote. Glancing at it while slowly whirling it between his long, agile fingers, he lifted his gaze and his eyes met mine. Without breaking our gaze, he crushed the plastic device, pulverizing it to dust. Whatever remained Ly threw it into the roaring fire. Giving me a cheeky smirk, his eyes shined with humour. “This way, I won’t even be tempted.”

I narrowed my eyes and opened my mouth to curse him into the seventh circle of hell; however, Ly put his palm on my mouth. “I am doing this to emancipate you of suspicions and to protect you even though it seems un-bloody likely.” After conveying his promise he let me go of my lips.

Crossing my arms, I just stood there stubbornly quiet, waiting. He knew what I wanted.

Ly grumbled; however, he straightened his posture, rising to his full hight. “To sweeten you up and because I know you deserve it” He cleared his throat and in deep, booming voice proclaimed. “I am very sorry.” The apology vibrated through the room, bouncing off the walls, echoing back at us. “I am very contrite about the way I treated you. The things I said were uttered in such malicious way because I was also worried that if I were kind to you even after you ran, my father would see it as a termination of our agreement and kill you immediately.”

I slightly smiled, then remembering the words exchanged between Ly and James, I inquired; “Agreement?”

“He promised to let you still be my Donor and let me sanction you; however, if I cannot keep you in check” Ly didn’t need to explain what would happen otherwise. We both knew his father; I even more intimately than I wished. Andrey’s bite still made me shudder even on the warmest summer day.

“Another clause to the agreement is that I do as he says without rebellion, be a good little soldier, hence this new hair.” Frustrated by it, Ly picked a strand and grimaced at its’ short length. Messing the back of the head, he looked positively miserable by their lack of length.

“I thought you were going for a: New Hair, New Me mentality.” I smiled slightly to which Ly beamed, happy to be on the receiving end of it. Taking a step back, I kicked the arm of the broken chair on which James sat. “I’m still angry with you,” I grumbled, giving Ly a sideways glance.

A snicker made me look at the handsome, elven vampire. “Oh, I’m angry with you too, Darling. Make no mistake.” Ly lifted his brow while his gaze turned fiery, but it didn’t seem extremely mad. It seemed more humour filled. “However, your survival is more important to me than my feelings.”

At first, his proclamation moved me. Then the inner fire rose in me as if Ly poured gasoline onto it. “Why the hell are you angry with me?!”

Ly shrugged while narrowing his eyes with me reflecting in them. “You left. After all that big, righteous talk of how we should trust each other, be a team and work together, it took just one thing for you to run in a hissy fit. You didn’t even stop to think, to perhaps demand from me to explain my actions, to hear my side.” Ly slowly advanced toward me while I grabbed the wooden arm and held it like a sword.

Grabbing the ornate wooden arm, Ly yanked it out of my arms, and it landed in the fire. “You did the exact same thing as I did when I accused you of feeding Julius.” Leaning down to my ear, a slightly cold breath tickled as Ly whispered: “Hypocrite.”

I jumped back as if I was a toad in my past life still able to channel my agility. “Hissy fit? Hissy fit!” I stalked toward the bed and hurled a pillow at him. “You lied about Monique, took Jeremy from me, you were anything but a teammate!”

Ly caught the ornate pillow with ease and threw it back on the bed with nonchalance. “If you would have waited just a day

“And if you told me the truth, we wouldn’t even have to wait!” Interrupting him swiftly, I picked up the same pillow again and hurled it at his face with a precision of a dodge ball. “You broke my trust; how can I even believe you that you loved me?” The pillow landed somewhere between me and Ly.

It is too bad that I suck at dodge ball.

“I gave you my mothers’ jewels, the only thing besides photographs that I have left of her. You know how much she means to me. And you did what? Sold them off?”

I bared my teeth and with significant strides came towards Ly. “No! I gave them to Colette to give them to you before I left!” How dared he think I was that careless with things so precious to him.

Ly rebuked with the same irritation I showed and threw his hands up in exasperation. “Well too bad that Colette is nowhere to be found to confirm your story!”

“I only learned of the attack after I came here!”

Ly and I were now almost nose to nose, although I needed to balance on my tiptoes while he craned his neck towards me. We felt each others’ ragged breathing on our faces, and both pairs of our eyes were wilder than those of rabid animals.

“That is still no excuse for you to just go on a rampage without talking things through,” Sneering at me, Ly growled in such way that I felt it before hearing it.

“Says the person who did just that!” Poking him in the chest twice, I turned to leave the room.

Ly was having none of that as he grabbed my wrists with both pupils glowing green while inside the irises a Scarlett flower began to bloom. “Well, then I guess we both fucked up!”

“I guess we did!” I hollered back while searching the room for a suitable weapon with which I could flatten his skull to the point of it becoming a fruit bowl.

“Oh, shut up!” Placing a palm on the back of my neck, Ly forcefully pulled me to him and began kissing me violently.

Everything combusted and was mixed with frustration, violent tendencies, want and lust. The lines became blurred, and all I wanted was him in the rawest possible way. When I felt his tongue expertly slip past the barrier of my lips, I took an opportunity that had presented itself.

Clamping my teeth down on his tongue, I hoped that would make him recoil from the embrace. Yet Ly just tightened his hold on the back of my head, holding me steady so I got a full mouth of his blood. He only let me go after I swallowed it.

“I hate you.” I sputtered while grimacing at the tangy taste of iron in his blood.

The smouldering fire was reflected in his eyes, and a devilish smile appeared on his lips. “Good.”

With a yank at my hair, Ly pulled my head back only to give me another deep kiss. After he smelled my need to take a breath, he lifted his head only then breaking a passionate smooch.

Taking ragged inhales inside my burning, oxygen-starved lungs, I pierced Ly with an intense glare. “How can me hating you be good?”

“Shut up.” Snarling as if feral, completely lost of all control Ly pushed me against the hard wall and moulded his body against mine. Leaving nothing to my imagination.“You can hate me all you want, I don’t care. I love you enough for the both of us.”

Trapped between a rock and a hard place (in this case quite literary) my voice came shakily. “This changes nothing, I still don’t forgive or trust you.”

Ly smiled as if he was devil incarnate and the dimple showed the wider his smile stretched; however, it was not serene nor innocent in the slightest. “I’ll just have to earn that forgiveness back with blood and sweat, won’t I?”

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