The Curse of Created (The Donor #2)

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Chapter 5: The Accusing Finger Points at You

Once the endearment ‘Darling’ made my heart swell and float like a carnival helium balloon in the sky. Although at this particular moment, the only thing that expanded was the lump in my throat and the cold sheen of sweat on my palms.

People say you never forget your first love. I say upon those particulate sentimental old fools to shove it. If your first love wasn’t a vampire, then those ‘wise’ words were absolutely worthless to my current situation.

An anger that was seething off of me in wave-like motions would be the only emotion coursing through me if I were a robot. And yet the little increase of my heartrate had nothing to do with surprise or fear. It was the result of a natural response a human woman has to a man that she had the pleasure of discovering and remembering what he was like in bed. In this particular moment, I wanted to dispose of my uterus with an ice cream scooper myself. I wouldn’t need an anaesthetic. My fury would do just nicely.

So yes, I would like to forget about my first love. To obliterate the doubts and emotional pain. To leave behind all the stabbing like pain which comes with heartbreak.


Especially when he was standing about a foot away and was looking rather royally pissed without a solid reason.

“I must say you can hide yourself pretty well.” Ly purred like a well-oiled motor of an overly pricey car. His voice was like a gentle static warmth that travelled down my spine.

My resentment increased as well as a hunch that irritatingly tickled my brain - it was very insistent on my muscles to put my legs to work and dash from my former employer.

Turning my body fully toward him was a horrible idea, really. I did it, nonetheless. “Hide?” I inquired quietly. “Why should I hide?”

You know pretty well why Dess. The reason is standing right there less than a foot from you, almost foaming out of his mouth with blind rage. Or rabies. I would rather battle the rabies.

My innocently posed question only irked him more; the line of his mouth was almost straight, jaw tightly clenched. We weren’t that long apart form each other for me to completely forget what signs he displayed when mad. The longer he remained silent, the less time you had to live your life.

This was the first time me observing a Stainless in an afternoon gleam of the sun. Unfortunately for me, Ly did not combust in a huge humanoid bonfire. It would rather tickle my fancy if he did.

Deep reddish circles under his eyes delivered a vigorous message to me to just stay quiet and not let the observation be made out loud. His tall and lean muscular frame eclipsed the sun leaving me in his shadow. My memory had not done Lysander’s beauty justice; I forgot how his skin was darker than his hair, which was silvery blond and shown almost like snow in the afternoon sun. Yet my heart did a little plop when I noticed that he cut it. There was something magical about Ly with long silvery strands that he continuously put in a knot at the nape of his neck; he was whipping his hair around as a magical unicorn.

I cannot deny that this haircut was also looking very handsome on him. He had a style that was preferred in 50’; however, it was tousled, messy and without the excessive use of hair gel. The features of Ly’s face were less soft and aristocratic-looking; now, he was roguish and sharp. Gone was the Elven prince that displayed grace as the person in front of me was in dark jeans and a grey shirt. The reflective black Ray-Ban sunglasses on top of his head was a new sight before my eyes. It was a display of silent power on Lys' part that was new. Ly had always been powerful; however, he disliked very much putting it to use.

That is until now.

“Do not fuck with me Dess; I am not in the mood.” Ly massaged his temples while still glaring at me as if I murdered his favourite aunt.

My eyes widened to the point they almost popped out of sockets. Did the great, emotionless and noble Lysander Varshawsky just curse? Even as the flight response was still itching to the surface, the sudden pulsating at my temples and the warmth in my stomach were starting to build up, overcoming them. “Oh dear, excuse me for dampening your mood. I shall remove myself so that your precious feelings get better. Goodbye.”

I turned away and made a few quick steps, convinced he hadn’t followed me when I saw him upfront; leaning on the wall, as if he was always there. “Stupid super speed.” Muttering to myself, I glared at my previous vampire lover.

“You and I both know that now that I have found you, you have little choice in the matter.” His bloodshot eyes glared at me, and I saw that his pupils flashed greenly for just a tenth of a second.

“Ah, but I do have a choice. I decide that I want nothing to do with you. The one who is being a glorious ass at this moment is you. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. Why can’t a liar also be an asshat?” I crossed my arms over my chest while slightly backing away yet still furious enough to continue with my snide remark. “Not to mention you look like you have a hell of a hangover.”

You alright there, Dess? Having a case of bottled-up feelings at the moment, haven’t we?

“If I have a hangover effect, it is because of you.” Ly took a menacing step towards me, trying to intimidate me into cowering away.

I took a step back, keeping the distance between us as wide as possible. If I had any luck, there should soon be a Grand Canyon in between. “I am sorry, but did I pour liquor down your mouth? I think not.”

Dess, shut up. This is not the time to run your mouth at an overly pissed ex-lover.

My synapses were working tirelessly since the moment I recognised him. If Ly was here, then he must have come to either kill me or take me back. Both options were not very convenient for me at the moment. Since one; I don’t want to die and two; Ly probably won’t be inclined to give blood to Jeremy now that I had successfully pissed him off even more.

That’s how I roll since 1996 screwing this up.

I backed away yet again, trying to see my surroundings and determine when was the perfect opportunity to run like the demons were trying to gnaw at my behind with their teeth.

“Trying to make a run for it Dess?” Inquiring with a bored voice, Ly was inspecting his fingernails not even glancing at me.

I was slowly itching away, examining the street behind him, hoping that by some miracle Hyeon was back and close by. “Not sure yet. I am torn between that and wanting to give you a painful Colonoscopy with a rusty, iron baseball bat that has spikes for decoration.”

Ly lifted one pail brow, trying to appear disinterested; however, the look he gave me was telling another story. Lys’ yellowish-purple eyes were cold and flat, the way I saw him glare at his father. “My, my such hostility. Tell me, Darling, have you hated me since the beginning or is this a newfound trend?” The advance in my direction didn’t go unnoticed. Ly was trying to keep me talking as he slowly approached. Then he would spring like a Jaguar on its’ prey; me.

I paraded by Ly with my head lifted high. “I am not your Darling. I haven’t been since the moment I realised you lied and spun a web of them all around me.”

“And that is a true representation of pot calling the cattle black.” Clapping his hands in slow applause, Ly mocked me as I passed.

With my index finger, I vehemently wagged at my offender. “I never lied to you. Never.”

“Is that so?” The tone of his voice was quiet, yet underneath was a connotation of threat.

“Believe what you want.” I was not going to stand here and argue with a person that had already convinced himself of his twisted version of events. There had been a similar circumstance in the past when Ly stubbornly thought he knew what the truth was. I don’t need to emphasise that he was wrong.

Pigheaded Gremlin, I’m out of here.

I turned on my heel and started to bolt from him, knowing that he would be unreasonable. I expected Ly to put a stop to my efforts in a heartbeat and the more distance I put between us the lighter I felt. Perhaps he will let me go-

I heard a snap of fingers and within a second three big buff dudes jumped from the buildings above and surrounded me. They were like a vampiric S.W.A.T in crisp suits. The only description that would be accurate for these vampires were Gorillas’. The phone I had clenched in my fingers rattled to the floor; it shattered its’ glass on the hard, hot pavement. I tried to shake them off— bitting, scratching and kicking in every directions hands came. Nonetheless, I was still in a vice, tight grip of cold hands. The panic rose from my clenched stomach, and I felt abdominal cramping that was in sync with chest pain. Wide-eyed, I struggled, and yet my mind was on some other frequency; like this wasn’t real. It was not happening to me.

“Running away once - shame on me. Running away twice - not an option.” Lysander spitefully laughed and signalled to someone. He was still leaning on the wall with his shades covering his eyes, watching me struggle and curse.

“You motherfucking hypocrite!” I yelled but was somewhat winded since the shortness of breath apparent from my struggles. However, my explosive accusation was silenced by a screech of tires that were coming from the road.

A big, black Range Rover van rounded the corner as a fast bullet; it was black and menacing as if we were in a Gang wars kind of movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if led bullets started to rain on us. I stared at it while still not giving hope and trying to lessen the grip on the big gorilla trio. When the Monster Rover screeched to a stop in front of us, the door swung on its’ well-oiled hinges only to reveal even more Created inside.

The street was unusually deserted, and I was the only human on the pavement where there were usually more than dozens. There was no one in sight, no one to witness my impending kidnap. The Gorilla trio pushed me in the Rover as though I was a sack of potatoes. I was panicking, as a bird fluttering in confusion trying to get out of its' new cage, yet not knowing where the exit was. The whole while I was thinking of the only person—Jeremy. Who was going to take care of him if I am gone? Hyeon? He would rather eat his right hand. Monique? She was probably sipping a Martini somewhere with the money Ly gave her. Gwilym? Yeah not a chance.

Ly stayed still like a statue and watched as in a matter of moments I was stuffed in the back of the car. When he was satisfied with the loading of his ‘luggage’—me, Ly pushed himself from the wall and began to strutt toward us. I have never seen him as cold and uncaring as I did now.

This was it; I was about to be killed. By someone, I thought I knew. I didn’t even recognise Ly at this moment.

For all I knew, I never really met the real him.

“Jeremy,” I mumbled and shuffled on my fours toward the open door only to be stopped by Lys’ super-speed. Perchance he developed an ability to see the future or Ly just knew me that well to know what I was trying to do.

“Running trice. My-oh-my you are pushing it.” His hand grabbed my shoulder and shoved me roughly into the seat and when I struggled once again I was meet with his eyes which were glowing dangerously red with a poisonous green centre.

The bodyguards quickly piled into the Rover and closed the door with such force that rattled the windows and shook the Rover. With their backs towards us, they became silent sentinels while the vehicle sped off into the unknown.

“Jesus Ly! What’s wrong with you?” I tried and failed to hide the shaking of my voice. My heart was racing, recognising that this situation was dangerous.

Ignoring me, Ly pushed me down onto the cold leather with his palm as if I was a yapping lap dog attempted to rise from my seat to disobey. “Wrong?” He chuckled even though there was nothing remotely funny in my question. “There are numerous things; however, I am just too - hungry to list them at the moment.”

The blood froze in my veins, and cold sweat ran over me as I saw his fangs growing from his gums, pricking his lip and within second blood welled up and spilt over down his lips. This wasn’t right; Ly was acting like a rabid animal, entirely unlike himself.

I didn’t expect a warm welcome from Ly if I ever got to see him again; however, a completely different personality? No. Had Ly and his father dabbled in some kind of dark magic, and there was a horrible after effect which resulted in their bodies being swapped? My belief and perception were muddied and I couldn’t see, couldn’t understand what I was obviously seeing.

With a cruel smile, Lysander, without warning and with unrivalled swiftness, bit deeply into my shoulder. I screamed with pain when the nerves in my body weren’t dulled by the aphrodisiac the vampire fangs contained. The realisation that Ly was willingly causing me agony while withholding an anaesthetic made me feel appalled. Then the pain inflicted on my nervous system erased the ability of thought. Closing my eyes, the painful spasms of my muscles as Lys’ fangs pressed into my skin made the connection with a memory of the night when his father bit me in the very same shoulder. It doubled my fear and feelings of violation.

Lysander gathered me into his arms and pressed me closer so that he could drink even deeper. I could feel his arms grab me tightly, savagely, his hug hurt almost to the point my bones would crack. His silent gulps made me aware that I was losing more blood than he ever dared to take from me before. Tears filled my eyes, and I felt embarrassed. But my shame wasn’t done in private; we had an audience. My eyes fluttered open and widened by the sight of grown men, pretending my shouts didn’t exist. The three macho guards’ who pushed me into the now speeding car, were still present with other three vampires sitting silently on their seats. I saw the gleam of green their pupils casting on the dark leather in front of them. Even by discreetly looking away, they were still here witnessing this assault quietly. They smelled my blood and lusted for it. One vampire was gripping his neighbours’ shoulder to keep him in the seat while he growled slightly.

Was Ly going to share me once he was finished with me?

The once private and intimate experience between us was now defiled in my eyes. “Get off!” I slammed at Lys shoulders, trying to push him away. I felt his fangs tear my skin as I moved and jostled around, making the pain worse. Ly only growled fiercely and bit even harder into my flesh. I squeaked like a mouse in pain and tried to free myself with pushing my foot on his chest with a valiant effort.

“Ly, please-” I pleaded almost noiselessly.

Lysander unclamped his jaw, let go and kissed my shoulder, still holding me within his clutches, looking at me with his ruby eyes that slowly turned into his outlandish standard colour.

“Get used to it Dess. I have been far too —” He licked my wound possessively while gazing at our audience, “— lenient with you.” Looking at occupants in the front seat, Ly promised silently lots of painful interactions in their near future if they continued to let their urges get the best of them.

“Who are you? I don’t even recognise you.” I whispered, scrambling away as far as I could and clenched the leather seat with my fingers. The skin where his fangs tore into my shoulder was burning, and I felt the viscous blood trickling down. My eyes welled with tears of embarrassment and outrage when the realisation hit me; I was betrayed once again. Nails dug into the elegant black leather as my knuckles whitened with the strength I gripped.

“Funny. You still think of me as a human, don’t you?” Coldness dripped from Ly in waves when I felt him move closer and his lips were inches from mine. I saw and smelled blood — my blood in his breath, on his skin. “Well, let me get this through your brain Dess. I am a Vampire, and natural emotions that enslave humans are not in my nature. “

“Perhaps not. But I never thought cruelty was part of it.” Tears spilt over, and I blinked to have an unobstructed vision. I might be afraid, but I would not show him that. “Do you have a new philosophy Ly? Is it called Like father like son policy?”

Lys’ eyes flashed red with my response, and his green pupils drilled into my black ones. I wasn’t looking away; it was not an option even if I felt as a weak garden slug. Satisfaction bloomed when I saw that I might have caused him annoyance and discomfort with those particular words. Ly absolutely hated his father and I gladly rubbed the likeness he displayed into his already open wound.

The corners of his lips lifted; although not in humour. “Careful Dess or you might just find out how much blood your body possesses.”

“Yeah, probably not much after you sucked out most of it.” I spattered back hiding the fact that my hands shook with gripping the seat even tighter.

“She’s got balls.” I heard one guard murmur in awe.

Why thank you, kind Sir. Glad to know it seems that way.

Ly heard him; I saw his eyes squint, and yet ignoring the guard and just smiled sweetly at me. A chill ran down my spine as if someone stuck an ice cube behind my neck. Oh, no. I knew that smile — it was an I-am-going-to-politely-kill-you smile.

“Well if you wish it; we can find out how much you have left Dess.” Smiling widely, Ly showed his pearly white teeth with fully extended fangs from the upper and lower gums.

Yup, I might have balls of steel, but I am as dead as an extinct bird called Dodo.

“I don’t.” Quickly sputtering, I flattened myself against the window in reflex motion. My body was not wishing a repeat of the torment his fang left in their wake.

Ly lifted his brow and sat on the other side of the car. “No? Didn’t expect you too.” Mumbling, he pulled the shades over his eyes as looked out of the window, the blood still coating his lips and chin. Every now and again, I saw him twitch with his nostrils flaring.

My throbbing shoulder ached, and I tried to contain the spillage of my blood with my palm, which bled through my fingers and onto my shirt. From time to time a saw guards clenching their fists as if it was excruciating to be in such proximity of the thing that nourished them. When one of them tried to turn his head toward us, Ly gave a menacing growl which made the guard rethink his action.

The ride was more uncomfortable than having a period stain on your ass, and everybody knew about it except you. I was cold, tired and shivering; the loss of blood made me feel weak. The exhaustion made my brain sluggish, and I couldn’t think of any smart plan. Leaning against the chilled glass surface, I watched Ly in the reflection of my window. He sat like a statue, not moving, not glancing at me and ignoring my existence altogether.

We drove for what seemed to me at least a half an hour, without stopping; the destination was unknown.

When we pulled into the gas station, it was the middle of the night. As soon as the car slowed, Ly growled with a commanding tone, “Leave us.”

His goons left quietly, and the driver started to fill the empty car tank with the new petrol. Looking at the face of our chauffeur, I hoped to recognise a friendly face of Gerard (or as he was like to be known - G), but it was not him. The cold-faced driver was not a gentle and kind Lys’ Created. The last time I had any interaction with G was when he acted guilty. I only later found out that he assisted with Lys’ master plan to make Monique disappear from my life. I have yet to question Ly why he had done so many backstabbing things. That was if I was able to keep myself alive long enough to find out.

Breaking the silence was the last thing I wanted to do; nonetheless, I needed information. Desperately. “What happens now?”

“We dress that wound, and you go wash that bloody hand of yours,” Ly said quietly while asking his long thin finger through his hair, and I noticed that they were used to feel the longer strands underneath the fingertips. He didn’t meet my gaze as he removed his sunglasses.

I looked at him guardedly not moving from my spot, and with an incredulous voice, I barked raspily. “Why do you care? I was bleeding for half an hour over here, and you didn’t give a damn. Least of all about me staining your leather seats.”

There was a moment of silence and Lys’ adams’ apple quivered as if he was on the verge of saying something while glancing up at me. Looking unguarded and less ruthless, Lys’ eyes had that little shine in them, which was known to me when we were happy before all the destruction and mess exploded all around. A guard knocked on the window, and Ly stiffened then pressed on the button to lower the glass. The little moment went up in smoke like it wasn't there in the first place.

The first aid kit was handed through, and soon the window was in its’ original place. The familiar twinkle I noticed froze over into hard stare as he glanced at me. “I don’t, but I can’t stand the guards staring at my Donor, it’s putting me in a bad mood.” Ly shrugged, opening the kit then began the selection of the gauzes as if they were competing in the Miss Beauty Gauze World contest. Once the decision was made, Ly scooted closer to me with a wound patch.

I pushed his hands away. “You can stuff that wound patch in your mouth, I rather bleed to death or be sucked dry than to accept your help.”

Ly’s eyes turned from green to bloody red in an instant like a strobe light at a Disco. “Damn it Dess; I care for what is mine.” Jerking me towards him, Ly moved me like a ragdoll with his strength. Even when I tried to get his hands off me, it was futile, and I was actually considering to bite him.

In no time he dressed my wound and with wet tissue rid my hand of blood as if I was a toddler that just got a bit of sticky, melted strawberry ice cream all over. This moment reminded me of his once gentle and kind nature. But the opened wound on my shoulder was a hurtful proof that that side of Lysander was now gone. Perhaps it never really truly existed.

I pushed myself away from him and sat as far as I could. “Why are you even bothering with bandaging me, just sprinkle some of your blood on it. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-ay! The problem is no longer there.”

If I will continue like this, I would soon be no longer here.

Smirking at me, Ly grabbed my elbow, preventing me from sliding into my faraway spot. “And you being unsusceptible to Compulsion? How stupid do you think I am?”

“As dumb as a doorknob.” My mouth replied on its’ own, not realising that it would probably ask the permission of my brain before speaking out of turn.

Perhaps I was a parrot in a past life.

“You will resume your Donor duties with far fewer benefits as before,” Ly announced out of the blue, ignoring most of my insults.

I glanced out the window seeing only darkness and my future was looking just as grim. This was a deep mess I found myself in again. “And what benefits are you talking about? Because it seemed to me that the truth was off-limits before too?” My voice was just as icy as his, how he reacted I knew not. I was far more interested in the view from the window.

If Ly thought I was just going to be obedient, he judged my character wrong. The first chance I get, I shall use everything at my disposal to run to away. Back to Jeremy and hopefully get Hyeon to hide me away without Gwilyms’ knowledge.

“Your credit cards will be cancelled; your bank accounts are frozen until further notice, no smartphones, computer or internet, supervision all the time and confinement to your room.” He rattled on as if he listed the specials on the menu, not about an actual removal of my freedom.

A little bell dinged in my fogged brain. The Credit Card, of course, that was how he found me. Brilliant yet straightforward of Ly to monitor it and thick of me to use it as I did. I scrunched up my face in disgust. “Why don’t you just call it a prison and be done with it,”

“When I am done with you, you will wish it was a jail you were in.” Ly said in his calm voice.

“You are a Tyrant.” At this precise moment, I remember what Lys’ fellow Stainless vampire shouted in the Camaraderie all those months ago. “His temper is legendary” Julius hollered with pride when Ly displayed a theatrical gust of anger.

I have a feeling that Julius might be on to something here.

Lysanders’ lips were right at my ear, and I saw his reflection in the cars’ window. His eyes were hooded, and his eyes were yet again vampiric. “That’s right, I am. And you fucking deserved it with your little ‘prison break’. There will be no second chance of it; I will make sure of it Dess. Because if that happens again I cannot save you. Not when you are suspected of participating in that attack that happened on the night you ran.”

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