The Curse of Created (The Donor #2)

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Chapter 8: The Darkside of Fear

I was having such a ball for this past few weeks. Why? Let me enlighten you as the lighthouse does to the lost ships on the vast and dark sea.

First, I discovered that a Rogue was firmly tethered to Jeremy and me the whole time on what currently seemed as a vacation from the supernatural.

Second, came the news that my sole reason for fighting like a tigress on steroids had a relapse in the short-lived wellbeing and the only thing that would make Jeremy healthy again was the blood of a Stainless vampire. A fucking irony was not lost on me. How could it be? It still made me chuckle that fate showed me the most giant third finger on its’ hand.

Third I came to find that fate had two hands and two-third fingers. It extended toward me another magical unicorn finger on its’ massive hand in a shape of a person (or monster would be more accurate) I had confided and trusted most on this beautiful; God created Earth. It just so happened that this being was the lover that I had abandoned after discovering the lies he had spun. This utterly misguided man decided this would be an excellent time to kidnap me, to drag me back kicking and screaming to the world of darkness without any permission on my part. That was how abduction worked.

Destiny would be a very kind entity if it would have intervened and ended the over-pilling cluster-fuck on my already feeble shoulders, alas I had to found out the hard way it was a shrewish floozy. Forth, my vampiric Lancelot, the knight of a thundering shitstorm, divulged a piece of very secretive information about the existence of the mythical world to Jeremy and showed him his true succubus nature while all I could do was sit and watch. Not only had he utterly thrown my brother into the vast abyss of danger but also turned Jeremy against me. I was now the evil wench in the eyes of my younger sibling because I dared to be overprotective. Granted, Ly had done one good thing- it came in the form of his blood that stopped and reversed Jeremy’s leukaemia. I had allowed myself to give Lysander credit where it was due. However, this little plus was not enough to erase all of the minuses he had achieved on the scoreboard. To reminisce on the recent Lys’ transgressions (because they were several); compulsion, strangulation and forceful feeding of his blood.

Thusly we come to the fifth reason why I was having a blast in my current situation; I was being held in a single cell of a room for days without a bathroom or visitation rights to Jeremy. Pissing in a pot made me prissy and pissed (pun intended) mostly when I learned that when relieving myself my darling urethra made the piss go in a left diagonal direction instead of straight. I was no longer just pissed, but also, I had been pissed on by myself.

I stewed in bitter self-pity. It felt good to feel a victim for a change instead of maniacally searching for an answer to the problem. Being passive was very gratifying; I never knew that shifting blame toward others was so easily done. Sitting on the floor with a mopey expression while glancing at the chamber pot, carefully contemplating if there was a possibility that it could explode, kept me busy for hours.

By the end of day one, the feelings of misery left. It just wasn’t in my nature to be apathetic and non-productive. That was when I learned that my shoulder was no longer in pain, and when the clothes piled by my feet, I discovered that I no longer had a wound. It was healed to the point as if it never existed.

I would rather have the pain and the bleeding bite; that way, I wouldn’t be able to forget.

Staking out by the door ended with me falling asleep at the sunlight peeking through the curtains. The long day of unwanted surprises, stress, animosity and worriment made me pass out quicker than the extinguished candle in the open wind.

Day two of being in solitary went by slowly, I mostly yelled and pounded on the door for hours. When I realised that didn’t work, I wallowed in misery for the rest of the day. Then I had an epiphany; which made me grin like a heinous little demon. Leaning out the window, I saw that underneath there were, to no surprise, slowly strolling vampiric guards.

“Get back inside.” One said bored entirely on its’ feet without even glancing upwards.

The cussing shouts and growls, as the brownish liquid sloshed on the gravel ground while I emptied the piss filled pot like I was a medieval chambermaid, made me congratulate myself for being a genius.

When all attention of Created vampires below was on me I, in a sing-song, cheerleader like voice, declared that tomorrow might be the day that something brown will be swan dived from the same window.

“You are insane!” The angry green-eyed vampire that was drenched most in my liquid waste hollered.

“You would be too if you needed to relieve yourself in a chamber pot in this day and age of sewer system, my good Sir!”

If that doesn’t get me out of this room, then nothing will.

It didn’t get me out of the room as day three rolled around. I was still stuck in here with the porcelain pot as my only companion. I named it Potty; it seemed only appropriate given the circumstances.

I don’t know to whom the idea to put me in this room belonged to, but all my curses and pentagon ritualistic chalk-drawn demon calling had been directed toward them. I stank like the hells’ burps, my hair required a wash, and I felt my Uterus announcing that very shortly there shall be Satanic waterfalls coming out of it, all in all, I was having a horrible day.

My mind was continually swimming toward Jeremy and how he was doing. Was he alright? Where was he? Still in the same house or already shipped away from me to another continent?

“What do you think, Potty? Will I see Jeremy again?”

The chamber-pot remained silent if it would reply I would be in serious trouble. I stood up in false hope that perhaps someone was on the other side of the door and would be merciful enough to let me use a shower.

With a sigh I gripped the brass door-knob and twisted it, expecting resistance from the bolt in the lock, however, there was none. It swung on its’ hinges with ease, and my jaw dropped to the floor.

Expect the unexpected?

And someone unexpected was with his back towards me, blocking my exit. “Inside.” Said the guard without turning his head as he spoke to me. It was the same man that intruded on the conversation Ly and I had when I first arrived.

Richard was a peculiar sort of vampire. Up till now, whenever I saw one, they had some kind of slim constitutions and otherworldly beauty about them. If he or she was a Created, they had a greyish and unhealthy tint to their skin. Yet they all seemed muscular if male, firm and slim if female. The Stainless were a platinum upgrade of Created; with their looks of Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Were Richard was concerned, he was neither a handsome God nor a muscular, slender man that most Created were. He was tall, plump around the waist and had very beefy arms that reminded me of hams. The only thing that was vampirish like was the grey tint of his skin.

“I want to see my brother,” I said with firm determination. “Please.” Awkwardly adding to the sentence, my plea with a mumble. I knew that the carrot makes the donkey more likely to move than the stick. Hopefully, Ricky-Dickey was not one of the guards that were under my window yesterday when I launched the liquid special on to the unsuspecting crowd underneath.

Otherwise, he is probably going to take Potty away so that I have a real medieval experience of defecating out the window.

“It’s not possible.” I saw Richard’s nostrils flare, and he winced. I knew I probably smelt so badly that he teared up.

“Not possible? Did you ship him off to Mars and burned the returning spaceship?”

“No?” His answer was more of an uncertain question. Richard probably not knew what to make of me.

And that was my leverage.

“Well, I suppose I can see him then.” I took a step forward only to be blocked by him.

Richard darkly glared, trying to scare me. “Since you enjoy being pedantic let me rephrase; It’s not possible for you to see him.”

I instantly froze in my resolve. It was no doubt who issued the decree to prevent me from seeing my little brother. It might be entirely possible that Ly was also behind my new room designation that was reversed to the time of the dark ages.

Pedantic? Since you suggested it, I can’t disappoint now can I Ricky.

“Not possible for me? What do you mean? I have two legs, aren’t I? I think I am strong enough to make the extraordinarily long and perilous journey to Jeremy’s room. I can walk without any assistance. Thank you very much, Dickey.”

“Get back into your room.” Richard turned with a dismissive tone that was supposed to end our conversation.

How much you have to learn about me.

I leaned against the door frame, exulting confidence, even though I stank as if a thousand skunks sprayed me. “I’m sorry, but it is impossible for me to do so.”

“That was not a request.” Richard’s curled his lips upward, exposing the fangs. “Inside.”

“It’s not possible.”

“Do. As. You. Are. Told.” The brown eyes flashed with green, and to my surprise, it did not affect me. The ingested vampire blood must be still in my system.

“A few days ago, you were far less brave.” Muttering under my breath before I could stop myself, I saw Richard clench his fists in a warning. It seemed I hit his sore spot. Distraction was very needed, or I would be turned into minced meat by his ham hands. I quickly continued, “Is it also impossible for me to take a shower?”

“I need to discuss it with the master-” Turning his backside towards me, it gave Richard away that he had no intention of doing so.

“Oh, for crying out loud! I swear that if the day comes and I am still stuck in my room without basic utilities, I will throw my bloodied sheets at your head!”

Richard turned a peculiar shade of green at the thought. Nature indeed was a fickle thing; some would argue that menstrual blood was the same colour, consistency and viscosity as the normal blood. However, when a human woman bleeds monthly, it was an utter, horrific stench to most of the vampire kind. Usually, they turn their already permanently upturned noses even higher.

“You are like a dung fly, nagging away. The only way you can get your wish fulfilled it is if you have a proper guard.”

“Guard?!” I exclaimed, “Are you serious? Is there no privacy in this house? Your lot can already hear my farts and have an invasive sense of smell; now I’m going to be peeped at too?” I was horrified at the prospect of having an audience. I would rather impale myself on the showerhead than have Angelica watching me bathe.

Leaning in, almost to the point of our noses touching, Richard gave me a nasty look that made me take a step back. “Not for traitors.”

His whisper resonated in my mind long after Richard pushed me back into the room then left with a slam of the door and locking it.

Traitor? Me?

This was the second time I was called such a thing. Was leaving Camaraderie considered such deceit that rivalled high treason? Thanks to Hyeon, I now knew that it was regarded as a personal offence that could end up in Donors’ death. I pulled my knees to my chest while pondering about the words said prior. But if I were undoubtedly guilty of some kind of betrayal, they would have killed me by now, wouldn’t they? Questions spun in my mind like roulette with the ball continually bouncing, never stopping to reveal the colour or number to the anxious spectators that placed their bets on the game.

I sense a theme with these vampires. I am always in the dark with questions while they are scarce with the answers then turn nasty when you try to guess and get it wrong.

The door reopened, but I was certain that Richard came back to tell me that I was going to be dirty until the smell turned so putrid, to the point of acidic, that it would melt me to death. I paid no attention to the visitor; I was lost in the vision of me slowly melting and turning into brownish-green goo.

“Are you going to look up or will you stay all mopey on the floor?” The familiar voice with distinct Russian accent snapped me out of my dreamy state.

Glancing upwards, I couldn’t believe who was before my eyes. Tall and proud, clad in stretchy leather and combat assemble stood a young woman with an air of professional bounty hunter. “Ali?”

Aljushka gave me a glimpse of pity while her hands were crossed in a no-nonsense manner. She was slim and gave the illusion of frailty at first glance, but underneath was a strength of a bull and agility of a feline that was almost beyond human.

If even an unphased and closed Russian shows her emotions in front of me, I must look even worse than I thought.

With my thumb and index finger, I pinched myself hard on the forearm. “Ouch, ok. Not a dream.”

Ali’s left brow rose high on the forehead. “Should I shoot you with my gun as proof that I am the real deal?”

There she is.

“Nope,” I stood up slowly, still not entirely convinced she was not the product of me going over the twist from solitude. “I’ll take a raincheck on that.”

After a few seconds of my stunned silence, the emotions prevailed, and I threw myself at Ali with such force that we toppled to the ground. My eyes watered, realising how much I missed my friends, the connection I felt with them. Sniffling into her shoulder, my arms tightened around her waist. When the initial overflow of emotions subsided, I felt Ali feverishly squirming underneath me.

Boze moy, Dess, you stink like you have submerged yourself in rotten onions!” Ali, trying and failing miserably to push me away, moved her head with her nose upwards and as far as she could from me and my offensive scent.

“I missed you too, Ali!” Laughing at her insult with floating giddiness, I began the storm of questions. “How? Why-”

“Get off,” Ali muttered an interruption, then with a quick jab of her elbow to my ribcage, Ali freed herself and pinched her dainty nose. “We need to get you into the shower and stat. Questions can be asked and answered when you don’t bring tears into my eyes with your smell.”

“From your mouth and into the ears of the Heavenly Lord.” I praised in a euphoric state of happiness while massaging the sore spot under my right breast.

Man, I forgot her elbows are that pointy.

Gripping her hand in mine, Ali led me around the house. We went up one and down the other staircase then briskly walked down too many halls for me to remember. It was weird to see so many Created vampires around. When I was here the last time, the mansion was more silent and grimmer than an old, deserted graveyard. Now there sounds of opening and closing doors, of hushed conversations being held in the corners and a loud yelling came from the courtyard. It was too busy and far too noisy for vampires even if they were Created. It was like a beehive. It wasn’t normal.

“Ali, what’s going on?” I mumbled in a low voice yet loud enough for my companion to hear.

“Shower first,” Ali curtly remarked as she pushed me into the unknown room.

It was a big, glossy marble master bathroom. It had a large walk-in shower with milky glass, a massive bathtub, shelves upon shelves of body oils and lotions of every kind. I felt like a poor peasant who saw a luxurious feast for the very first time. I didn’t care that Ali was still here; I quickly started to strip my filthy clothes off while turning on the shower. The dried bloody T-shirt was tossed on top of the sweater Ly forced on me almost four days ago. When all that was separating me from nakedness were underwear, I turned. “Ali, do you mind?”

She was sitting on the toilet seat with her phone in her hands, texting, not paying attention. “Not at all, just get your smelly ass under the water. Though I think we should scrub you clean with vodka rather than water.”

I gave her a wary glance wanting to object, but the prospect of a clean and non-smelly body won over the argumentative side of me. Stepping under the clean and warm water after three days was heavenly, I didn’t know how much I took a simple action of showering every day with clean water for granted. I used generous amounts of soap, pressing more than three times on the shampoo dispenser and applied twice as much conditioner. The water flowing down my body, kissing my curves as it fell, felt almost cathartic. But all too soon it was over and with it came the reality.

Ali discreetly gave me the towel and a bathrobe while still looking at her phone for my privacy. Once I was decently covered with my hair wrapped, it was time. I needed answers.

“Ali, what is going on? Why are there so many Created suddenly walking around?”

She put her phone down and adjusted her hair behind the ears with a sigh. “It has been like that since the attack.”

“Attack? So, it did happen? I thought Ly was lying again.”

“Why would he lie about such a thing?”

Looking away from her inspecting eyes, I muttered sharply. “He has been lying about many things.”

“Well I do wish that would be just a simple lie, it takes away the reality of it happening.” Dropping her phone abruptly, Ali began to breathe deeply while she pushed off the toilet seat. She was pacing up and down as if trying to calm down.

I have never seen her like this. Ali was, most of the time, calm and composed. “Ali why are you here? Why aren’t you down at the dormitories?”

My careful posed question stopped her movements with a jolt. “Patricia, the Stainless I was a Donor to, died. I have no right to be downstairs or on the grounds of Camaraderie since I am no longer a Donor to a Vampire.” Her jaw was clenched tight, and she turned her face away from me, to hide her emotions.

I never got intimately acquainted with the one she had feed. Most of the time Ali complained about Patricia of being a wimpy, weak sort of girl and I was under the impression she disliked her a lot. Now seeing Ali like this made me wonder if there wasn’t some kind of bond between them that I hadn’t known about.

“What?” I asked in a whisper.

“If it weren’t for Ly, I would be homeless. My father said that if I can’t be a Donor to another vampire, I was basically useless. ‘Don’t bother coming back if you fail to procure another vampire’ were his exact words.” Ali snidely chuckled, evidently seeing a sort of paradox in something. “Things would be much easier if I were born with a set of balls and not breasts.”

“He can’t!” I exclaimed loudly.

“He did.” Ali retorted, while still not meeting my eyes. “I was on the verge of leaving when Ly found some sort of excuse for me to stay.”

An awkward silence filled the steamed bathroom. What was I to say to her? Sorry for having a shitty dad while suggesting we can make a support group together. Offering my shoulder for her to cry on would only get me punched in the face. Stepping from one foot to the other, I waited till it was the right time to change the subject.

“When did the attack happen?”

Ali winced as if forgetting I was there. She looked my way with glazed eyes, her mind submerged in memories. “On the night of the Galla. It was brutal. One moment we were talking, dancing, laughing then the blood was squirting everywhere either from the cuts on the necks or from the stab wounds to the chest. I have seen many executions but mass slaughter, that’s something entirely different. I never want to witness something like that again.” A shudder wracked her and Ali gripped her elbows with her palms, trying to stop the tremors of horror. “The mayhem was everywhere; you could actually smell the blood in the air, screams were bouncing off the walls. Some of the less controlled young Stainless went berserk by the scent which made them easier to dispose of. We were trapped in the underground ballroom slipping on blood while the maniacs were attacking, slashing at anything that moved. Lots of Stainless were wounded, around ten died. Although some people simply vanished during the slaughter and we only noticed when it all subsided. Renée and Colette are nowhere to be found, as well as Julius and some from his circle of friends. Half of the Donors’ are dead as well as Created that were either guests or security. That fellow that scouted you, Alistair, is also one of the fallen.”

I gasped. My heart sank at the news of his violent passing. Then the corroding fear made my heart pound in a quick rhythm. “What about the others? Are Will, Rosa, Matteo -” My throat closed with panic, and I was unable to finish listing the names of those I wished to be well.

“They are all fine last time I had seen them.”

Alis’ words lessened the tension and anxiety, and I could breathe again almost normally. “The attackers? Who were they?”

Ali glared at an invisible offending spot on the floor with deep hatred. “Vampires, but masked with the Venetian plague masks, so they were beyond recognition. They drunk all the same blood to cover their scents, so there is no knowing. Some say it was an organized group of Rogues, but most don’t think so. It was too well planned and strategically executed. They waited for an event where there would be more influential Stainless together. Such an organisation is on the level of diabolical. While they were slaughtering around, they chanted in unison: ’The Preyed have come to deliver justice for the Cursed.’

“That is why there are so many Created around. They are guarding their top dogs, while the twelve Suzerians closed their family lines for internal inquiries, not trusting the other vampiric lines to not be partly guilty. The Synod is trying to squash the uncontrollable fear the Stainless vampires have of an uprising among the Rogues. The fear infestation is spreading rapidly among the lines- like a wildfire with the wind. But at the same time, they are trying to make it look like a singular phenomenon that won’t be repeated. The Synod and all of the twelve lines are portraying the illusion of strength.” Ali looked up and met my gaze with calculating intensity. “Most believe that there was a mole on the inside of Camaraderie that helped The Preyed. Someone without a grand social status to give them notability. Someone who could hide out of the spotlight and was not present when the attack happened. Someone who would run after the mission was done.”

There was a long pause with us just staring at each other. At first, I waited for Ali to continue, but the longer she remained silent with her eyes on me, the more I became too aware of what she was implying.

“Me?” I croaked as if I had thirty years of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day behind me. “But- but that is ridiculous! I just learned about the attack. I though Ly was lying about it and trying to manipulate me with fear for easier cooperation and gathering information.”

Ali stared me down with icy composure. “You fit the profile to a T.”

“Just because I am poor and have no powerful connections or inherited a notorious name from my parents that doesn’t make me automatically guilty. It’s always the same with people; blame it on an individual who is different, who doesn’t fit in, who is the easiest to throw under the bus. What was the point of going through all the lessons to show myself, to prove that I was something more than just a street rat if it made absolutely no difference to anyone in the end!” The towel that held up my hair was dangerously bobbling on top of my head. I ripped it aggressively off and wrung it between my hands. All the feelings of relaxation that I had achieved with the warm water evaporated.

I’m here less than a week, and I’m already dragged into supernatural bullshit that has nothing to do with me.

Crossing her arms over her chest Ali thoughtfully replied. “The easiest way to convict someone of the crime is if they aren’t present to defend themselves. You weren’t there after the attack, Dess. Most believe that you are the mole.”

“If that is true, why aren’t I dead yet? Why hadn’t they killed me on the spot?” I quarrelled back with the only person who was truthful towards me.

With a lick of her lips, Ali replied. “I believe Ly persuaded his father to hush it up somehow. I believe his argument was that if this gets out, the Suzerian Varshawsky will lose all his power and credibility in the Synod, not to mention the reputation of the line would be dragged through the muck and mud. Their family name can only take so much slander and since the attack happened during the event their line hosted, let us say their reputation is not as glowing as before.”

Andrey Vladimir Varshawsky was the type of man who valued power, adoration and fearful respect over the emotions of kindness, honour or justice. If the precious reputation of the line was threatened to be turned to shreds, then the chronic Narcissist that Andrey was, was undoubtedly rampaging worse than the King Kong had had in the New York while swinging on top of the Empire State Building.

“I didn’t do it.” I objected quietly, feeling that violent defence on my part would seem even more incriminating.

Cocking her head to the side that was similar to a curious parrot, Ali narrowed her eyes. “That is exactly what a spy would say.”

My insides suddenly became very chilly; it hadn’t occurred to me till now that there was a possibility that Ali has the same opinion as the rest of the community. Perhaps all of my friends did. “Is that why I’m stuck in a room for three days without a bathroom? Without the right to see my brother. Because I am the perfect scapegoat, the perfect sacrifice to appease their fear?”

“I’m just telling you what I know, Dess.”

I squared my shoulders and challenged my friend to tell me her opinion even though a part of me wished not to hear it considering it could be the end of our friendship. Or perhaps it had ended long before I knew.

“What do you believe?”

Ali considered me for a minute then proceeded with a subtility of a military tank. “I mean if I look at it with dissecting, razor-sharp logic; there is a high possibility you could be guilty. Your motive is defiantly strong. At the time you were scouted you were in a desperate situation you couldn’t get out off. You could be easily manipulated into spying in exchange for money or promises for your little brothers’ help-”

“But-” I intervened hotly to protest to her claims.

“Allow me to finish.” Ali cut me off sharply. “But considering the lack of information that you have about, well everything, to be honest, I think that you left because of your own reason. You might have had an opportunity but not the means, in my opinion. However, I disagree with your method of departing.”

“My method?”

“Leaving without saying a word of goodbye or reason. Do you have any idea how it felt? I thought you were dead at worst or kidnapped, tortured yet alive at best-” Her lips were pursed into a thin, angry line. I have never seen Ali very extroverted with her emotions, yet now she was gushing with them as if they were impossible to contain. She showed sour disappointment as she formed her next words. “I thought I was at least worth of goodbye to you.”

“Ali-” I took a step towards her, only to have her take a step back, clearly not wanting any contact.

Turning her back to me, Ali gave a clear message she was not going to be talked out of her conviction. “If you were sorry, you would have called. I know you had many possibilities to do it.”

I don’t know which word or sentence made the final piece fit into the puzzle with a resounding click. I was to blinded with emotion to notice, so happy to see my friend and be so thrown off by the new information that I failed to notice something essential.

“Ly has sent you to see me.” It wasn’t a question. It was a fact.

Looking into the mirror and whipping the fog with her hand, Ali brushed me off. “If he did or didn’t it is irrelevant.”

“No, it just proves he stops at nothing as he manipulates.” My teeth were clenched, and I felt the tension in my jaw joint. I was most seriously displeased by the prospect that Ly got into Alis’ head and made an omelette out of her brain. I currently believed with almost every bone in my body that he could be that heinous.

Ali rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “Keep me out of your quarrels and resentments Dess. I wish to remain neutral in all of this.”

“Squabbles?” I coughed in disbelief. “Look at this!” I let go with my left hand the towel I was torturing in my palms to pick up my shirt. I threw it at Ali. Against the grey garment, the dark stain of crusty dried blood looked even worse. “He bit me forcefully, compelled me, told Jeremy about vampires and locked me in a room! He broke more than half of my basic human rights!”

“But he healed it, didn’t he?” Ali glanced at my shoulder then threw the shirt into the trash. It was clearly ruined beyond repair in her eyes. “You were the first that backed out of the agreement unlawfully. What did you expect Dess, a slap on the wrist while you were scheming with Will and gallivanting around Disneyland? They are vampires, not humans, their understanding, their perception of breaking the struck accord is different! I thought you knew that already.”

It hurt that she dismissed my suffering in a blasé, no-matter way. I admit that I acted with impulse, was completely enthralled by my emotions on the night I left. It wasn’t right to make her sick with worry, to not at least tell Will to break the vow of silence and tell them I was all right. Although the abuse Ly showed was not something to be set aside and protected just because he isn’t human. “Neutral my ass, from where I stand Ly has got you wrapped around his little finger.”

Pinching her nose with thumb and forefinger, Ali, clearly stressed, sighed in defeat. “Perhaps if you weren’t such a scorned lover and villainizing your ex to the point of insanity, you would be able to see a bigger picture and Lys’ role in all of this.”

That was below the belt.

“Do enlighten me then? What was his bigger role as he dangled me by my neck to the point of strangulation? Other than obvious abuse.”

“Use your brain for once and stop relying on others to solve your problems.” Ali snapped like a rubber elastic when stretched too far apart. “Control your emotions, be less biased, and you will clearly see it all.”

We both were breathing heavily, clearly not seeing eye to eye. I felt her hurt, and it was more than evident that with his help while Ali was in a though time, Ly earned loyalty from her in exchange.

The silence dragged on, and I decided to shine a light on another subject. I was still fixated on the shirt in the trash when I spoke. “How did you know?”

“About what?”

“How did you know I had contact with Will.”

“I- He told me.” Not expecting my question made by Ali stutter. She hadn’t realised she made a blunder.


With the swiftness of a cobra, I slapped Ali with the towel, and while she was in the state of confusion, I quickly pushed her into the shower. She slipped and fell on the wet floor, and with a thwack landed on her ass. My actions caught her completely by surprise. I picked the discarded shirt and tied it around the two handles that opened the glass doors.

“Will would never betray my confidence without my permission Ali.” I was slightly winded but proud that I managed to trap her. I quickly went to the bathtub and opened the faucet to the max.

“Dess! Let me out!” Ali kicked furiously at the glass door but still losing her footing under the wet tiles.

The vibration of the phone on the covered toilet seat made us both freeze in our spot. Then Ali began to kick with the heel of her boot with fury I haven’t seen.

I grabbed the phone and was in luck to found it unlocked. There was opened a conversation between Ali and someone named Heir V.

Ali: She is in the shower. Won’t stop asking questions.

Heir V: Tell her on a need to know basis. She doesn’t know too much. Tell me when she is out.

I furiously scrolled upwards on the screen when something caught my eye. I stopped and read it, ignoring the fact that Ali stopped kicking and cursing.

Ali: Got the phone. They are in contact. You were right.

Heir V: How do you know?

Ali: Just heard a voice message on Wills’ burner phone. It’s about her little brother.

Heir V: What is it?

Ali: Like you expected.

Heir V: I will send the command to start tracking her credit cards immediately.

This is dated the same day I called Will with the news of Jeremys’ hospitalization.

Consecutive gunshots made me drop the phone with fright in a bathtub that was quickly filling up with water. I jumped around to see where the noise was coming from. Ali was shotting at the double glass door of the shower while starring daggers at me. I must have been born under an auspicious star since the glass seemed to be bulletproof. Otherwise, she would have put me in a coma because of the stunt I pulled.

Karma is a bitch to those that fuck over friends, Ali.

Before I could start to make the terms of negotiation with a furious daughter of a Russian mobster and arms’ dealer, the door flew from its’ hinges.

“Why is it that when you are around shit hits the fan, darling?” From the other side of a gaping hole where the door should be, Ly was peering in rather amused at the scenery, while behind him was the armada of Created waiting for a sign to strike.

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