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One good ,one evil , One day , lily is told to leave the only home she has ever known to a foreign place to go on a mad goose chase to find the one thing everyone wants the ‘POWER!’ .

Fantasy / Romance
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Somewhere in the world ther lies two parts one good and the other evil . Whatever you would like to call it but there is one thing to know all those fairytales you got told aren’t real sorry to break it to you like this .

But there is one thing they teach us is that bad always loses and of course good always prevails .

Or so they say and I am guessing a lot of you think , believe and agree with .

Let’s start the story off with a little bit of war as that is what I have seen you Earth people like, violence . Right?

Date : 15/02/1992

So around about 26 years ago (if I’m wrong don’t be mad ,I’m rubbish at maths)

Swords clashing . Women crying . Men bleeding .

This was the start of it all , who should really be in control of the balance of the worlds , most importantly life and death .

This wat still goes on to this day .

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