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Ever lived in fear of not knowing who, better yet what you are?Ever lived in fear of harming those you love, those you think love you the most? Evangelina has grown not to bother other people with her problems and this has brought her to confide in very few people. Raised to conquer her fears, she has only told her best friends, Isabella and Andrey about the voices in her head for fear of being called insane.Suddenly things begin to change when her nightmares slowly begin to come to life.Then comes the big question; Is everybody who they say they are? Or are some people wolves in sheep's skin?

Fantasy / Romance
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Eva's POV

I had been left home alone again as my five cousins were on vacation with their father and my Aunt Mauda gone to work. At the age of 9, I was used to staying home alone and I could do literally every chore without needing adult supervision or help.

As I put the clothes into the washing machine, I thought I heard creaking of the floor boards above as the laundry room was directly under the living area.

Being a nine year old, my aunt had continuously told me about my overly imaginative brain and right about now was the time to convince myself that I was imagining the soft foot falls I was hearing.

Another creak and I had to gather what little courage I had to go check what was going on up there. Maybe Aunt Mauda was back from work, but it was not like her to come and not call my name on arrival.

I made my way up the small staircase that let out in the kitchen."I don't like this,"I thought I heard someone say in a bored tone. Right then I froze at the top stair and looked back in the laundry room to see if that's where the voice came from.

"Yo!I thought we were going to go check on what is in the living area!" I heard another voice say but this time I was sure that it was in my head.

"Evangelina, I think now would be the time when you choose whether to find out or hide,"the bored voice said."Actually I think you should peep then run cause something doesn't feel right,"that was the second voice panicking.

I must be surely running mad because I was almost one hundred percent sure that those voices felt like they belonged to two completely different people. And neither of those two voices belonged to me.

I finally regained my mobility and stealthily entered the kitchen looking in all directions to make sure that whoever it was hadn't already made their way to me...yet. As I turned to walk into the living area, I was faced with...

"Umm...Run!Then again we all know we'll probably get caught anyways. I'm Evy the way," the voice that had panicked earlier spoke first. In front of me stood a shadowy figured that seemed to beholding what looked like a gigantic axe .

The figure was staring down at me with bright white eyes. The shadow was shaped like an ordinary human being but gender was out of the question as it stood at an abnormal height of about 7.5ft. Okay may be am over exaggerating seeing as I am a nine year old and am really short.

"We'll be fine,am sure.My name's Eve,"she said in monotone. As if on queue the beast turned it's head at a slight angle to the right as if assessing what I was planning to do next.

"Run!"the plan was that simple and I hided to Evy's advice and started to take small backward steps that did not go unnoticed by the monster as it let out a warning growl.

My heart was pumping so fast that I could barely remain on my feet.I was so scared right now I couldn't even bring myself to scream better yet even breathe properly.I was sure I had to be hyperventilating because I was suddenly frozen in place and I couldn't even form a coherent thought.

The eye contact went on unbroken for what must have been eternity until the monster took one very humongous stride towards me which caused me to let out a bone cracking scream.

I came to a stop when I realized that it had closed up the distance and was now about 3 ft away from me. It raised the axe and in that moment I was sure it was going for me.

This time I screamed at the top of my lungs and even felt a sharp pain in my throat as the air supply suddenly ran short.....

I woke up with a start just as Aunt Mauda and two of my cousins burst in through the door.I was coated in sweat and I was panting and shaking in fear as I switched on my bedside lamp.

My throat felt dry and painful probably from the screaming.My heart was beating so fast I feared I'd be holding it in my hands in no time.

Ace and Angel were the first to reach me and each took a side and hugged me tightly as Aunt Mauda sat infront of me and took my tiny hands in hers.Each of them comforting me even without asking what was wrong.

I was now crying and the only thing that could be heard in the silence were my sobs."What was it about?"Ace was the first to speak as he gently soothed my hair.

Angel slowly cleaned my tears as I told them everything."Don't worry,it was just a nightmare,"Aunt Mauda said as she pulled me into a comforting hug."Ace I think you should stay with her for the rest of the night,"Angel suggested knowing full well how close I am to Ace.

Angel and Ace are actually twins and are three years older than me. After all the comforting Aunt Mauda and Angel left after throwing a few worried looks my way and mumbling goodnight.

When I was sure we were alone I whispered,"What if the monster comes for me!" "I know it must have felt real but don't worry there's nothing that's going to come for you," Ace said reassuringly as he entered the left side of my bed.

"Yeah right, it's going to keep coming back," I heard the same bored voice from my dream say and I stiffened."Ace, did you hear that?" I asked in an inaudible voice. "Hear what?" he scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion as he looked me square in the eye.

"Don't stress it.And if you bring it up again he will think you are insane," the other voice I heard from my dream said. I was shaken to the core because if the voices were real even the monster was real and they said it would come for her so it had to be the truth.

"Never mind, let's just sleep," I said as I timidly looked around my room to make sure that nothing was lurking around."Goodnight Ace." I turned off the lamp and snuggled closer to him."Sleep tight Eva," was the last thing I heard as I drifted off into a more peaceful dreamless sleep.

From then on that dream haunted me every now and then. Sometimes it would start differently but always ended with the huge axe being swung.

I always woke up screaming and it soon became a normal occurrence as nobody bothered to come and console me anymore. Ofcourse except Ace and Angel who occasionally came and slept in my bedroom.

The voices in my head became a part of me from that night on and I eventually embraced them.Weeks became months and months became years but nothing ever changed and ofcourse I never told anybody about the voices because people would think I was mad and I knew I wasn't.
Eve and Evy were like siblings to me so I didn't see anything wrong with having imaginary friends or whatever you could call them.

AUTHOR NOTE-I've been planning to start writing this for about a month now so am glad I brought myself to finally do it. Feel free to comment and give me your ideas. I also don't mind constructive criticism so go ahead only if it's CONSTRUCTIVE. Also feel free to give me related references.Hope you enjoy.

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