Made for doom

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Chapter One

Eight Years Later.....

Third Person POV

The sun was beginning to set,painting the sky in an array of colors between shades of orange, red, blue and purple. As Evangelina walked home she remembered her long dead Ama and Apa.

Such evenings brought back memories of the small cottage they used to live in on the eastern side of town.On such days, her, her Ama and Apa would set up a picnic in the nearby meadow and watch the sun go down.

They had passed on when she was five in a car accident and apparently their bodies were never found, something about being eaten by wild animals.

Then, she had no option but to live with her mother’s best friend, Aunt Mauda, because she was the nearest and literally only family she knew at her young age.

At first it had been hard but as time went by she adapted to her new family and five siblings.Everyone had been so welcoming and had done their best not to bring up anything that would trigger the memories of her parents.

It still didn’t stop her from remembering and crying herself to sleep for the first six months or so but she was still grateful that they tried.

She had eventually grown to love and respect her new family and vice versa and with time the memories of her parents began to fade slightly and didn’t hurt as much anymore.

Evangelina was now 17 years old with the character of a selfless responsible independent 21-year-old woman.She had a passion for art and always found herself on a walk in the woods or more often the park where she could find a new muse for her drawings.

Even now as she made her way through the park heading home, she couldn’t help but remember that first night when she had had that terrible nightmare that had been recurring since then.

Sometimes she would get the feeling that it wasn’t her the huge weapon was being swung at but she had never really considered that option seeing as there was always an aura of darkness in the dream that seemed directed towards her from an unknown source. Probably the monster, who else would it be?

Eva's POV

The sun seemed to be going down faster than usual and I was literally jogging my way home so that I could do my chores early and have more time to my self.

To cut my journey short, I decide to branch off the pavement onto the all too familiar path through the woods well knowing that it would be the fastest way home.I always liked the peaceful feel of the woods.

The way the tall trees seemed to brush the sky in a tender stroke.The way the leaves gently swayed, dancing to a silent melody only they could hear that was expertly played by the wind.The way the birds chirped in chorus with the undisturbed rhythm of the dancing leaves.

And finally, the way the dry leaves crunched under my feet as if a mantra being sang about my vigorous walk home.And I was so busy enjoying the feeling of freedom that I forgot to take note when I heard the snapping of branches behind me.


It was only the second time that I actually took heed and turned behind only see a small part of what looked like black feathers disappearing behind the trees.Assuming it was a bird, I continued to walk down the unmarked path that I knew by heart.

This time when a branch snapped it was further in the distance to my right and when I turned I was met with ruby red eyes staring at me intently.I choked on a scream as I tripped on a fallen tree and tried to catch my fall.

I scrambled up and started to pump my legs as fast as they could take me in fear of who knows what that was."Run!" it rings sharply in my head and I am sure that that is neither Eve nor Evy.

The single word echoes in my head each time louder than the last until my ears start to ring and my vision starts to blur from the pain of the noise inside my head.My sprinting slows to jogging then to walking and I finally come to a complete stop, both hands on my ears in hope to block out the sharp noise made by the single word 'Run!'

My entire body begins to shake and only then do I remember what I had been running from and attempt to regain my strength but in vain."Do not resist or it will only hurt you more,"a loud voice boomed in my head yelling over the echoes.

My whole body was shaking with pain as if it had been pierced with a thousand needles and my bones felt like they were parting ways after their fifteen years of collaboration.And to top it all off Eve and Evy weren't responding.

For the first time in six years I was sure I was alone, literally and figuratively speaking. I tried to stay on my feet but it didn't work and I started to slide down the tree trunk I had leaned against for support until I fell to my knees, falling forward in silent pain. I couldn't even utter a single sound let alone scream.

I took heed to what the voice had said and slowly started to let go and accept the pain.It was relieving to feel the pain fade but it was quickly replaced with an unfamiliar energy buzzing through my body, setting every nerve ending on fire.

My vision slowly reddened and the last I saw before I lost sense of consciousness was a big shadowy figure with ruby red eyes standing in-front of me.

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