A Journey of Fajro

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Ajina on Fire


I stepped away from the door slowly enough that the floor in front of their door didn’t creak. I walked as quickly as I could back to my room. I sat down on my bed trying not to cry out, scream, or throw up all over the floor. “What am I supposed to do with all that information! I was able to hear more than if I had talked to them for months. Am I really his mate? What does that mean that I’m his mate? Am I going to be raped at the earliest opportunity? God, I need to talk to someone soon or I am going to go crazy!” I said out loud just to hear some sort of noise. I wrapped my arms around myself to try to hold it together.

I started to pace so I could burn off some of this energy, still so wrapped in my head I almost didn’t hear the scratching at my door. I froze in my spot thinking that it might be better to duck out the window than face that caveman again. Oh my god he really is a caveman! Before I really did bolt a voice came through from under the crack in the door.

“Before you bolt out the window, as the smell of fear suggests, may I have a word with the more rational side of your brain?” Faldon paused, “But I could have been wrong on my original opinion of you, what I mean of course was that you didn’t strike me as a coward.”

Sighing I opened the door for him, ‘I can’t believe I am letting him in’, he strode past me and jumped on my bed. Laying down he turned and looked me directly in the eyes.

“Thank you for seeing me.” He said as he bowed his head regally showing the proper respect of subject to royalty.

“Please don’t do that Faldon, I don’t like it when my own people do that. A complete stranger that came from a foreign land, might be royalty himself, is just annoying.” I put my hand on my hip to show him exactly what I thought of his little bow. “And from the little I do know about you, that’s just not you.”

“Ha-ha-ha, I know right? I didn’t think I could get through every part of that. I truly had to pull my acting bag for that one, it was good though wasn’t it?” He had all but fell off the bed by the end of his speech. In the process of making me angry he also made me feel better which I believe is exactly what he intended for it to do.

“How can I help you Faldon? I do need to get to bed.” I tried to change the subject while looking stern but it was difficult because all I wanted to see was him happy. It made me briefly wonder if they had a lot of laughter in their life.

“Well,” he sighed, “I know what you heard in there.”

“Wow, you are blunt!”

“I know right? Sometimes I wonder if I was born a ram in one of my past lives!”

I was laughing so hard that I fell on my butt and didn’t even attempt to make it to the chair. Faldon waited until I had stopped laughing enough to get up on the chair and face him again with what I knew was a big fat smile on my face.

“Do you feel better now? I bet you do I smell more happy and resigned than fear any more.” He said laying back into my pillow looking for all the world like a cat.

“You look like a cat!” I snapped back embarrassed he was able to read me so well.

“Now.... there is no reason to name call, plus I am much more beautiful and graceful than those filthy long haired rats!” Smoke blew out of his nose and his teeth making his snarl push just below cute but still in scary territory.

“Faldon I hope you know once I get to know you, you will never hear the end of me calling you a cat! I didn’t know you were a racist!” I giggled into my hand.

“Enough of this!” His voice got extremely deep making me jump and feel guilty without even knowing why.

“I’m sorry,” I barely whispered.

“It’s fine I just don’t like it when people underestimate me, but that is not why I am here. Have you had time to adjust to what you heard us talking about?” He was all back to business.

“I guess I am, I mean I…” I trailed off trying not to make a fool of myself any more that I already had.

“Please don’t be like Illian, if you are I might just go nuts. This entire thing will go easier if you just tell me how you feel rather than me digging it out piece by bloody piece.” He stamped his front claws on the bed. “I mean come on I am here willing to give answers, you won’t even open your mouth and be honest with yourself.”

“Well am I going to go on this little trip with you guys and then at the earliest convenience be put on my back for him to mount?” I got my most horrifying question out of the way. When I looked at Faldon he was pale, so pale that I put my hand on my head to find out he was freezing too. Not knowing anything about his kind besides they had to stay warm at all times I scooped him up and wrapped my body around him, I also snagged my jacket and blanket. Once wrapped up and him getting warmed once again, I asked “What’s wrong?”

“If I had known that was what you were going to think I would have made him open the door instead of talk more about it. All that fear I smelled was because you thought that he was going to rape you, and that I would just stand by and WATCH!” His entire body shivered like he was as cold as ice on a lake. “Never would any of our kind abide by that at all. We kill our kind if one was found among us due to the depravity that it already seeded in their mind. We do not want it spreading to the young.”

“I am so sorry for upsetting you Faldon! Please just go back to Illian before you get too cold or I kill you with shock.” I hugged him tight not wanting him to leave because he makes me feel safe.

“No, I came here for a purpose and I’m going to accomplish it.” he put his head on my shoulder. “Just let me sit here for a while and I will warm up.”

I held him close, all my thoughts on nothing but warming him up as fast as I could. I tried my hardest to warm up my body with my thoughts, which to me seemed to always work. I thought of campfires that my people always sat around to tell stories in secret. I thought about the hearth I use to sit in front of and watch my mother sew a new dress for me. I thought of the most important, the way my mother’s hugs would light me up like a bonfire inside.

“Um… Ajiana you’re getting really hot. So hot you are starting to warm me up too much.” Faldon said as he wriggled out of my arms.

“What do you mean?” I let him go to the foot of the bed.

“What I mean is that you’re starting to light your clothes on fire?” He lifted his voice at the end, looking down at my shirt in question.

“What!” I jump up and start beating out the flames, which might I add did nothing but make them bigger. “Faldon HELP ME!”

“Does it hurt?” He looked at the skin that was being slowly exposed as the fire made it up my shirt and pant legs. “FALDON!” I screamed.

“I feel-” he started to say but was interrupted by a huge crash.

“What the hell is going on Fald-,” Illian finally got a good look at me. I was burning my own clothes off, if what Faldon says can be trusted, and it had just hit right below my breast on my shirt with my pants just a finger length away from being turned into a mini skirt that hides absolutely nothing.

“HELP ME!” I screamed at him, I saw how bad he wanted the rest of the clothing to burn off. If I was not on fire already I was sure I would have been able to feel the flames coming out of his eyes.

“FALDON!” he demanded and with that one single demand something amazing happened. Faldon grew to five times his size, which was a small house cat that everyone used to have, to a size of a huge Saint Bernard. He stood on my bed and looked at the flames one more time then slowly started to inhale. As he did the flames started to leap off me toward him, until it looked like he was sucking them up through a straw. Once extinguished I grabbed a blanket off the chair behind me to cover my almost naked body.

“What the fuck is going on with her? Ajiana what did you say to piss him off enough to light you on fire?” Illian barked questions as if expecting an answer.

“Get the hell out!” I said trying to keep my temper in check. It was not my temper anyone should have worried about, least of all me.

“Ex-fucking-cuse me? I’m asleep peacefully in my room, trying to heal the damage from those damn arrows, when I am awakened by a blood curdling scream from you to my dragon. Now at this point I am pretty sure nothing has happened that’s going to put you in danger, besides Faldon knows better, when I hear you scream at him for help.” I start to see smoke come out of his mouth and nose as he is talking, all the while he starts walking toward me and backing me into a corner. “Now at this point I think ‘Shit has someone come to kill her?’ So I jump up disregarding the pain that shoots through my body so that I am in time to save you. I rush in here expecting to see a man or a woman attacking you, instead I find you in the middle of the room, ON FIRE might I add, with Faldon looking at you like a fucking science project! Now did I miss anything?” At the end of his little trade he is almost on top of me when Faldon, still in Saint Bernard size, steps in between us.

“You are terrifying her,” Faldon says quietly, trying not to make it a challenge but stating with his body language that he would fight if he had too. Of course that is the best time for my mouth to shoot off without my permission.

“You have gotta be kidding me! Faldon there is no way this asshole is my mate. I would never be with someone who is so cruel and angry all the time!” I had the worst timing ever when someone started to scare me my mouth had a mind of its own. As my brain caught up with my mouth it was too late I saw the immense pain my words caused him. I saw the way it broke him to hear me say that, to see the tears pool up in his eyes before he turned to walk away.

“I will leave you two alone.”

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