A Journey of Fajro

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Illian- Fear


“Ugh! Faldon shouldn’t you be doing something about the pain. On second thought never-mind I probably deserve it for last night.” I grumbled waking up out of sleep. It took me a minute to realize my feisty friend was not responding.

“Faldon?” I looked around the bed for him, finding nothing. Not even an indent on the bed where he would have slept. I fought my way out of the bed trying hard, and failing, not to think of why I had not healed more. I still could not help replaying what happened.

I woke to screaming, something I was not totally accustomed to. I was sure it was a dream and that I would relax soon enough to sleep when I noticed Faldon was gone.

“Faldon?” I called out wondering if he went to get something else to eat. He did that enough at home that I never worried about doors.

Faldon HELP ME!” I jumped out of bed ignoring the tear in my wounds. As I listened to her scream again my heart pounded in my chest. I was terrified I wasn’t going to get there in time. Who was in the room? Was it an assassin that her Uncle sent to kill her or was it her sadistic Aunt.

I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got there because the pain radiating from my chest was severe, but I knew that I would do anything I could to protect her. I slam the door open without knocking to find that she was on fire. It slowly ate at her clothes exposing a smooth stomach and her long luscious legs. I wanted so bad for the fire to continue so it would expose the rest of her to me. Just to show me what is mine, what nobody else could have. She looked at me with these desperate eyes terrified that she was going to be hurt.

HELP ME!” With one single word I knew I could make this stop even if I didn’t want it too.

“Faldon!” The command rang out in the small bedroom.

I could see that what Faldon did next amazed her. At the moment he was about the size of a housecat, in the next moment he was the size of a Saint Bernard. He slowly began to breathe in the fire adding it to his own, when he was done he watched me. But all I could look at was her as she snagged a blanket off the back of the chair and covered herself up.

“What the fuck is going on in here? Ajiana what did you say to piss him off enough to light you on fire?” I tried to make a joke of the situation and try to get a little information. I went about it all wrong because she blew.

“Get the hell out!” She said trying to keep her temper in check. I wasn’t sure what I did wrong but I had had enough of this and I was in pain. I really shouldn’t have said what I did. It really was not that big of a deal but when I am hurt I don't think straight and that is the only excuse I had.

“Ex-fucking-cuse me? I’m asleep peacefully in my room, trying to heal the damage from those damn arrows, when I am awakened by a blood curdling scream from you to my dragon. Now at this point I am pretty sure nothing has happened that’s going to put you in danger, besides Faldon knows better, when I hear you scream at him for help.” I start to see smoke come out of my mouth and nose, all the while I start moving forward because I know she is scared and I just wanted to hold her. “Now at this point I think ‘Shit has someone come to kill her?’ So I jump up disregarding the pain that shoots through my body so that I am in time to save you. I rush in here expecting to see a man or a woman attacking you, instead I find you in the middle of the room, ON FIRE might I add, with Faldon looking at you like a fucking science project! Now did I miss anything?” At the end of my speech I was just about to touch her when Faldon, still in Saint Bernard size, steps in between us.

“You are terrifying her,” Faldon says quietly, trying not to make it a challenge but stating with his body language that he would fight me if he had too.

“You have gotta be kidding me! Faldon there is no way this asshole is my mate. I would never be with someone who is so cruel and angry all the time!” When she said those words it was like a knife through my heart.

What had I done? I show her nothing but kindness and she throws it back into my face. Why am I terrifying her? She is my mate. She should know that I would never harm her. Looking at her and then him I started to see that I might never have her as my mate at the rate we were going.

“I will leave you two alone.” I turned around and walked out the door to silence completely defeated.

I wrapped my arms around myself trying to hold it together. The pain that I experienced with that last parting was so excruciating that I didn’t want to even get up. I wanted to lay down in this bed and wither away, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I had a world to save and that was more important than how I was feeling. I really wish my mother and Faldon had taken it upon themselves to explain what finding my mate would be like, at least I would have had some sort of guideline to go by.

I got up and started to walk toward the kitchen when I stopped outside her door and decided to see if Faldon was in there. I cracked the door to find him at the foot of her bed with his head on her ankles, it was one of the sweetest things I have seen in my long life. I smiled to myself and started to shut the door.

“Illian?” Faldon whispered, lifting his head from her feet to look at the door.

“It’s just me, I was checking on you and making sure you were okay. You weren’t in the room when I woke up this morning so I thought I would come looking for you. I’m about to make breakfast, if I can find anything in this place.” I said with a wry smile on my face.

“Wait! I will come with you, hungry anyways.” He whispered, jumping off her bed and squirming his way through the door. I held the door open a little bit longer just watching her sleep. I wanted so badly to know what it was like to wake up next to her, to hold her close while she slept. To feel her body against mine. Before I woke her up, by staring at her, I closed the door. We made our way down to the kitchen in hopes of finding breakfast.

“I’m really sorry about last night.” I said, hanging my head in defeat again.

“It’s okay I understood what happened but she didn’t. Did you know that she heard what we said last night?” Faldon said, tilting his head sideways so he could look up at me while we walked to the kitchen.

“No! Why didn’t you tell me?” I said frustrated that he was keeping things from me.

“Because I felt like she deserved to know so she could make her own decision. Regardless she would have figured it out one way or another she’s not stupid Illian.” He huffed out smoke through his nose showing how irritated he was with me.

“Is that why I woke up and you weren’t in bed with me?” I sighed, looking out the picture windows as we walked into the kitchen.

“Yes, I went to her. I wanted to see what she thought of it. Do you want to know what her first question was to me?” He said as he scratched behind his ear.

“Of course I do!” I wanted to know everything I could about her.

“She asked me if she went on this little journey with us would she end up being put on her back at the earliest opportunity for you to mount her.” He seemed to pale a little at that just like I did at the mere thought of her thinking like that.

“You’re kidding right? she can possibly think that that’s what we were going to do. Does she know nothing of our culture?” I said exasperatedly, I thought about what I had said and was about to correct it when Faldon ripped me a new one.

“Of course she doesn’t. Illian our kind is very secretive as it is, where would she have gotten her information from. It’s not exactly put in books, and the internet is completely dead. How is she supposed to know that we weren’t going to do that to her?” he snapped at me, he blew a small fireball at my leg. I knew I was being particularly stupid when he had to reprimand me with fire balls.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you heard what she had told me yesterday. that would explain why she jumped to those conclusions.” I opened the fridge to look for eggs and began to make breakfast while Faldon caught me up on everything that had happened while I had slept.

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