A Journey of Fajro

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The morning after


I stretched forgetting that Fahdon was at my feet. I jerked up ready to apologize to him when I realized he wasn’t in bed with me. I flopped back down on the bed with a sigh of relief. Thinking about yesterday I could almost believe it was a dream. I mean who would really come looking for me? I am nothing special anyways, except being able to walk in the sun. I had almost convinced myself that it all had been a dream when I heard voices and smelled breakfast. Curious I jumped out of bed and got dressed in a tanktop and shorts. I put my hair into a high pony tail making the end of it sway just above my waist. Feeling like I could take on the world, I walked out to see what they were up to.

A few seconds later I was standing behind them as they argued. I watched Illian as he made the breakfast he had on a white beater with blue jeans that molded to his perfect butt. His jeans had holes in them giving a tantalizing glimpse of his thy. I rubbed my legs together to attempt to get rid of the tingling feeling he was causing.

“Come on Illian let me have one more! There is plenty for you guys just let me have one more!” Fahdon begged, he began to move his tail back and forth. He again reminded me of those old domestic animals the world used to have.

“You cannot have any more meat until she wakes up and eats her half. You need to learn patience anyway. You might be older than me but you have the patients of one of our young ones.” Illian sounded exasperated at this point it seemed as if I walked into an ongoing argument.

“But she might sleep until noon please just let me have one more!” Fahdon begged again, at this point I thought it was best to intervene. Illian looked as if he was going to rip off Fahdon’s head, I knew he wouldn’t but I figured I would keep him from saying something mean to the little guy.

They continued their argument, I walked in between them to pick up a peace of venison. As I reached to grab some my breasts skimmed across his arm, making him freeze in place. I ignored him, even though my breasts were tingling along with other parts of my body. I dropped the peace into Fahdons open mouth.

“No more until he is done with breakfast. Why don't you help me with setting the table?” I said, hooking my thumbs through the loops in my shorts.

“After you, beautiful!” Fahdon winked at me.

“Come on you dork!” I said as I walked away laughing.

“Hey come back here and say that to my face! I could grow to the size of this house and crush…” I stopped listening as he followed me. We grabbed two sets of silverware, three plates, and three cups.

A few minutes later we were sitting at the table eating breakfast. It was an extremely quiet event, I’m not sure if it was due to him just not talking in the morning or if it had to do with something that happened last night. With my track record I could safely assume it was that latter.

“I umm..” Illian cleared his throat and tried again, “Look I'm sorry for last night I was scared and I should not have taken it out on you.”

“It’s fine but when you're done with breakfast there are questions I have and I would definitely like them answered before I feel comfortable going on this trip with you.” I tried to sound confident and strong but I had a feeling it was not fooling anyone.

“I would love to answer any question you might have.” He said, he seemed like he was trying really hard not to touch me or scare me. I looked over at Fahdon, he was single mindedly eating his breakfast. Something told me that, that was not normal.

“Ok… Well I have a garden up on the roof. Why don’t we finish up breakfast then meet up there?” I asked.

“Ok no problem, why don’t I take that and you head up. Fahdon will be able to find it.” Illian shooed me away as if it was his house. I opened my mouth to object when I noticed Fahdon shaking his head like a maniac.

“OK…?” I dragged it out as a question so one of them would answer. Knowing it was not worth the fight I walked away.

A few minutes later I was at the entrance to my garden. I looked around smiling to myself. I always felt at peace here. It always reminded me of my mother. She loved flowers, her favorite flower was the first thing anyone saw when they walked into my garden.

Moonflowers were the hardest flowers to find. They were scarce when my mother died. Now they are all gone except here in my garden. As I walked to the heart of my garden I watched the flowers change from night blooming to day. I ran my hand over a evening primrose, night blooming jasmine, and many more. I walked to the bench at the heart of my garden. Taking a seat I looked to the sky realizing it was well past dawn.

I sat in the heart of my garden with my face turned to the sky in absolute peaceful bliss waiting.

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