A Journey of Fajro

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I looked around the kitchen making sure everything was clean. I noticed a spot on the counter and attempted to clean it into submission. I know I was stalling but I was afraid of the questions she wanted to ask.

“Illian your stalling! What is the worst she is going to do, Laugh? We have been through worse and you know it. So what is the hold up?” Fahdon asked.

“I am afraid she is going to reject me and I don’t know what I will do if she does.” I said dropping my head into my hands.

“Illian…” Fahdon sighed, not knowing what to say. I had to admit that it was the first time he had ever been struck speechless by me before.

“I know her body wants me. I can smell her arousal when she is around me. But I also smell her fear of that reaction to me. I don’t understand the fear is the problem and it scares me. I don’t want to lose her.” I was whispering by the time I finished.

“Illian all you can do is try! Have a little faith in her. She has been hurt and abused. You have to give her time. Maybe show her that you won’t hurt her like everyone else has.” Fahdon seemed upset by my fears.

“I will try, I just don’t know if it will be enough.” My shoulders fell. I felt like running back to my people and staying there and letting the world fall apart. I inhaled strongly, letting it go slowly, “ok let’s get this done.”

Fahdon seemed to hesitate before following her scent to the garden. I knew I was walking like I was headed to the gallows. I had my head held high with my shoulders back. I wanted to look calm and strong, able to handle anything she could throw at me. I looked ready for battle in the fire land and I knew it.

“Oh my god!” I could have lived another three hundred years and never seen that look on Fahdons face. He looked like he wanted to worship what he saw. He looked like the goddess herself came down just to talk to him. Curious, I stepped behind him to see what could possibly put that look on his face.

It took me several minutes to get my thoughts together. I swear that I was helpless for those few minutes. There was nothing I could have done to prevent being attacked at that exact moment. I had never seen anything so beautiful as what sat in front of me. There were beautiful flowers hanging in an arch just over our heads. Some were hanging down while others were climbing the wall. It seemed there was only one kind in the beginning. As we walked farther into the garden we came across more flowers that had gone extinct. We watched the flower change into day blooming flowers as we walked.

Finally we made it to the center of the garden to find the beauty of the place overshadowed by its occupant. She was leaning back with her hair cascading down her back. Her face was turned up as if communing with the goddess. She was in a relaxed position with her legs crossed at the ankles. I watched her beautiful body bask in the sun's rays waiting for her to go up in flames. There was no way this beautifully lush creature could be for me.

I could feel myself getting hard just at the sight of her. I shifted trying to relieve some of the pressure and prevent her from noticing the apparent bulge. In doing so I drew her attention to us. Seeing us stand there watching her made her nervous and she changed her position immediately. I tried to act normal. When I began to walk toward her she stiffened. I realized that I was stalking forward and changed my direction to stand in front of the fountain. Now that I am not distracted I could see how gorgeous the fountain really was. The water was slowly cascading down the body of a dragon. I was shocked to find something like this here.

“Where did you get this from?” with my cock finally relaxed, I could focus on the matter at hand. I turned around to see her watching me.

“I found it in mi hermana’s land. We had come across it hunting when we were little. I made a note of it, thinking that I would bring it home to my mother. She always loved pictures of dragons.” She sighed, shifting her body to the side inviting me to sit. “I never was able to get it to her so I brought it here instead.”

“Why?” I sat down at the far end of the bench trying to give her room.

“Well at first it was because I was too small. Then when I was finally older she had passed away. You know she spent years having me describe it to her. I’ve never really understood the fascination with it.” She sighs crossing her arms, “ but I knew I couldn’t leave it out there so I brought it back here, cleaned it up and put it in the heart of my garden. She was right about one thing: it is beautiful.”

“Do you even know who this is?” I asked, I was curious as to who her mother thought it was.

“She said his name is Egan I think. She said his name meant flame or something like that.” She looked at me puzzled.

“So you know his name but not Who he is.” I pushed, I knew she was confused and that Fahdon wanted me to get on with it.

“Like I said she told me stories. She said once that he was a mighty dragon. She said he was a hero of sorts.” She shrugged, feeling uncomfortable under my intense regard.

“Hmm… I was so sure.” I rubbed my chin.

“So sure of what?” She asked looking at the water fountain.

“Nothing… What were the questions you had?” I shifted to a less intense position. I looked at the fountain to make her feel a little more comfortable. She shifted uncomfortably trying to begin. “Here this might help you. There is a saying my mother lived by, that she also made me live by. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. So that means I will never think any questions you ask will be stupid.”

“So that means you won’t laugh?” She asked me while she twisted her fingers.

“Well no I might laugh because I think it’s cute, but I will never think it is stupid. I will also never lay hands on you because you question or answer makes me angry. I might walk away and collect myself. But lay hands on you, never!” I was so sincere that I saw her visibly relaxing. Having to say I would never lay hands on her made me sad but also angry and not at her. One of these days her uncle and aunt would pay for what they had done.

“Okay,” she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, making her creamy breast rise and fall like the moon. “My first question is probably the most important to me. What does a mate mean to your people?”

I didn’t know why that question was the most important to her. I saw how important the question was in her body language. She was so scared of the answer if I said the wrong thing it looks like she might run. To give myself some time to think I got up and started pacing. She watched me carefully, her eyes always trained on my every move.

“Well to my people it’s one of the most important connections we can have. Other than the connection we have to our animals like Fahdon. I don’t know how to explain my connection to Fahdon. I’ve had it since I was extremely young. That’s rare in itself though. We don’t normally create a bond to anyone or anything until we’re 500 years old. So to say the least, my bond to him is strange.” I rubbed my hands through my hair trying to force my thoughts into some semblance of order. “A mate bond though, is not supposed to happen until we're double that if not triple.”

“So does that mean you don’t know what it is supposed to mean for us?” Her shoulders sagged in defeat.

“Unfortunately, no I don’t.” I felt as defeated as she did, “I could tell you what I have seen but not much else.”

“Umm..” Fahdon cleared his throat, “that is not his fault though. His ignorance on the subject would be because of his mother and I.”

“Why?” She looked at Fahdon as if she had forgotten he was there.

“Well you have to understand that he is sort of a new species, if you will.” Fahdon scratched behind his ear. I knew that it meant he was trying to think about what to tell us.

“Fahdon!” My voice came out as a command making Ajiana jump. “I have had enough of you and mother hiding shit from me. So just spit it out!” Ajiana seemed to understand that I knew he was hiding something.

“Illian…” He sighed deeply, “We have not been hiding anything from you! We have just omitted some things.”

“There is no difference! You and mother taught me that.”

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