A Journey of Fajro

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Coming to an understanding

“There is no difference! You and mother taught me that.” Illian sounded angry.

“let him explain, Illian.” I walked over to him and touched his arm trying to calm him. I was afraid if Fahdon didn’t start talking soon Illian might do something he would regret.

“Ajiana, you don’t need to be worried. Illian won’t hurt me. If he hurts me he hurts himself. Our bond is that closely connected.” Fahdon seemed to understand my fear easily, “but it seems your bond with him is already forming.” He said, looking at my hand on Illians arm. I could feel it too. He seemed to relax more with me touching him. It was strange to see someone calm just by touch.

“Why don’t you explain to both of us what this bond could possibly mean for both of us.” I took my hand off him and walked back to sit down. Illian seemed to become irritated at the loss of my touch, “Illian come here please.” I patted the seat next to me. He hesitated a moment before doing what I asked. As a reward I grabbed his hand. At least that is what I told myself. Holding his hand in my lap between mine I nodded at Fahdon to continue.

“Well…” Fahdon sighed, “I’m not sure what your bond will be exactly. I can tell you how a normal bond will go though.”

“That is fine as long as you don’t omit anything.” I looked at Fahdon sharply, “keep in mind that I believe it lying too.”

“That is fair. You don’t trust me to know what is best for you. I will warn you that it might not be the same for you. So please don’t assume that I left anything out.”

“That I can deal with.” I said, squeezing Illian’s hand when I saw his mouth open.

“Like I said I’m not sure what will happen with your bond. With a normal bond between mates they are able to do many things. Some are able to understand only feelings. Some were able to only understand thoughts through their bonds. Some bonds are so connected that it’s like living in each other‘s heads. There was one bond that I know of that you were able to use each other’s power.” Fahdon shifted uneasily, “but there is a prophecy about the bonds she will have.” He looked straight at me.

“B-b-bonds what do you mean? Like in plural?” I tried not to stutter, but I was just too surprised.

“Yes, that is what I said.” Fahdon looked at me gravely. “We are not sure if the bonds will be just strictly mental, if they will be physical or both.”

“Who is ‘we’? Are you telling me there’s been people talking about me I don’t even know?” I tried to stand up and pace. Illian held me where I was with a squeeze of his hand. ‘God, he does the same as I do for him. He calms me!’ I thought to myself. I looked at Illian to find him looking at me. I gave him a tentative smile. Looking back at Fahdon I found him watching.

“See you both have found part of your bond. He is able to keep you calm in stressful situations as you do for him.” Fahdon smirk emerged, “the problem is that you both have a sexual bond too. So like I said I’m not sure how it will progress from here. I only know stories and what I have seen with other mates.”

“Great, you’re flying as blind as us! All we need is a peg legged idiot and we will be set!” Scoffing, Illian threw up his hand in frustration, his other hand being otherwise occupied.

“Illian I can only do so much with the information I have! And a peg legged idiot, really!” Fahdon said, he was beyond exasperated with Illian at this point. He blew a fireball at Illians leg making me jump off the bench and fall into the fountain in an attempt to not be blasted with fire.

When I finally came to surface from my impromptu dip they were laughing. It wasn’t one of those gentle laughs it was all out belly rolling tipped over unable to control themselves, laughing. They could barely breathe in air in order to speak.

“Really!” I huffed, “ you guys start ripping each other’s heads off and I get dumped into the fountain!” I put my hands on my hips glaring at them from the water.

“You… should have… seen… your face!” Fahdon wheezed out. Before I could reply to his jerkish comment Illian went completely still. He had finally got a good look at me soaking wet. I happen to know that I looked good soaking wet. My long hair was completely straight, my shirt was stuck to me showing every curve along with my shorts.

Taking a minute to think about how I looked, I smiled. It was a knowing smile that let you know a woman had a really mean idea. Both of them saw it and knew I was going to pay them back. I worked my way sensually out of the fountain heading straight for Illian. I walked up to him and put my hands on his chest.

“So you think what happened was funny did you?” I whispered in his ear, running my hand down his chest slowly.

“Y-y-yes…” he let out a sigh of relief. I could smell his arousal from the fountain. I had made it to his stomach before my fingers started to really tingle.

“You know what I did to the last person who thought it was ok to laugh at me? Especially after what he did to me?” I continued to whisper to him. At this point I had made it to his pants and was making my way to his thigh. My lips were brushing down his neck.

He had tipped his head slightly back in ecstasy at being touched by me. Being wet I knew the effect I had on men. Using that now I felt a little twist of guilt. But if I was going on a trip with them, they needed to know things. One you don’t fuck with me unless I allow it. Two I was not stupid because I was pretty.

“The funny thing is he thought he could laugh at me too. The thing is though,” my voice started to get rougher. I know he thought it was me becoming aroused too and I was by being so close to him. But really I was just getting into the position I wanted.

“Illian…” I could tell Fahdon was nervous with how my words were contradicting what my body language was conveying. He knew something was up because he was listening to my words. Before Fahdon could give any warning to Illian I grabbed him by the balls and started to squeeze. Illians eyes spring wide but he holds completely still.

“Now that I have your complete attention I want some things to be cleared up and understood. I am not a toy for men, or should I say boys, to gawk and play with at their convenience. So we have an understanding you can mess with me and even joke with me. I would just suggest that you keep in mind that I am a woman who will fight back and I won’t be fair about it!” I released him, giving a nasty look to Fahdon, “If he does not get it you might want to explain it because this is the first and last warning I will give you both.” Shaking myself like a cat I walked away. I could not help smiling at myself at the sheer look of terror that crossed Illians face. I was able to make it to my room before I started laughing.

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