A Journey of Fajro

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Kid with candy

“Well… why don’t you start with what you want me to do exactly. I can’t say either way if I don’t know what we are talking about.” I squeezed his arm, I smirked to try to lighten the tension in the room.

“Yeah…” He sighed turning to look out the window, “I just know that it is going to be dangerous and I am not sure if I want to tell you. I know that Fahdon suggested it because it would be easier for us to communicate.” He put his hand on top of mine where it laid on his arm and looked intensely into my eyes. “The problem is it is not normally done until both participants know the full scale of the repercussions. I know that I am getting into and I also know the possible consequences are including death. I just think I shouldn’t ask you to risk everything just so we can communicate better.”

“Is communication the only benefit to this thing you’re talking about?” My voice shook with how intensely he evaluated me and my reaction. I cleared my throat and started again, “I mean if better communication is all it does it seems to be a ridiculous thing to risk your life for something that would be such little reward.” I saw him frown at my words, “I swear I am not trying to offend you I just want to understand.” His sexy smirk came out at me fumbling my words. It slowly dissipated as he attempted to get his thoughts together.

“You remember when you got upset with me in your room after you set yourself on fire?” His sexy smirk came back and was fast approaching a full blown smile.

“Yes!” I hissed at him jerking my hand out from under his. I put both of my balled up hands into my lap. It was in a vain attempt to keep from punching him. He took my hand back and started to smooth it out. Once he was able to get my hand relaxed he turned to me. He just sat there and stared intently at me like I was a conundrum. The intensity of his liquid silver eyes made lower extremities sit up and take notice. I felt like he could take my soul from me and never let it go.

“I’m sorry for bringing up an embarrassing memory but it is the best way for me to explain.” He ducked his head looking at me through his lashes.

“Ok…” I sighed, I looked away for a moment to collect myself before nodding my head for him to continue.

“So… For example when that particular moment happened I would have been able to tell some of what was going on. I would have been able to understand how you were feeling. Why you were so upset with me and I would have been able to navigate the situation better. I would have been able to prevent most of the problems we have been having since we met.” He squeezed my hand forcing me to look back into his eyes. “What is really amazing is that you will be able to read me better too. You will not be so confused by my actions, you would also know if I was ever going to be threatening even before I decide to be. It is not all a one way street.” He looked away trying to search for the right words again, “The complication is that neither Fahdon nor I know exactly how it is going to affect you or how you will affect the bond. It is not something that has ever been tried on an outsider. I want you to know that it is possible that it could kill all of us or at the very least damage us all badly. I-”

“Ok, I get that it is going to be dangerous and possibly fatal. Now can you move on to what it is that you are suggesting,” I jerked my hands out of his and threw them up exasperated. I was so done with the doom and gloom talk.

“Ok princess…” His sexy smirk came out again and if I was not mistaken it was because of my attitude. “What we are going to do is a version of what Fahdon and I had to go through. It is a form of soul melding. The short version is that you will take a piece of my soul within yourself and I will do the same with yours.”

“So is that why it’s so dangerous?” I shift thinking that this might not be worth death just so we don’t piss each other off anymore.

“In a way we are going to become one in a sense. We will still be ourselves, I promise that. Doing this will just make us more is the best way I can describe it.” He took my hand again drawing circles in my palm. It was almost like he was slowly stroking my sex. I shifted trying to concentrate on what he was saying instead of what he was doing. “We will be able to know where the other one is at all times. We also will be able to communicate without speaking. It will be hard at first trying to get used to everything. In time we will control it without thought but until then it might be a little wild.” He smirked at me as he started running his finger up my wrist. I shivered slightly because it felt like he was touching so much more intimate places.

“OK…” I took a deep breath shoving my hormones to the side. “What do we have to do in order for this to work?”

“Well for you it is one of the most natural things! You just need to bite me, drink from me, and possibly claim me if you would like.” His sexy smirk bloomed into a full on drop dead gorgeous grin. I felt like I won the lottery from back when the world was still alive. I just stared at him trying to think of a decent reply. Anything that did not sound like I was a two year old surrounded by candy. I think I was taking too long because his smile started to fade like the sun getting taken over by clouds. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Oh god yes!” I was barely able to whisper.

“Ok, come here then.” He started to draw me to him when I realized what was truly happening. I had not drank blood in a couple of days because of being here. I should have remembered about what happens with my blood lust. I stop him before he pulls me close making me forget why I needed to stop.

“I can’t… I-I have not had blood for a couple of days.” I start to pull away so that my blood lust does not take over.

“I am ok with that. I don’t mind being a donor for you.” He starts pulling me closer again.

“No you don’t understand if I don’t at least curb my bloodlust before drinking from a live donor there are issues.” I took my hands back placing them in my lap. I really wanted to touch him to make him mine and no one else. I just didn’t want to force him to do something he had no control over.

“What do you mean issues?” His voice was full of concern. He looked like he wanted to wrap me up in his arms to comfort me. I knew he wouldn’t without some sign that I would be ok with it. I turned so that my knees were in between us.

“I mean that my bloodlust can go one of two ways. I can either drain you dry or my heat will kick in which will make me fuck you instead.” I sighed wrapping my arms around myself, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. I also don’t want to kill you. Plus I don’t think Fahdon will ever forgive me if I killed you.” I tried to make light of the situation but all I felt was alone.

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