A Journey of Fajro

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Oh my Goddess

“Ajiana…” He whispered my name. I was too distracted by my own thoughts to know the exact order it went in. All I know is one minute I was looking at my lap the next I was straddling Illians lap. As I looked into his eyes he brushed my hair behind my ear. It was the most amazing feeling in my life. It was comfort, love, and sex all rolled into one simple move. “If you think I am worried about losing my life at your hand, don’t be. I was born to be whatever you need me to be. As for the sex that is completely up to you! In my personal opinion I would love to put your naked body up against mine.” He ran his hand slowly over the exposed skin of my stomach. My entire body shivered just with that tiny touch. Just thinking about what he could do with full access.

“Illian…” I panted out his name. He picked me up and had me up against the wall on the opposite side of the room. I wrap my legs around him trying to keep my balance. “Are you sure about this? I can find some blood somewhere.” I shoved my face into the crook of his neck. Inhaling I could smell him. I was expecting it to smell of food because my bloodlust was so close. Instead I smelled the most intoxicating scent.

“Ajiana… I don’t want you taking anyone else’s blood! I don’t think you understand how much I..” he shoved his rock hard cock up against my clitoris. I gasp and moan grinding on that thick rod trying to break free of his pants. “Want you. I am your mate! Do you understand how much control I have to have around you!” He growels into my ear making my body moisten.

“No..” I gasp as he runs his cock against me again. He slides one hand slowly up my thigh to my back. He grabs a hold of the back of my jeans. I am panting hard with all the anticipation build up. It took me a minute before I realized he was waiting for permission.

“Ajiana… Please!” I looked down into his eyes. They were burning with anticipation. He truly wanted me even after what I had told him about my past. It was nowhere near the full extent, but what I saw in his eyes told me it didn’t change the way he saw me.

“Yes!” I whispered, I saw his face go from absolute amazement to nothing but lust. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me. He kissed me as if he was going to lose me, he was demanding yet sweet. I pulled back to take a breath. He started kissing his way down my neck while grinding me into the wall. As he came to the mounds of my breast where my shirt became an obstacle he pulled back.

“Are you sure?” He was panting at this point. I gave him my best sexy ‘come hither’ look and nodded. Needing no further invitation he propped me up between him and the wall. Taking two fistfull of my shirt he ripped it down the middle. As my breast pop out he stops with my shirt held apart and stares. Slowly he leans forward brushing his lips over the mound just popping over my bra.

I throw my head back shoving them farther into his face silently begging him to continue. He stops to kiss one breast before he uses his tongue to trace back the way he had come. By the end I was shaking with desire, wanting him to continue and about to beg him. To my surprise though he stops completely. Looking into my eyes he starts to move my shirt down my arm. Instead of taking it off he uses it to tie my wrist together. Never taking his eyes off me to make sure it was ok he finishes. I have not been so turned on in my life! I give my best sexy smile and lick my lips.

“You’re going to be the death of me!” He growls shoving his fuck stick harder against me making me moan again. I rolled my body trying to grind on him but he held me still. Slowly and methodically he kissed his way down my body from my neck again. I wiggle a little trying to get him to do more. As punishment he squeezes my ass hard and growels “HOLD STILL!”

“I can’t… take… much more!” I pant at him in the most whiney voice I can. With one more squeeze of my ass he continues his trail down between the mounds of my breast. Taking his time he starts to intermittently lick and kiss his way to my navel. By this time I am fighting myself to hold still. He finally makes it to my jeans and he licks his way from one hip to the other.

“These are in the way!” he seems to purr out, making shivers run up my spine. He did not wait for permission this time when he tore my jeans appart. I moan as he slides my torn up jeans down my legs. He slowly runs his hands back up my legs, I swear his fingertips feel like silk.

“Please no more just fuck me!” I moan trying to rock my hips in encouragement. He licks my inner thigh using his tongue to tease me further. As he is about to reach my sex he pulls back my underware and shoves two fingers into me. I scream out in pleasure and surprise. I looked down to see his mix of triumph and excitement. I also see how turned on he is. I licked my lips at the sight of him almost bursting out of his jeans.

“Oh no princess I have waited too long to taste this cunt of yours. I have waited ever since I was given my mission to find you.” He shoves his fingers in every third word he said. I was close to cumming when he pulled out his fingers. I scream in out-rage and sorrow for the loss of him. Before I even open my eyes to look down his mouth is on me. I moan loudly enjoying the feel of him parting my lips to tongue fuck me. He picks my legs up and puts them on his shoulders. He runs his hands up my legs over my ass and to my lower back. Suddenly he stands up still eating me out and carries me to what I could only imagine is my bed. He lays me down, lifting my legs higher for a better angle. I moan loudly as his tongue rakes across my clitoris.

“God you are one tight little thing! I can’t wait to stick my thick cock in that cunt of yours, but first!” Using his fingers he spreads my folds. “That is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!” He shoves his tongue back into me making me arch off the bed screaming in pleasure. He moves from my folds to circle my clitoris. At this point I try again to move my hips to get just a little bit of friction. Oh boy was that a mistake.

“I told you to hold still little princess now you’re in trouble!” He growls and flips me on my stomach. He pushes my knees far enough apart that I have to keep my face on the mattress and my ass in the air. “Now that sight is even better!” He purrs, making my insides clench deliciously. He only gives me a second to catch my breath before he dives back in and has me screaming. After I cum at least three times and shaking so bad I can hardly stay up. He flips me onto my back again.

“Now little princess the true fun begins.” I can barely get my eyes open when I hear his zipper, then his pants drop. I fight to open my eyes and see what I am about to take. My mouth drops open. I am absolutely speechless. I have never in my life been so happy to have super healing abilities of a vampire. He was at least six inches long and had a girth of five. I was not sure but I knew things just got interesting.

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