A Journey of Fajro

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20 years later…...

We rarely had visitors due to our family name and the reputation that followed. The propaganda about my people also deterred anyone who would venture inward from the outer regions. We were believed to be soulless and fridged in nature.

One day I was approached by a total stranger not known to pass through our lands. Surprised by the unwavering gate of the stranger I fell back into a defensive stance preparing to protect myself and alert the guards of his trespass. As I prepared to kill the only stranger that seemed ignorant enough to step into our lands without permission. I noticed that he was like no other I had encountered before.

Instead of reacting to my defensive state, he stared deep into my eyes. The strangers eyes were like mirrors that peered into my soul while illuminating my very spirit, a feeling that seemed all too familiar. I couldn’t help but notice that his eyes almost emitted their own light which drew you to stare back at him. It seemed like I could feel his emotions radiating through him in waves of fear, confusion, dismay, and rage. This was beyond anything I have ever felt before and it was a bit of a quandary. We stood in complete silence for what seemed like hours. Each observing and surveying the others intentions.

I broke the silent standoff first, “Who are you? What do you want?”

He opened his mouth as if to answer. What came out was a growl, with pain in his eyes he dropped to his knee. I noticed an arrow protruding from his shoulder. The growl was like nothing I had ever heard before and even more peculiar my body seemed to respond to it.

Unexpected as if beyond my own cognition I was beside him, helping him to his feet. As I try to help him up he shoves me away and tears the arrow out of his shoulder making considerably more damage. He throws back his head and roars like one of the monsters from the west. I have never seen them but I have heard stories of their destructive powers.

He began to charge in the direction the arrow came from earlier. Before he could get halfway another arrow came flying through the air. The stranger was struck between the ribs. This time he went down.

I must have been well hidden because no arrows were shot at me. I crouched waiting for the assailants to come out of hiding. I didn’t dare to go out for fear that I might get shot myself. Suddenly the Kalinda appeared, better known as elves to our clan. They jumped down from the trees to confirm their kill. As I watched I saw my old friend, the wife of the current King, behind them.

“So when did you get permission to hunt on our lands, Justise?” I came out of my crouch and leaned on a tree. The sun warriors closed in and I could no longer see her.

I smirked “What, now you need a wall of flesh to protect you? The girl I remember would have kicked anyone’s ass who tried to stand in between her and a good fight. May I ask where the hell she is?”

“Well see... she got married. She has to follow some rules or she would never be let out of the kingdom. Then again you might get to see me kick their asses if they don’t get out of my way so I can hug mi hermana.” She said with a sharp sound of command in her voice. It made them part reluctantly. She walked forward out of the circle of bodies. I held out my arms to her so that we could hug.

“I have missed you. Justise it sucks that you got married now I never get to see you. We also never get to brawl anymore; it saddens me.” I let go smirking at her. Holding her at arm’s length I really looked at her for the first time in months since she got married. She had ankle length blonde almost white hair. She had pointed ears and eyes so green it was like looking into emeralds. Her body was slim with curves in all the right places that her outfit helped to emphasise. Her skin was a beautiful russet color I always envied and her outfit was gorgeous as usual. Her floor length top was made of dark green leather that was split on both sides to show her legs. It was still able to touch the ground without getting in the way. Her white pants were cloth so soft that it felt like skin at the touch. As I continued looking at her I smiled at the sight of her shoeless feet.

“Your people need to get with the times! There are things called shoes or better yet boots now… they wrap around your feet.” I smiled, meeting her eyes again. Seeing them twinkle at the old joke between us. Of course I knew why they did not wear shoes. I always loved to mess with her about it anyway.

“YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO THE QUEEN THAT WAY!” Yelled one of her guards stalking toward me. I busted out laughing as he continued his advance toward me. I’m sure he was going to attempt to show me what kind of “respect” to show her. He never got even close to me. Justise had him flat on his back with a foot on his chest looking like she was going to kill him. Her hair boiled around her with power, I always thought she was more beautiful in her rage. He looked pale, almost sickly pale.

“You will not lay a hand on her! First reason is she would kill you before you could. The second reason is that I do not want to explain to my husband why I let your stupid ignorant ass die. The third she is the princess of the Achlys and soon to be queen of or when she finds a mate. Fourth and the most important reason is that I will kill you if you lay a finger on my sister!” She said all of this with a growl that would have rivaled any predator in the area. I laughed even harder when he turned green.

“I… love… the look… on his.... Face!” I barely got out between laughter. “Is he new or just stupid?”

She sighed “I guess no one has told him. I am sorry for that.”

“Really don’t apologize I thought it was hilarious!” I gave her a saucy grin and winked. Using my chin I pointed to the stranger, “So back to business. You want to tell me why you were hunting this one here?”

“Well we had a run in with a couple of wilde tiere. We thought he was one when we heard the growl. Then when he roared and started to come for us we hit him with another arrow.” She shrugged her shoulder, “He looks nothing like the wilde tiere that we encountered. Is he one of your friends?” She asked with a raise of her almost white eyebrow.

As I stood there thinking about what she said. The wilde tiere were known as wild beasts in their language. I have not seen them in years on our lands unless someone had chased it here.

“Well no... we had just met right before you shot him. I want to know why he came into our land and what he is doing here. Do you mind if I take him instead of you killing him? I mean if you still want to I really can’t stop you. Although you did chase him onto my land so really he is mine to kill, if I see fit to do so.” I said in the most off-handed way I could. I did not want to seem too interested in his death. Even though my body was screaming at me to save him and I had no idea why.

“Hmm… that is true and he really has done nothing to us. I am sorry we trespassed on your land as a gesture of hopeful forgiveness. We will leave you to decide his fate.” She was staring at him as if he was a puzzle she wanted to solve.

She looked back up at me and smiled “Good to see you old friend I will leave you with your trespasser. We need to get together again soon. I love you mi hermana!” She hugged me and walked away. She always switched between so many languages I almost always get lost.

“I love you to nésa” I said in her true language of the elves, which also meant sister, as she walked away. She gave me a saucy grin over her shoulder before she jumped into the trees with her men.

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