A Journey of Fajro

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Oh My Goddess Part 2- Illian


“Now little princess the true fun begins.” I smile watching her struggle. She finally got her eyes open after hearing my pants hit the floor. I watch her face transform from utter shock to full blown anticipation. I feel my throbbing member jerk when I see her lick her lips. I am past the point of foreplay and just want to shove my stallion home where he belongs. Just before I do exactly that I see her lick her lips again making my mind change mid thought. I flip her over and untie her hands.

“ON YOUR KNEES!” I barely ground out because of the sexual tension I’m fighting. She looks into my eyes with a knowing glint. She runs her hands slowly up my thighs. Her hands feel so much like silk that I throw my head back in pure pleasure at her touch. I try really hard to think of anything else so I don’t explode. I am just about calm enough when she grabs my stallion. I groan needing some type of release. She hums in appreciation of the noise she pulls from me.

“You are not in control here. I just want to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.” I open my eyes, looking down at her I wrap my hand in her hair at the base of her neck. “If you’re not compliant with my demands I will tie you back up. Then fuck you until you see nothing but stars. Nod yes if you understand.” I give her one good jerk of her head so she knows I am serious. I release her enough that she is able to nod.

Never taking her eyes off mine she swallows me whole. I know I look completely surprised at the fact she does not have a gag reflex. I groan at the picture she has just given me. Her hair is covering all but that sweet juicy ass of hers. Her face is turned up at me with green eyes full of lust and wanting. The best part of the picture she created is her mouth on my cock. I just barely resist throwing her on the bed and splitting her in half like a ripe peach. I began to feel her mouth move up and down. Her tongue swirls around and around my throbbing member. It was almost like she was sucking my soul out. When she began gently using her teeth it turned my legs into jello. I could have lost it right then. She started going faster pulling me further into the abyss. When she started to play with my balls is when I jerked her off me. I picked her up and threw her across the room onto the bed. I watched, as I tried to collect myself, her beautiful creamy mounds bounced. Her legs were wide open as she tried to keep her balance. I could not help it any longer. I strode across the room with one purpose only to make her screams audible for miles. I grab her outer thighs jerking her to the edge of the bed.

“You better be ready because I can’t wait any longer!” In response she wraps her legs around me pulling me closer. Without thinking I shove my throbbing member into her core. As she screams in part pain and part pleasure a thought comes to me.

“Are you a virgin?” I am completely horrified and turned on at the same time. I don’t even attempt to move or breath for that matter.

“Yes, please keep going!” She begs me breathlessly, starting to move herself. I still don’t move afraid to hurt her again. All of a sudden she lets out a sexy growl and lunges at me. I catch her just in time for her to sink her fangs into me. I growel back thinking she is going to try to suck me dry out of anger. Instead the link that I was trying to create snaps into place. HOLY HELL!

Seconds after it snaps into place I get bombarded. Her emotions slam into me like a horse just plowed me over going at top speed. She is drowning in her lust, she needs me so badly that she feels like she is burning for me. As her lust slams into me I lose all conscious thought and start slamming into her. By the time I realize what I am doing it feels too good to stop. As I pound into her I feel her walls fight to keep me. She moans so loud that I know there is no chance that it is not traveling for miles.

I pull out so suddenly she screams at me in anger. I flip her onto her hands and knees loving the site of her round juicy ass. I shove myself back into her, making her moan again. I know that she has cum three times now. I fight not to explode so I can make her cum again. I feel her tighten around me getting ready to spill her juices all over again. I plow in once, twice… and we both fall over into the abyss of ecstasy. I shove deep into her so that I feel her milking my cock for all its seed.

We both collapse onto the bed in total bliss trying to come down from the high. I watch as her beautiful creamy mounds jump up and down while she is trying to catch her breath. I move my hand slowly up her smooth flat stomach. I move slowly between those silky breasts of her and up to her neck. I place my hand on her cheek guiding her plump red lips to mine. I began to kiss her sweetly but it does not stay that way for long. She deepens the kiss further making me grow hard again. She slides her hand down my chest to my stomach. She is going for my now hardest part of my anatomy....


"Oh God NO!"

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