A Journey of Fajro

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“Oh God NO! She is not supposed to be here!” I jump out of bed scrambling into my clothes. I threw Illian’s clothes to him hissing at him, “Get dressed NOW!”

Illian smirks at me laying in all his naked glory. I look longingly at his fuck stick at attention wishing I could give it another ride. I start to think that she could just wait another half an hour for me to grace her with my undivided attention.

“Ajiana I fucking smell him get out here and explain!” She screams at the top of her lungs, “What the fuck! You have a rat in your house!”

“As much as I would love to feel that silky skin against mine again you might want to go out there. I don’t know how much Fahdon will appreciate being called a rat.” Illian chuckles at her statement, I watch in disbelief as he stretches out comfortably on my bed. “You better get going or she is going to come get you!” He teases me.

“This is payback for grabbing you by the balls isn’t it!” I hiss at him trying really hard not to see red and just rip his throat out.

“No it’s not! I’m just enjoying laying in your bed while seeing your sexy body. If it happened to make you nervous, excited, and horney again that’s just a plus for me.” His eyes roam my naked body making me heat up with desire again. “Even though I hate saying this, you better go out there. I will also get dressed and meet you out there. Goddess forbid she comes searching for me.” He sighs, I watch him as I get dressed enjoying the sight of his muscular body. I am just about to tell him I changed my mind when a scream from Her sends me flying out of my room.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” I raise my voice to be heard by her, “You are not supposed to be here for at least two more days! I swear you are going to end up leading my Uncle here.”

“That’s why I am here!” She yells at me. I turn the corner to find her sitting on the back of my sofa. She looked like one of those women in the old books I have. They look like they are terrified and screaming with their dress in their hands. Except the woman in the picture is staring at a rodent and she was staring at Fahdon.

“What are you doing up there Traci?” I was genuinely curious. Why she thought sitting on the back of my sofa was going to help her I had no clue. I never understood the irrational fear of small things. It never really made any sense to me to fear something smaller than you. Even when the fear has to do with spiders. I mean really what is an eight legged tiny dot going to do to you?

“I’m trying to get away from that lizard!” She screamed, interrupting my thoughts.

“Get down from there Traci! First of all he is not a lizard because he has wings. Second since he has wings, how is ruining my sofa going to help you get away. Third, get off the back of my Sofa!” I stamp my foot on the ground to punctuate my demand.

“I have a question, Ajiana! Is she mentally incompatent? I swear I’m not trying to be rude or anything.” Fahdon tilted his head looking at her as if she favinated him.

“I don’t think so but I am starting to question her sanity. She is afraid of almost anything small. That is the worst part of it because I don’t understand this ridiculous fear she has.” I sighed with exasperation coloring my voice.

“Why are you talking about me like I’m not here?” Traci demanded with disapproval clearly in her voice.

“Well the word Phobia means to have an extreme or irrational fear of something. Phobia wasn’t even discovered until 1968 and even then more phobias have come along. Hers is a specific one called Microphobia: A fear of small things. Honestly I don’t understand it either, but since she is your friend we just have to understand that it matters to her.” Fahdon explained still looking at her like a science project.

“Did you just speak!” Traci seemed awed. She finally started climbing down from her perch. She just stared at Fahdon like the world finally turned her crazy.

“Of course I did!” Fahdon huffed indignantly. “I still stand with what I said earlier! She has brain damage. Has she always been like this?”

“Are you trying to piss me off? If you are, I suggest you stop because if you don’t I will have Ajiana kick your ass! She is my best friend and she will do me that as a favor!” Traci huffed crossing her arms under her voluptuous breasts.

Honestly there is no other way to describe her other than spaz-tastic. Don’t get me wrong you mess with her or people she cares about she turns into a demon. She is about 5’0” and has an amazing personality. What I think fools everyone is that she is so itty-bitty, petite and has curves in all the right places. She has dark brown hair which is cut in what used to be called a pixie cut. Sadly the best way to describe her is she is really childlike in her appearance. Don’t ever let her hear you say that because she will show you just how un-childlike she really is.

A fond smile came over my face as I looked at her. I remember times when she would use her physical appearance to fool the guards into letting her come into my cell. She has such a strong and happy outlook on life no matter what happens.

“Ok you two, play nice now. Traci this is Fahdon, he is an amazing dragon and a kind soul. Fahdon you need to keep in mind just because she looks harmless does not mean she is.” I walked away sighing. I decided to let them be for a few minutes and cook some food for everyone.

I decided to cook eggs, deer, and cut up some watermelon for everyone to eat. As I put the eggs on the stove, you know the ones that used wood, I feel a set of arms wrap around me. My body seems to know who it is instantly. I relax into the arms that have captured me sighing in contentment. I know I should be scared at how quick the bond we had was forming. I just could not bring myself to care. Because of what had happened between us I could feel how much he cared for me. I didn’t understand our bond yet but I couldn’t wait to see where it took us.

“Ajiana it won’t shut up!” Traci whined at me from the living room. I sighed realizing my moment of calm had ended.

“Excuse me! I am not an IT! She told you my name.” I could hear the frustration in Fahdon’s voice. Smiling to myself as I remembered my best friends ability to annoy people was beyond supernatural.

“I’m coming! Don’t kill each other before I get back.” I tell them exasperated.

“You know we could always leave them to kill each other and sneak away to your garden.” Illian purred in my ear as he tightened his arms around my waist making his intentions clear.

“Fine with me but don’t come crying to me when she kills him.” I flippantly tell him as I move out of his arms to complete breakfast.

“You know it is almost enough of a temptation to leave them to their own devices.” I turned my head seeing him smirk at me. My blood heated as I watched him look me up and down. His stare was almost like a physical touch and almost feels as good.

“Go on! I will be out in a minute with the food.” Using my hand I shooed him out of the kitchen.

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