A Journey of Fajro

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“He WHAT!” Ajiana shrieked, jumping up from her friend’s side. She started to pace the living room like a caged tiger. I didn’t completely understand what was going on right now. What I knew though is that by telling her to claiming me as her mate I might have just killed both of us.

“He told the people that he is summoning you to him so that you guys could discuss your coronation. He said that it is time that you take the throne because you have come of age to take a mate. Ajiana my issue with that is when you were still in the dungeon…” Traci hesitated before finishing in a rush, “He said that we are to tell him immediately so the problem can be dealt with. He said that he had already had a mate chosen for you and no others would be acceptable.”

“That bastard… I’m going… I will kill him!” Ajiana growled quietly. Just the sound of her anger made my member stand at attention.

“Ajiana, don’t go back. I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t care where you go, just don’t go to his summons.” Traci pleaded with her. Traci’s eyes were huge light blue saucers. She had unshed tears sitting on the brim of her eye.

“Ajiana, I hate to say this but I agree with her. You should not risk going back to him right now. If you ask me, the timing is too accurate.” She whipped around at my words baring her fangs at me, “Before you get mad at me think about it. I got here three days ago, planning to take you away mind you, and Traci shows up with a summons. I really don’t think that it is a coincidence.” She seemed to listen to me as she stopped baring her fangs and instead had a grimace on her face.

“Illian... Traci… I understand what both of you are saying. I really do, but I can’t just run away from this. He has all but formally called me out. If I don’t show the people will think I have abandoned them. I just can’t do that to them.” She looked at us with desperation for us to understand her side, “I have seen what they have gone through. I have even been punished like they have. If I run now without confronting him… I… I would have truly abandoned them.” At this point she had tears running down her face while her arms seemed to be holding her together.

I had had enough at this point. Going to her I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I tried to convey as much love and faith in her as I could. Opening the mind link between us I told her what she needed to hear. My mávra malliá omorfiá do what you need to. Fahdon and I will be with you every step of the way.

She finally showed me those beautiful forest green eyes. She replied with the mind link. Are you sure? I know what I am about to do is stupid. I just can’t leave them. Hey what does mávra malliá omorfiá mean? I got to see the most beautiful smile appear on her face when she mentions my nickname for her.

I laugh out loud before answering her question. It means my black haired beauty. I can’t help smile shyly at the slight widening of her eyes.

“Ok guys, enough of the hugging. We need a plan if you’re going to go back to that bastard.” Traci sighed, you could see her concocting a plan behind those baby blues of hers.

“Ajiana, I’m Scared why does she look like that?” Fahdon said inching his way toward us from the kitchen.

“She is coming up with a plan of action. She is actually one of our very best in strategic matters. Not that my Uncle would ever ask her for help. He believes all women must be seen and not heard.” Ajiana told us with pride in her voice for her friend. I could feel her get angrier at the mention of her Uncle. I tightened my arms around her letting her know that she was not alone.

“Huh… Never would have thought of that by the way she looks.” Fadhon said absentmindedly.

“Hey Fadhon, you know those times where I tell you something you shouldn’t do. I always turn out to be right on those rare occasions.” I asked him casually. Knowing that the only reason Traci had not ripped him in half at the statement was because she was busy in thought. Fahdon nodded, “Well this is one of those times. You do not want to say something like that to a female in general or you are going to die.” I got to hear a sweet giggle from Ajiana as Fahdon looked at me questioningly.

“What did I say that was so wrong?” Fahdon tilted his head to the side trying to understand his screw up.

“You basicly said that because she is pretty that she should have been stupid.” Ajiana jumped in before I could explain. I watched as she giggled again as Fahdons look changed from questioning to absolute horror.

“Goddess, that is not what I meant though. I was just saying that she looks so young to be so knowledgeable about strategy tactics.” Fahdon was actually really upset at the fact he sounded so chauvinistic. He laid down behind us and seemed to decide his best course of action was to keep his mouth shut. I chucked to myself causing Ajiana to turn her beautiful green eyes on me. I smiled down at her trying to memorise her face.

“Fahdon has decided that it would be best to keep his mouth shut. He is completely disgusted with himself for the way he came across.” I explained to her as I ran my fingers from her temple down to her jaw. I used my index finger to gently rub it over her luscious lips. I could feel myself getting hard again just thinking about those plump lips on my stallion again.

I watched as heat flashed through her eyes answering what she saw in mine. Before anything could get out of hand we heard a throat clear trying to get out attention. I really debated on ignoring Traci and taking Ajiana back to the room. Seeing the knowing smile on Ajianas face, I knew she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her again.

“Ok guys, enough of this lovey dovey shit. Both of your lives are in danger, you don’t have time to do anything but plan. Lucky for you I do have a rough outline on what we can do.” Traci looked at us pointedly forcing us to sit down. I pulled Ajiana into my lap because I had a feeling I was not going to like the plan at all. Ajiana didn’t even protest the fact that she was in my lap.

A few minutes later the plan had been laid out. I will tell you this much I absolutely hated the plan. I didn’t even get a say on it at all, they ignored my ranting. It was completely unsafe there was nothing I could do about it either. I kept berating myself as I packed for us to leave after she was finished with her Uncle. It made sense that I couldn’t go with her due to the fact that I was a stranger, but still I hated this.

“Ok caveman, what are you growling at? You are thinking so loud that I can almost hear your thoughts in the other room. Even without the mind link we share.” Ajiana smirked from her spot at the door. I knew she was just trying to lighten the mood for me but I growled angrily at her. “Now, Illian you start doing that and I will start carrying around a bottle of water to throw on you.” She threatened as she walked up and wrapped her arms around me.

“I don’t like that you are going alone.” I sigh bearing my nose in her hair trying to take her amazing smell with me. She smelled like the forest after the first spring rain. I didn’t want to lose her but it seemed like if I pushed her into leaving then I would ruin everything we have built so far. “Ajiana can you please do something for me?”

“What do you need, sexy?” She looked at me with hunger that had nothing to do with food.

Before I could think I had her smashed against the wall with her pants ripped off her. With one quick thrust I was in that soft, wonderfully siky center of hers. She moaned my name, making me thrust into her again. We didn’t take our time, we didn’t have the luxury. I picked her legs up giving myself better access. I shoved deeper into her hearing her moan again. I felt like I had no control over the next part though. I moved my lips down her neck feeling when she tensed in anticipation. I opened my mouth and bit her knowing that I had marked her for life. I heard her scream in pleasure and pain. I released her, licking up the blood I shoved in again. I began to pump harder into her. I smashed my mouth on hers eating every sound that came out of her mouth while I moved. I could feel her nails tearing into my shirt. Knowing she was getting close I sped up my minastrations so that I could join her in that sweet sexy abyss. As she climaxed with me I made sure to eat every one of those sweet sounds coming out of her mouth.

I set her down carefully, I helped her to the bed to recover. I smiled knowingly to myself as I watched my seed run down her leg and seeing the mark on her shoulder. I had claimed her as mine and no one, not even her Uncle, will take her from me.

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