A Journey of Fajro

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Stranger things have happened

I stood there pondering what to do with this stranger I just saved. I could not take him to my house. Many people visited my home with or without me there. I could not ask the elves to take him as it would show them I cared, and among my people it is a weakness to have feelings for others. I only had one place to take him. I was reluctant as I really didn’t want to give up my only refuge just to save this one poor creature.

Thoughts continued to run through my head as I walked the short distance to where he lay. I pushed him onto his back to get a better look at him. He had a cloak on so it was difficult to see anything but his face. What I could see was beauty that took my breath away. He had dark brown hair with highlights of red in it, and a narrow face. He appeared to be just under seven foot, and about two hundred pounds. All muscle. Under his eyes were red tattoos that ran the length of his face they almost like snakes. It was not just any red. Red like when the sun begins to set between day and night.The tattoos stood out on his skin because of how the dark faded to light with every color of red, the only way to describe the beautiful brown skin was to call it native. Just as I was about to touch the tattoos his lips moved and a groan escaped. I decided it was best to take him and heal him so I can get some answers.

I made a small gurney out of fallen branches and sticks. Once he was on it I picked him up off the ground and almost fell, he was a lot heavier than he looked. I carried him over a mile and a half to get to my refuge, my safe place, my true home.

I gently laid him down on the bed and started stripping away his cloak and shirt. I tried my hardest to ignore the way my body shivered with just the slightest amount of contact. I left the pants on so that he would at least feel semi comfortable when he woke up in a strange place. I could not help but look at him, he was an amazing piece of man. He had a six pack that went into a swimmers vee that disappeared into his pants.

All I really wanted to do was run my hands down his body until I got to his pants, then I wanted to slowly unwrap him as if he was a christmas present. I looked at the arrow protruding out of his side, unfortunately that put a damper on what I wanted to do. I got up and went to get the healing supplies I had along with the salve I had to use to seal the wound.

I began assessing the best way to take the arrow out, knowing it was an elven arrow. I knew it would have barbs on it making it difficult to take out. I prepared the table to start taking out the arrow and cleaning the wounds. Good thing I was best friends with the queen. She had taught me about their weapons. I smiled as I looked back on the memories of her teaching me:

We ran through the forest as quiet as panthers, we were looking for food for her clan. As we hunted we laughed and giggled throwing things from the high tree tops at each other. I heard the call of buck just to the east of us and stopped dead, a predatory smile appeared on my face. She knew that meant food for her and her clan so when I took off in the direction I heard the call she followed like lightning keeping up with me easily. I stopped dead over the top of a really beautiful stag that wore his antlers like a crown. She pulled her bow and an arrow out, knocking it, and shooting all in one motion. In one graceful movement he was dead. We jumped from the high trees right next to him.

“You are ready because we can only do this once before the meat will go bad and I still have to take it back to my clan.” Justise said as she grabbed my hand to set it on the arrow so she could show me how to do it without having to shoot the same animal twice.

“Yeah I am ready when you are. I just don’t want to mess up and cause the poison to break out of the arrow head!” My hand shook as I let her drag my hand to the shaft of the arrow.

“It’s ok I will show you how to cure the poison just in case you ever get shot yourself and break the poison seal, OK?” She said with a smile that was so confident I was relieved.

She put her hand on the top of mine and we pushed ever so slightly until we heard a click, as we removed it what came out was nothing but a metal rod on the end of the shaft I thought we had broken the head off in the body until she pushed the other end of the shaft creating an arrowhead again.

“Here I will show you something not many people know about our weapons outside the clan.” She cut a chunk from the animal she just shot and walked to a stump a couple feet away from where we were just at. Out of nowhere she stabbed the small amount of meat, looking back to wave me over to her. Once I stood next to her she jerked the arrow back out of the meat and flipped it over. I gasped in surprise, as I watched the meat change into a dark color almost black, it spread until it covered all of it. On the other side of the meat the hair began to fall off within minutes.

“What! How can you stop something like that? Where is the poison even coming from?” I stared at the arrowhead like I had never seen it in my life, when I had actually studied it for hours trying to figure how it worked.

“Well stopping it is actually easy, have some of the antidote around and slather it on the wound no matter how far it makes it into the body it instantly stops. Now the arrows are a little harder, the barbs are made of glass and if pulled out it breaks the glass spreading the poison if you take it out just how we did nothing will happen.” she said giggling a little at the shock and disbelief on my face.

After that day she showed me how to cure their poison in the arrowhead and many other elven secrets. She said we were sisters from then on.

A loud growl snapped me out of my dream like memory. I turned around to see the stranger sitting up with the arrow in his hand and a gaping wound in his side.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” I screamed at him as I snatched the arrow out of his hand looking at the end to see if he released the poison from the broadhead. On closer inspection I found the tiny vials broken. The other arrow that he had removed earlier had the vials intact which was amazing. Now I had to work fast. I had about a minute before he went into a coma and died five minutes later. “Oh my god, lay down now or you won’t be getting up again.”

“I doubt that.” He said as he just sat there staring at me with a gaze that seemed to paralyze me where I stood. I shook the weird feeling he was giving me because I did not have the time to deal with whatever his problem was. I attempted to lay him against the pillows so I could tend to his wounds and stop the poison from spreading but to my astonishment I could not move him. In all my years I have never come across anyone or anything that could withstand my strength. It was almost like trying to push a mountain, impossible. I realized I was going to have to ask him to lay down then try to force him and that scared me. It meant that if he wanted to hurt me there was nothing I could do to stop him.

“Please, lay down I need to at least give you a dose of the antidote so that the poison doesn’t spread and kill you.” I said as I laid my hand gently on his shoulder and pressed lightly.

He looked at my hand in absolute disbelief acting as if no one had ever touched him before. He seemed to be so shocked that he did what I wanted reluctantly. I left him laying there to get everything I needed to at least get the wound clean.

I did not want to hurt him more, so I sat gently on the bed. I began to clean the wound and realized it was not as bad as I first thought. I put the antidote in the wound and put the salve on the cloth so when I tied it to him it was on the wound. It was strange he never made a sound and his face remained stoic. Once I was done with his side I moved to his shoulder. He seemed to trust me a little more as he moved without being asked this time.

“So what is with the look?” I asked. What I got in response was a quick grunt like a snap of a whip. I jumped a little, great we have gone back to caveman grunts, wonderful he is the strong silent type... ugh.

“Great I am talking to a caveman, well I guess that is the thanks I get for saving you, a grunt, how wonderful. I guess that explains some things.” I said with a sigh. He responded with a growl so deep it shook my frame.

“Really, what the hell do you expect me to say when you are acting like one. Civilized people respond in words not grunts and growls.” I snapped to hide my reaction to his growl which scared and excited me all at once.

“Expecting me to be civilized is where you go wrong, I am not civilized in the way you expect of normal people.” He spoke in a calm deep voice that made my insides clench in pleasure and fear. I did not understand the reactions I was having to him.

I did not say anything. He gave me a little bit to think about. What did he mean he was not civilized in the way I would expect of normal people. What is he? Is he trying to tell me he is a beast and not a man? Did I make a mistake saving him from dying? Is he going to kill me once he is healed? I did not have the answers to the questions bouncing around in my head.

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