A Journey of Fajro

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Caveman never played games

I finished cleaning his wounds and got up to put the supplies away leaving the room to go to my kitchen. I realized I was going to have to restock my medical supplies before too long. I barely heard him follow me into my kitchen. I spun around expecting to be attacked, but he was just staring at me with the same gaze. He looked so confused about something.

“How were you able to do that?” He asked in a questioning tone.

“Well I was taught by my sister Justise. Her clan has amazing healing capabilities, when I was younger we spent-” I was looking at the ground when I started to respond.

“No,” he interrupted me, “ I meant how were you able to touch me at all?”

There was anger, wonder, and fear in his voice when he asked me that question. I did not understand why, but I studied him for a few minutes. I noticed he had some form of tribal tattoos on his body, the same ones that were on his face. His body was lean and muscular, he fit well together with his short brown hair that was highlighted with red. He crossed his arms showing how the muscles rippled under his skin. It made my heart flutter. I leaned a hip up against the counter watching him through narrow eyes wondering how to respond.

“Are you going to answer me or just stand there looking at me? Are you a cavewomen now?” He said with a sneer on his face showing, to my astonishment, sharp teeth that looked almost like shark teeth. Teeth like that were meant for tearing, shredding meat, and tearing chunks out of unsuspecting victims. As I stared at those teeth I was surprised I was not afraid of him. Even more surprising is the teeth fit him as well, I did not think he deserved an answer to that statement, but I gave him one anyways.

“I really don’t understand your question, but why don’t we play a game.” I asked looking at him from where I was on the other side of the room. The strangest thing was that I wanted to cross the room and touch him again to run my hands across his smooth muscled arms and chest, I wanted to run my fingers through his hair just to feel what it was like. I shook myself like a dog shaking off water. I walked out of the kitchen and turned my back to him to look out the bay window in the living room waiting for his answer.

“A game?” His voice was filled with disbelief at my statement.

“Yes a game, it goes like this I ask a question you answer honestly or you say pass. Once a question is answered it is the other person’s turn. It is really quite simple.” I said as I shrugged looking back at him with a saucy grin on my face that I knew challenged him to say no, “Well I guess if you are too scared you don’t have to play.”

“There is not much I fear in this world, so ask your question.” He said with a hiss. My body trembled with pleasure of the threat it posed. What the hell is wrong with me?

“What are you?” I snapped in anger to hide my reaction to him. I did not know what else to do other than get angry. I have never had a reaction like this to anyone and that scared me.


“What are you doing in my lands then?” I shot off another one of my questions that was bouncing around in my head.

“Traveling through looking for someone.” He said with a sigh, looking away from me he asked “Why did you save me from the Kalinda?”

“I do not know why, honestly.” I said as I looked back out the window over my lands sighing in exhaustion. Realizing it was almost daybreak I was going to have to stay the night here in my safe haven with a complete stranger because I could not walk in daylight in front of anyone. I could not expose myself as being different. My uncle did not know I could walk out in daylight. I wanted to keep it from that bastard, and his sadistic wife, as long as possible.

“My turn, who are you?” I said as I looked back at him to see him studying me with eminence concentration. I could feel my body heat up wherever his eyes traveled, I quickly looked back out the window before he saw my reaction. I wanted him more than I thought possible, I stood at rigid attention as I felt his presence behind me getting closer.

“My name is Illian, I came from the west in search of someone.” He said as he stopped right behind me, “Who are you?”


“Ok I do not think that is fair, but I guess I do not have a choice which question is answered. What are you, then?” He sighed, he was so close I felt his breath brush against my cheek and move my hair.

“I am what people would call a Vampire. Not that we call ourselves that, our name for ourselves is Achlys and our land is named Adrasteia. We are a people that keep to themselves and do not like trespassers. We normally kill them without asking questions.” I moved away from him to get away from the heat of his body, which seemed to be trying to mess with my state of mind.

“So you braved getting caught in the sun to save my life and heal me?” He asked as he watched me move away from the window and the dawn. Normally if I was here by myself I would not bother shutting the shade as I like to watch the sunrise in the mornings, but I unfortunately had to keep up appearances for Illian.

“I just did what I thought was right. So who are you looking for anyways maybe I can help since I know everyone in this region.” I asked as I turned the lights on low so it would not hurt my eyes, or at least that is what I told myself.

“I do not know if I should tell you who, as it would be hard to explain why I want to talk to her. Seeing as you are a part of her clan you probably could find her faster than I could and get an audience with her faster for me.” He said as he decided to tell me or not. As I thought about what he said it seemed like he wanted to talk to my aunt, but I did not see the reasoning for him wanting to talk to that decrepit old bat and she would probably be cruel and make him beg for what he wanted or she would try at least. He did not seem to be the type to beg for help or for what he wanted; he seemed likely to kill any who thought they could defy him.

“Well you would never know if you do not try.” I said starting a fire in the fireplace for something to do other than stare back at him. I did not want to sound so interested that he would take it the wrong way, but I was curious about what he wanted with my aunt. “Why not start with the reason why you are looking for this person and while you’re doing that you can decide to tell me a name or not. Sounds good?”

“OK, I guess it will not hurt we are trapped here anyways with me being hurt and you being a vampire.” He walked over to the couch and sat down getting comfortable for a long talk I guess.

“So I suggest starting at the beginning and going from there then I will probably understand better how to help you with what you need to do.” I suggested to him, “keep in mind though that I do not like lies so make sure you tell as close to the truth as you deem necessary because if you do not I will walk without helping you.”

“Really? What makes you think I will not lie to get what I want?” He said with a sneer, but I knew he was bluffing one thing I was definitely keeping to myself was the ability to read his emotions.

“I will know when you lie so do not even try it.” I said with such distaste. The look in my eyes wiped the sneer right off his face.

“OK, I will tell you as much as I can. Understand that, just because I do not say something does not mean I am lying. There are some things that I am not at liberty to speak of right now.” He gave me a look so serious that it made me believe he was telling me the truth. His emotions were saying the same.

“OK, start with what you can tell me.” I said waving my hand for him to start his story.

“Well you already know my name, but you do not know my story. Right now you can’t know it in its entirety but maybe one day you will... if I live long enough to tell you. It began when I was fifty years old my mother had a vision that I was supposed to go on a journey to help restore the world. With lush green trees, fertile land, clear beautiful waters, so on so forth. So she began really training me. I asked her one day why I was required to train so intensely, her answer was:

One day you will meet the person, who you will help cleanse this world of evil and restore it to what it once was. It will be a hard, long and difficult endeavour. You must help her gain the power of all the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. She must find one on her own which is called Time. She will fight for this world but it will be one of the hardest things she will ever have to do. My son it will be your job to protect her and help her recognize her full power. She will face many obstacles and enemies along the way. There will be others fighting to eliminate her as she serves as the only hope to bring the world back. They will long for the darkness and what the world has become. You must help her fight. The only thing I know is her race, which is the Alchys and I have a name for you… I love you and good luck.

I listened to her. I trained and fought hard everyday learning everything she had to teach me. Granted the future is as unpredictable. I am as well which makes me the perfect warrior. I need every skill I have to face the task my mother has set forth for me. My mother's visions have never been wrong.”

“So what is her name, the woman you are looking for if you do not mind me asking. I need to know if she still resides in our clan. Some of our females go to other clans to assist with matching mates.” I said in the most off handed way I could. I really did not like where I thought this was going. I was really scared to hear his answer. I do not think I am going to like it either.

He sighed, “I do not think she left because she is the princess of the clan and her name is Ajina.”

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