A Journey of Fajro

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“So now that you ladies are done arguing will either of you tell me what you are. I know what he is, which is a dragon I’m not sure what type but that is as much as I know about them.” She came over and scratched his chin, it was all over he was putty in her hands, great.

“I like her, you should tell her.” He said with a dopey grin on his snout.

“She wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell her, besides it is hard to explain, she can just call me a protector.” I said with a sneer and a sigh. I knew she would take my answer that way, I really did not want her to scream and run away. I have had enough of that to last me the rest of my very long life.

“Ugh, that is really original of you Illian!” huffed Fahdon.

“Whatever maybe you will tell me when you are more comfortable with me. I do not see why you can't just tell me now after what I had just shown you. God I really do not get you. You probably have a reason for the way you act and the way you are. Just so you know though one day you will have to let go and let someone in. It will be pretty lonely if you don’t. I get that you probably don’t feel like you can open up to me, but just so you know I can be a pretty good listener.” She said as she went to the kitchen. I sighed and looked out the windows she opened back up since I knew her secret. One thing she really didn’t get was it was really hard for me not to open up to her. How am I going to stay objective if I am so out of control I sigh again.

“She is right you know, you will have to trust someone other than me one day. I mean you don’t have to do it now but she is probably better than anyone, you know what she is supposed to do. Why not trust her with the truth.” Fahdon said as he curled into my lap, I swear they were ganging up on me. If they continued this, there was no chance for me, I groaned in frustration.

“You sigh and groan a lot, you know that? It is like you have so much you want to say yet you can’t figure out how to say it so you sigh or groan.” She said as she watched me from the kitchen door, with a plate of meat in her hands, she set the place on the ground. “Here you go Fahdon, you must be tired from your long trek.” She said, Fahdon’s head popped up at the offer he scurried over to the plate without any hesitation. She was so kind to him, she even knew what he would eat without asking. Even though he was something that was not part of her clan, her kindness and her ability to see through me, scared the shit out of me.

“What do you know about it, I am sure you grew up in a plush castle with everyone waiting on you and doting on you. Do not try to analyze me when you have no hardship experience to go off of.” I said with a low growl and a fierce sneer that I knew made most people run the other way in fear for the promise of violence it presented. Fahdon’s head snapped up to look at me with concern, he abandoned his plate so he could come comfort me. I let him do so for a second before sending him back to his plate. He might have been a sturdy little beast but that trek was about to make him crash hard and I wanted him to have a full stomach before he fell asleep.

Her on the other hand seemed to have a twinkle in her eye when I did that and her breath sped up but it was not in fear, instead it was in arousal. That is something that came from my mother’s side, the ability to be able to sense emotions almost like tasting them in the air. I was instantly intrigued that instead of scaring her with my outburst she liked it. Don't get me wrong she was scared I could taste it but not of me I think it was from her own reaction to me.

“How would you know anything about me? You can think all you want that my life was plush and easy living, but it wasn’t. I can promise you that. Not that you care about that, you just want me to help you on your mission so that you can save the world and turn it back. I get that, I even understand it and I will help, but do me a favor do NOT assume you know anything about my life. I respected your choice to not tell me the hardship of your life. I on the other hand will tell you all of mine, but don’t assume shit until I have.” She said with such venom in her voice I thought my face was going to melt off, but there was also sorrow that could coat your tongue like chocolate. Fahdon crept toward me trying not to attract attention to himself, he jumped up in my lap and fell asleep without any other fear because he knew I would protect him with my life. I felt bad for what I said and I thought about apologizing to her but instead I said.

“Oh, little miss princess had a bad life? What were you not given all the dresses in the world you wanted? Will daddy not let you marry who you want to marry?” I said with a sneer, I hoped it would cover my feelings at that moment. I did not need her to see the sorrow I felt for her. “What little princess are you going to-” I did not finish my sentence because I tasted a wave of pure sorrow on my tongue and it wasn’t coming from me. I felt raw pain along with it. Her face showed none of those feelings, but I felt like she was going to break soon if I did not stop.

“Sometimes I forget how cruel people can be when they sense weakness in others. You would think I learned my lesson and would not forget it.” She sighed, “I guess I really am stupid for believing the best in people.” She started to turn away, before I knew how or why I was right beside her touching her arm to stop her from walking away. Fahdon was in my arms because I did not want to leave him laying in a chair in a home he didn’t know. It would have scared him to wake up like that. She did not flinch at my touch or even start.

“I don’t mean to be cruel, it is just who I am. Sometimes I don’t think before I talk and that hurts people. I still stand by what I said because I have come across royalty that have pulled the pity me act and it really is nothing compared to what the world out there is like.” I quietly said as I released her arm she turned around and looked into my eyes I stared at those beautiful brown and lush green eyes wondering how I was going to make it through what we were going to have to do. “Would you mind telling your story? I will listen and promise not to interrupt.” I walked to the couch and sat down putting Fahdon back across my lap so he could sleep and waited for her to decide what she wanted to do.

She looked at me for a minute deciding what to do, seeing if I was lying or not I suppose. She walked over to the window and stared out at the forest landscape breathing deeply as she seemed to be gearing up for battle. It surprised me to see she was going to fight her way through her own memory to share something her body clearly remembered. I was really starting to regret asking because I had a feeling she was going to have Fahdon and I wanting to kill everyone in her clan by the end of it. Fahdon might be asleep but he would remember everything that was said while he was in his healing sleep.

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