A Journey of Fajro

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Cruelty Remembered, Never forgotten

She took a deep breath, “I have been told all of my life that the royalty of my clan never have to do the grunt work of the people. We are to be rulers nothing more nothing less, we are not to care about the feelings of our people. We are to make sure they do not expose us and to be ruthless when they do. Of course, as you know now, to be exposed does not matter anymore. We are to be looked up to, respected and loved even when we have not done anything to deserve such devotion, it is just expected.”

“My Uncle...” She said with a quiver of anger. She acted as though the mere mention of the word was a curse. The way her body tightened at that word made me believe it was more than just hatred. “...he was overjoyed when my mother died. With her passing, he got to be king. When I was only seven I could hide my true appearance from everyone. This was especially important now that my Uncle had taken the throne. I knew how to act, what to say, and most importantly what not to say among my people. I have been the princess my entire life. My mother ruled due to her being the oldest. After she died it became apparent to all of our clan that the king, my uncle, couldn’t have children. No one knows why but he can’t. As a result I am the only heir, and he enjoyed making it very clear to me that he would have rather left our people with no heir at all then put me on the throne.” I saw a tear run down her cheek as she relived the painful thought that he would rather see his kingdom destroyed then to pass it to her. I looked down at Fahdon and ran my hand down his scaly back as I continued to listen to her life story.

“Can you tell me how someone can go their entire life being an outcast in a clan, and be so different from what is expected of them? Being told all of their life this is what you were meant to do, and who you were meant to be. I can't fit in because where they don’t feel anything for anyone, I feel everything. When they look at their offspring, a sense of duty is all they see of them, there is no love. When I look at the children playing I feel my heart swell with love and kindness. It destroys me almost every time I watch the parents of those children reprimand them for having fun, ‘that is not the way of our people’ they would say.” A sigh escaped her lips. She was filled with so much pain that I wish I could comfort her.

“One day I walked up to my aunt, I think I was about twelve, I asked her why the children of our people were punished so hard for having feelings? She told me ’that is because they are not meant to have feelings.’ I looked her straight in the eye and said with defiance ’when I am queen I will change that and many of the other ridiculous rules Uncle has put into place’. She slapped me so hard that I flew to the ground and broke two ribs. She called for the guards and had them take me to a cell. "You will stay in this cell for a month or until you can get that treasonous ruble out of your head." She did horrible things to me there, I can’t tell you all of it for fear of reliving that month of torture, but I will tell you about one time she whipped me so bad it almost killed me.” She looked over her shoulder at me and Fahdon. She spared a brief smile for Fahdon, fighting back tears, before she returned to her story.

She turned her back completely to me and lifted up her shirt showing me permanent scars. I jumped, making Fahdon grumble at me to stop. I knew it had to have been bad because it is nearly impossible to scar a vampire because of their healing ability. I was absolutely appalled at the sight. I have seen a lot, I have done even more, but at the sight of those scars I almost threw up. She replaced the shirt and fixed it before she continued to tell the rest of her memory.

“My people call me Aajina, which means Mother earth or creator’s gift. I always thought that it was a silly name because I was neither, I found out differently that day. After she had finished whipping me she left me to hang on those chains to die. I was so young back then that my people just watched me from afar. Hoping I would grow to be more than the tyrant my uncle was. Him and my Aunt were nothing but cruel and abusive. I did not know it then but they protected me from him. When I was kind to one of my people,” there was a slight smile on her face when she talked about her people. I was glad that I only had to kill two people in this story, “somehow my uncle would find out. When he asked who had done such a kind deed one of my people would step up and take responsibility for the action. He punished them so horribly, if I had known what they were doing I would have stopped. I found out everything in that evil, damp, and dark place.” As she looked out over her lands there was a frightening look in her eyes, like she wanted to go back there to kill everyone that hurt her and her people. I realized in this moment she was a true queen in every sense of the word.

“One of the guards came in to see if I had died yet, when I looked up he laughed. He said 'You just do not know when to die do you?' I hurt so bad I passed out for a while I don’t know how long I slept I just know I woke up to someone cleaning my face.” Her body relaxed a little as she relived this part of the memory. It made me curious.

‘Hello, princess’ it was Traci, she was one of the younger more outgoing girls my age, ‘Princess please don’t give up. We have all done so much to protect you. We love you and wish to see you take your rightful place on the throne. We have given up a lot for you please stay strong.’ I had asked her what she had meant by that, she looked like she was going to cry. I wished I hadn’t, but then she answered me, ‘Princess you are meant to make our people better you are meant to save us all. Not just our people, but everyone that lives on this earth. Each one of us has taken the punishment of your uncle so that you may finish growing into the beautiful just queen we all know you will be. So please don’t give up, we love you.’ She had to leave shortly after that.”

“I thought about what she had told me and I felt my anger grow at what my uncle had done to my people all because I showed kindness and love to them. As my anger at my uncle grew,” as she told this part of the story I felt her power grow right along with it, I was a little afraid she might hurt Fahdon if this kept up. If she was new to her power she could wipe out both of us without knowing, I braced myself to run if I needed to, “the power I had within me began to reveal itself. I felt my back heal and the chains melt away. The next time the guard came I killed him and walked out of the cage they had put me in.”

“I left the underground and went straight to the throne room. I opened the doors without touching them. My anger still boiled within me, my uncle looked up at me in fear. Without looking at him I walked to the center of the throne room and released all my power that I had been taught to hide. I looked at him then with all my power released and told him ‘You are never to lay a hand on my people again without just cause. If you do, I will find out I will come back to this place to kill you, your cruel sadistic wife, and all the guards who are loyal to you. Keep in mind I am the mother earth and the creator’s gift to my people. I will come back and I will claim my rightful place on the throne of the Achlys but I will save the world first so my people have the life they deserve.’ Then I walked out of the throne room and never went back.” I heard the determination and sorrow in her voice, I also felt her power fade into much more stable levels. She is going to be exactly what we need to make the world live again.

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