A Journey of Fajro

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I stood there trembling, I knew it was in the past but that did not change the fact that my body felt every pain she dealt in that month or the fact that my memory was reliving the torture my body was reacting to. I felt every lash of the whip again, I felt the anger build again, I was afraid that I was going to release my full power and I did not know if he nor Fahdon could withstand my power. After I finished the story my powers went back down to a more manageable level. Something I had not told him was that everyone within the throne room that day had no choice but to fall to the ground including my uncle and his wife. They were completely helpless when I released my full strength and I didn’t want to have people fear me, only the ones that deserved it.

“I didn’t tell you this story so you will pity me, I also didn’t tell you this so you fear me. I tell you this so that you will think twice before you believe I had the life you assume I have had. I tell you this so that you will think twice before you judge others for the position they hold. Not everyone’s the same, not everyone is cruel, and not everyone hates.” I said as I turned around and looked him in the eyes. I saw respect and joy in those silver eyes as if he felt the power rise within me, but the weirdest thing I saw in them was loyalty.

“I love, care, and feel when I shouldn’t. Why does this world have to be in so much pain? Why do people have to hate and be cruel? Doesn't this world not have enough of those emotions, without us contributing to it?” I screamed the last at him with my whole heart and tears in my eyes. I startled Fahdon awake, I started to walk away from Fahdon and him because I needed to calm down. It wasn’t like he would ever understand anyway, I was beginning to believe he was like the others, but his words froze me in place.

“You are right.” That was all he said to me, it brought the tears I had been holding back, down my face.

“What?” I whispered.

“I said you are right. I do judge others based on what I have experienced in my life and that’s not right. So much of this world is based on pain, anger, and hate. I want to change that, I want the world to know there is more than what is shown to us now. I need your help to do that though, you are the only one that can bring life back to this desolate place we call home. You are the only one that has that power, so I came here to beseech you to help me do just that. Will you help me change this world into something more?” He stood up and put Fahdon down as he told me all of this and came to stand in front of me, before the end of it he was kneeling before me begging for my help. I knew just by Fahdon’s reaction to what Illian was doing that this was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do in his life was to ask for help.

“Please, get up. I have enough people that kneel on their knees. I really don’t want you to do it. I said I would help you already, we just have to wait a couple of days, then we will leave OK?” I pulled him up to stand on his feet, then started to walk to the extra bedroom to make it up.

“Why?” He asked as he followed me.

“Why, what? You will have to be more specific.” I grabbed sheets and a pillowcase on the way to the room.

“Why are we waiting to leave? Why not now?”

“Well, because I have a friend coming in two days that would freak if I wasn’t here.” I started making the bed I was almost done when he finally spoke again.

“Well I guess that is fine it won’t hurt anything to stay a little longer in one place, but after she is gone we will leave.” He stated as if that was what we had planned all along, I wasn’t sure but I think he was happy to rest for those two days so he could heal. I did not speak my thoughts out loud because I had a feeling if I did he would make us leave tonight just to prove his wounds did not hurt him at all.

I went to bed after that so I could get some sleep, it had been a very long day and I was more than tired.

As I laid in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about her, the way she moved, how she seemed to care about others without regard to her own safety. I looked down to see Fahdon staring at me.


“You seem restless, why?” he asked looking at me with his head tilted to the side.

“It’s because of her! She has no regard for her own safety, I mean she took me in not knowing if I was the enemy. I could have killed her and no one would have know any different it is admiring and infuriating at the same time. It makes me want to go stand watch at her door so no one will harm her, but that just makes me feel stupid.” I said frustrated with my own feelings I pushed Fahdon off me and started to pace the room.

“Why does it make you feel stupid to want to protect the only hope this world has to survive. I mean it doesn’t sound stupid to me but then again I am a dragon and what is mine I will protect regardless on how stupid it might make me feel.” He shrugged as if it was nothing to him, it was just that easy for him to just believe the way he did. As he said though dragons are loyal and will kill without a second thought, if they believed the one they cared for was in danger of any kind.

Fahdon had only done that for me once in my life and I would never forget that day. Remembering it now still scared me half to death I thought he was going to die:

I had left our home in search of a beautiful gem the color of my mother’s eyes. I wanted to surprise her when she came home from the council meeting. I knew I was not supposed to go into the forest without her, but I wanted to get something that she was really going to love. I knew she loved gems that were as ice blue as her own eyes.

“We shouldn’t be leaving home without your mother and you know that Illian.” Fahdon kept saying as we left the house he tended to curl around my ear like an earring when we left the house so he could hide in my hair and go unseen.

“I know, but we are not going to be gone for long when mom and I were out the other day I found a gem she is going to just love. I want to have it there at the house before she gets back. Nothing will happen, we will be back before you know it.” I said waving my hand back toward the house. We walked for about a half a mile when I finally found the gem again. “See there, give me a second and we will head back.”

“Something’s wrong Illian, it doesn’t feel right to me please go back home. I’m sure your mom won’t mind coming back out a little later to get it with you.” He chattered nervously into my ear, I should have listened to him then. Before I could respond the ground shook with a tremor as if something hit it. I whipped around as fast as I could standing before me was a manticore.

The manticore roared at me for being in his territory, I backed up into the water the gem had been in. It had a body of a lion but it was thin, almost as if it had not eaten in a couple of months. Its wings were ripped and tattered, it had been in a lot of fights. It stood over eight feet tall, I shook with fear knowing that I was going to die. I stood there frozen, I was so scared and my hesitation was going to get me killed. Fahdon on the other hand took action standing in front of me roaring like an animal a hundred times his own size.

The manticore didn’t even seem to see Fahdon; he was locked on me for his next meal. Just then my little best friend did something that I never knew he could do. He grew to the same size as the manticore and blew ice over it until it stood frozen as a statue. When he knew I was safe he shrunk back to his original size and passed out. I picked him up forgetting about the gem and ran until I made it home.

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