I'll become a villain in my next life

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"Why? I tried to help people but they just abandoned me! betrayed me! they don't want me to play hero!? then fine I'll be the villain" Those are the last words of 'Riruko Kaido' codename: Ragnarok, a level 5 Esper with the power to control matter as he died from the hands of the very people he protects he was betrayed by his friends, abandoned by his lover, and sold out to the researchers by the very person he trusted...... follow Riruko Kaido as he live out his life in another world with a determination to become a villain.... will he be able to maintain his word to become a villain? or will his past personality preserve the goodness in his heart? will he be a villain or a hero?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1 Reincarnation

[year 2130]

In year 2130 the world had advanced so much in science and technology that anything can already be accomplished by a machine

Because of science early experimentation and incident that a certain chemical was spread throughout the world resulting to people having supernatural powers called Espers

Even thought Espers are powerful beings they are loathed by the world cause of their ability to destroy reality itself

Using excuses as liberating people from their Esper power the scientist and researchers experimented on thousands of Espers to make full use of their ability to create advance weapons of war resulting to many deaths among espers

After the Espers learned of this dark secret they decided to live in hiding from the world

[In a certain place in Japan]

My name is Riruko Kaido a highschool student, also smart and good looking guy by the way I’m a level 5 Esper that is currently hiding from the world

I can call myself dangerous because I have the power to control different types of matter and elements known in a certain periodic table of elements

Since Espers are being loathed around the world I decided to live and die as an ordinary guy like anyone would but one day it all changed

One day an apartment burning in flames so hot that it made hard for the fire fighter yo remove

“Please help me my family is in there!” Cried the woman who clearly owned the burning apartment

“Please mam step back! It’s too dangerous... Well do anything in our power to save your family” assured by the police

“You don’t understand... By the time that fire will be put out my whole family could be dead” cried the woman

“Mam! Please step back” issued the police

“Oh please! Please! Save them! They are all I have left! Please don’t take them away from me” said the woman as she wept from despair

Seeing the woman crying, Kaido decided to save her family thinking that doing a good deed may make them think that he’s a hero rather that being loathed

In the next moment the fire suddenly went out of the window and gathered in Kaido’s palm making all the people witnessing it left in shocked

“There your family is safe!” Said Kaido expecting to be thanked

“Mo...monster!” Muttered by one of the crowd

Contrary to his expectation the whole crowd and workers feared him

With no intention to make a scene Kaido left

Next morning his girlfriend called him out

“What’s wrong?” Asks Kaido

“We’re through! I’m breaking up with you!” Said his girlfriend with a disgusted face

“Wha... Why? Have I done anything wrong?” Kaido asked seemingly confused of what he had done wrong

“I can’t date a disgusting monster” she said as she left Kaido alone

Following that the whole school seems to be avoiding him

When he got home he received a notice from the land owner that he was evicted from the apartment and at the same time received a call from his work saying he’s fired

As he contemplates this a black van stops behind him

When the door opens, men in Black suit came out from it and dragged him... He tried to retaliate of course but before he could do that a black collar was attached to him to prevent him from using his power

After he was captured he was transported to a research facility where scientist tortured him and messed with his body everyday

“Gaaaaahhhhhh! Shouted Kaido as he was being electrocuted

“This guys mental resistance is quite high... This is his 55th day of being tortured” said one of the scientist

" That enough! We still need him for later.... Prepare the drug” said the other scientist

Mustering his strength Kaido tried to talk

“Uhhhhh!” He said weakly

“What did you say?” asks the scientist provoking Kaido

“I said..... I’ll ...kill you” replied Kaido

“Is that so then good luck with that hahaha” laughed aside by the scientist

As Kaido was drugged he was sent back to his cell

His current complexion wasn’t good even thought he looks healthy when he’s not being tortured, he actually in a lot of stress right now because he’s using his ability to make him look young

“I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them! All the people who betrayed other people’s trust, all the oppressors, all the corrupt politics and scientist” he thought to himself

[Next day]

When Kaido was being brought to the experimenting room the collar suddenly broke


As Kaido heard the clicking sound he smiled and immediately released his ability killing all the people in the room

“Please! Please don’t! Please spare me” proposed by the scientist in charge of him

But seeing the scientist face covered in despair Kaido smiled

“Hehehehe!!hahahaha! I told you.... I’ll kill you RRRRIIIIIGHHHHTT?” said Kaido breaking out laughter from the face of the scientist

“You.... You won’t get away with this” cursed the scientist

“Get away? Hehehehe! I don’t need to.... I’ll kill you all” said Kaido as it stabs the scientist with a knife made out of black metal

After that Kaido rampaged all over the research facility killing left and right, not showing mercy to any kind of people good or bad


Shooted by the bodyguard but soon died after Kaido impaled it using the floors matter

Seeing that the woman in her near 30′s still alive he approached her

“No please! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die” cried the woman

“I don’t care hehehehehe!” Said Kaido as it uses it’s hand covered in blood to attack the woman

But suddenly....


Upon hearing this Kaido stopped his movement and a girl in about 8 years old with teary eye standing between Kaido and the woman

“Please don’t take mommy away! I love mommy! She’s all I have left!”

After hearing this a memory sprung up in his memory, a memory of him spending a happy time with his mother as a kid

Remembering this he mind broke down

“Why? I tried to help people but they just abandoned me! betrayed me! they don’t want me to play hero!? then fine I’ll be the villain”

As he said this he thought otherwise

(Why does it hurt? I’m scared, why did they leave me? I’m so tired of life! Why can’t I kill this kid?)

While thinking about this a person holding a gun arrived and shot him at him

Late noticing the attacker Kaido was shot in the head and fell into the ground

(It’s cold! I’m so cold! So this is how it feels to be shot! I’m scared! I should’ve have died long ago)

Before his vision fades he saw the girl hugging her mother

(Lucky you kid! Be good with your mother now! It’s already too late for me to go back.... I swear If I get reincarnated I’ll kill all the bastards that’s irritates me) Thought Kaido as he breath his last

In a vast sea of darkness with no light could reach a voice suddenly spoke


“Your pain and suffering inspires me”

“I’ll Grant you your wish, I’ll give you a second life”

" I see the future returning to balance and as you the center of it”

“I’ll lessen your sanity but enhance your thinking capability”

“You don’t want to be a hero right? They I’ll turn you into a villain”

“I’m God Revifol, a god that governs the world your reincarnating into and lastly”

“Welcome to the world of Loroa”

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