When Time Was Lost

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I have always been longing, hungry for something, some place that I cannot quite fixate on. I’m a mother of a gorgeous girl and a wife of my first love. When the day finally arrives i stumble upon a note that sends you crazy. I cannot shake the feeling of sadness and loss. I have to find out what happened to them all. I have to go back.

Fantasy / Adventure
Lydia Fern
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Chapter One: My Happiness

I was born out of wedlock to a woman named Helena and a father named Ricardo. My mother is a gorgeous woman, she is a strong woman with a fierce nature although her love for me and my brother Samuel, is unconditional. Ricardo, my father is an abusive man, an acoholic always putting money and drugs before his wife and children. My parents had been together for over 10 years when the day finally came, the day the police were called out to our rural home. It was a scary situation but the relief that it was finally over is a feeling ill never forget. One of the happiest days of my childhood, was seeing my mother and brother finally safe from the monster who tourmented our lives.

I have grown up with some amazing memories of our home and family despite my father. I was doing the best I could in a bad situation. Making sure we were happy and I never shown my weakness or got upset. We enjoyed baking, writing, walks and even bedtime stories every night. I never had to imagine what a wonderful mother would be like because I had everything I could ever possibly want, right in my arms.

As I grew older I met an incredible man, his name is Vincent. The kindest,charismatic, goofball I’ll ever know. But I fell instantly deep in love with him from the day we met. He cared about me and my feelings, we shared our darkest secrets and our passions together. We are one. The love we have created a beautiful girl named Eliza. My world and my soul all wrapped in a bungle of joy. She is pure and full of life, her eyes are deep blue, ocean waves watch you as you hold her. No love is stronger than the one for your children.

Our family grew closer and closer together, we decided to get a dog for our growing girl to have a friend to talk to, a sibling if you wish. We have come to the conclusion that we don’t plan on having anymore children because of my awful experience giving birth as well as the condition I’m in. I’m sick, and it’s getting worse. I’m confined to my bed day in and day out. Only ever travelling to the bathroom for Vincent to wash me in the bathtub. It’s painful, not seeing elizas face, I wish I would get better.

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