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Zayla - Family Assumptions

I get dressed quickly the next morning. Sorens sweet words playing on repeat in my head. "Goodnight love." Those words could just be platonic. But the way he said them.

It's like He said them with so much desire, like the meaning in the words wasn't strong enough to convey his true emotion.

Walking into the kitchen I spot everyone except Paisley. My overjoyed mood showing on my face has the twins raising their eyebrows in suspicion. Where as my mother has that look like she knows what's going on.

"Good morning everyone." My voice coming out overly cheery.

"Seems like someone's over their pissy ass mood" Draxel says while sipping his coffee. I just roll my eyes and ignore him.

"Oh leave her alone Drax, you have no reason to even keep secrets from her! I don't blame her for wanting to know what's going on" his mate Kimber says while nudging his shoulder.

"What is going on?" I ask a little unsure.

"Nothing." Rolling my eyes again at his scuff, I pour myself some coffee, barely noticing it out of the corner of my eye but my fathers eyes are on me like a hawk.

Turning slightly to get a better look at him I watch his His eyes flashing between his and his wolfs.

He's so lost in analyzing me that when I turn fully and face him he doesn't even react. His body just goes completely ridged.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" On my somewhat panicked question everyone in the kitchen turns to look at dad.

His eyes continuing to flash in and out like his wolf is about to attack, but he's holding him back.

"Zayn whats wrong?" Mom grabs him trying to turn him to face her but he just stays locked on me.

It takes a few minutes before he wins against his wolf, my whole body telling me to run! I've never seen him this on edge.

"Dad are you okay?" I can't help the panic that shows its self in my voice. But he finally takes a deep breath, before kissing my mother on the side of the head.

Breathing a sigh of relief I began to remake my coffee... that is well until my father finally speaks up.

"Zayla, what the fuck is that smell? And why is it mixed with arousal" his voice comes out calm yet threatening, like if I say the wrong thing he won't hesitate to attack to attack me and that has me halting once more.

Moving my head to the side I begin to sniff myself, and that's when I smell him. Soren.

I was so tired after the club, I didn't shower and this morning though I definitely didn't forget the feeling of his hands on and in me, or the feeling of his fangs piercing my skin. I did however forget the smell change my body would make at the partial mark he laid on my skin.

Instinctively my fingers brush against the sensitive skin, and even though I'm wearing a shirt that covers it, the sensation of Sorens mark being touched sends Sparks jolting through every nerve ending on my body.

The involuntary shiver earns a round of growls from the males standing around me. The twins having abandoned their spots, walking towards me like I'm their new pray.

"Zayla, what the fuck did you do!" Drayden grabs my shirt, yanking it off my shoulder, Ripping the neck line.

At the sight at the fresh mark Drayden jolts back like it shocked him. Grabbing my shirt I try to quickly cover the mark, but it's useless.

With my shirt officially ruined, and my mind in a jumbled mess on how to get out of this situation, I drop my head. Not in shame over my mark. No! I'm fucking proud of it. I earned this bitch!

No. I drop my head because how do I tell my family that my mate only wants me when provoked. How do I explain to them that I'm not lucky like they are with a mate who instantly wanted them. How do I explain my desperation for a man I haven't even seen in person.

I honestly don't have a fucking clue. I'm overwhelmed and at a constant loss at what to do and that is exactly why I can't say anything to them. Because if their faces are anything to go by at this minute, then i know telling them will just make it worse.

"You let someone mark you?!" Draxel is the first one to speak. His voice is deadly. Venom dripping on every word.

"Are you fucking stupid Zayla!" Drayden scuffs right after, effectively finishing Draxels sentence as always

"Boys leave us!" My mothers voice rings out. Lifting my head I catch them scuff, rolling their eyes at me in irritation. Before walking off.

But not before I hear the tail end of their huffed conversation at they walk away their mates on their arms "her mate would be ashamed if he knew what she did!" "Hell i'm fucking ashamed"

Although they have no idea the mark was indeed from my mate, it still fucking stings to hear my older brothers think so lowly of me. To be ashamed of me. Being so blinded by a bite that they act like they haven't known me my whole life.

Yeah, this fucking hurts.

"What's going on Zayla?" My moms voice pulls me out of my self loathing spiral the twins words sent me on.

Coughing to clear my throat I focus on my parents. My moms face showing confusion and concerns, while my dads shows anger and a little bit of sadness.

"Does it even matter? The bond wasn't completed, it's going to fade." I say sadly as my wolf whines at the thought of it fading.

It's the only proof we even have a mate, she wears it with pride, and happiness. The thought of loosing that one and only symbol of his existence has us both cringing.

"Do you want it to fade?" My moms voice is more hopeful than I thought it would be, her knack for always seeing the positive shining through.

"No." I sigh out, although I'm not ready, I'm willing to tell my parents about Soren.

"What about your mate?" My dads voice is clipped.

"What about him?" While my father says it non-binary I make sure to annunciate that I know his sex.

"Do you even care about them? Imagine how they will feel if their mate, mates with another! Honestly Zayla how could you! Have we taught you nothing!" His words become more bitter the more his mind reels.

"How are you so sure that my mate didn't do this?" I try fucking hard, but I can't keep the hurt from my voice.

"A mate would have to complete the bond! Your wolf wouldn't be able to stop themselves!" And now we're back to why I'm not telling them, because Why would they ever Fucking believe me.

"Maybe he isn't a wolf! Did you ever think about that? No right? Because the twins mates were lucky and their mates show up right Fucking away, so why the fuck not mine!" I can't stop my voice coming out in a pained yell.

Tears sliding down my face. "You and the twins can be ashamed of me all you fucking want! But you have no idea how I fucking feel! What I'm going through"

"And you can fuck the mate bond! You know since it's so important to you." I spit out, Wiping my eyes I then run from the house. Accidentally running into paisley.

Grabbing hold of my face, her eyes are so full of concern. "Zay what's wrong?"

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