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Zayla - Tell Me About You.

Laying my head on Sorens chest. my body is exhausted and extremely fucking sore! Soren stayed true on his word Fucking me positively senseless.

His hand is currently gliding up and down my spine is soft slow strokes. His eyes are closed and his face is the epitome of serene.

"Soren, why do you call me Lux?" I can't help but wonder aloud. My brain using this moment of silence to over think.

"Do you not like it?" His voice is deep and scratchy by still holds a beautiful softness to it. You can tell he's right on the cusp of passing out.

"Well no I didn't say that. You've just always called me that." Sighing out as I start to regret my question. "I was just curious, forget i said anything."

Pushing my face into his chest, it's silent for a minute before he sighs out.

"I call you Lux because it's what you are. Lux is Latin for light Zayla, and that's what you are to me. You're my light." pulling my face up and laying my chin on his chest I lock eyes with him.

Sorens hand comes up and his thumb runs along my bottom lip. "The day I first saw you I thought I was about to die. You were so bright, your soul was so fucking shiny I couldn't think straight. It was like having a flashlight being shined an inch away from my eyes. It was so blinding I couldn't move."

He continues to rub his thumb moving it slightly to my cheek. "You lit up my dark world. That's why I call you Lux, Because even Death needs light to survive and you are mine!"

Pulling my face to his he kisses me softly "My beautiful little Lux."

Kissing him again quickly, I lay back down on his chest. Hugging my body to his, as he kisses my hair. A permanent smile stuck on my face.

"So tell me about your brothers, what are they like?"

"Well you have met them." Soren chuckles slightly as his own joke.

"For all of five minutes Soren. Please tell me about them."

"There's not much to tell, Devlin was the first of us to find his mate, and he has a daughter. She's the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

Laying on his chest as he speaks About his family has my mind wondering if he and I will ever have children of our own. Not that I want them any time soon, but is that something he'd like in the future?

"And as for Zennen and Craven, well they still haven't found their mates yet but their wolves are searching."

Lifting my head up again I lay my chin on his chest for the second time.

"How did you guys get wolves? I mean when I think of horsemen I don't think of warewolves."

Soren chuckles like my question is ridiculous "when we were born our father was in a sort of obsession with his hell hounds."

Soren rolls his eyes dramatically at the thought. "He had just created the first hound when I was born, and he loved that stupid dog. Still does!"

His chest jerks slightly as a harsh sigh leaves his throat. "He loved the power his hound held, the way it could siphon hell's powers to become stronger. So one night when my mother was sleeping he came into my nursery and did the same curse to me as he did his hound."

"He turned you into hell hounds?"

"Well he tried. When I'm in a state of pure anger my wolf takes on somewhat of the form of a hell hound. Where their flesh is rotted and burns with hell fire, mine is like ash and burns with the lava of purgatory."

He starts to run circles along my back again having abandoned the movement for several minutes as his mind wondered.

"My brothers and I have wolves that have stages of looks, we can be normal and look like normal wolves or we can be demonic and look more sinister than a hell hound ever could."

" were you born Death or is that a title you earned?"

"Well kind of both."

At the shrugging of his shoulders I'm more intrigued than ever, sitting up I scoot as close to his body as possible, giving him my sole attention. "What do you mean kind of both?"

Following my movement Soren sits up as well, leaning his head back against the head board. Pulling me he turns me around so I'm laying in his lap with my head laying against his chest. His hand running through my hair.

"Well let me start off by saying that I'm not the human Horseman of Death. There are actually two versions of us."

"So there's 8 Horsemen of the apocalypse?" I can't help but let my curiosity shine through. I've never heard such a thing.

He just hums a mhm in my ear before kissing my head.

"Before my father had my brothers and I he created the original Four Horsemen, Their job is to handle the humans. When my brothers and I were born we were given purgatory to maintain and our titles for the supernatural world."

"Do you ever cross paths with the human Horseman?" I ask innocently but with a scuff I know he has before he even answers.

"Mostly their Death, he's a little fucking weasel of a man! Rarely leaving his throne to do any actual work! Instead he leaves all of the work to his reapers. He acts like he's a king when really he's just a reaper himself with a measly little title in hell."

"Sounds like you hate him?" He just chuckles.

"You have no fucking idea! I've killed the little cockroach probably a million times, but father always brings him back because he's officiant with humans."

I don't have to be looking at Soren to know he's rolling his eyes, I can practically hear them rolling in his skull.

"have you ever died?" My tone is hesitant but curious. The thought of someone harming him has my wolf on edge and a anger bubbling up inside of me.

"No. My brothers and I can't die. We were not created like the other Horseman. We were born in hell, we are a part of it. As long as hell exists then so do we." He kisses my head as he finishes talking, trying to reassure me that I don't have to worry. And I'll admit the calm that washes over me is fucking nice. It's nice to know I'll never have to worry about him.

"Since you and your brothers control the supernatural side what all do you do? Is it much different to the humans?"

"It's not a whole lot different I control the reapers just like the human version only my reapers are stronger. Where the human reapers are made from human souls who their Death has hand picked, mine are supernatural creatures.

I have reapers who were once wolves, and vampires, I have some that were pixies and witches. Hell even mermaids."

Reaching over I grab his arms, wrapping them around me as I snuggle back into him ready to hear the rest of his story.

"When a supernatural dies, my reapers are there to take their souls. However! Sometimes like little cockroaches, people can sometimes slip past my reapers. Avoiding their deaths, And that's when I step in.

I kill those that think they're better than my reapers, smarter. But by the time I'm done with them they usually wish my reapers had taken them instead. I'm not a kind man Lux, my job is important to keep balance."

"what happens after a soul is taken by your reapers." My voice is shallow and calm, the slow movements of his breathing, mixed with the warmth of his arms around me have my drifting slowly. The only thing keeping me awake is my need to hear his beautiful voice as he talks to me.

I've craved this from him for so fucking long. I'm so bloody scared to fall asleep and loose it. I don't want this feeling to ever stop! I don't want to go back to never hearing his voice, or seeing his beautiful face.

As if he can feel me falling asleep, he wiggles his body into laying down, pulling my body with his. Rolling me over and laying my head on his chest he kisses my head once more.

"you're a very curious little thing Lux." He brings his hand up to my hair, stroking is softly, allowing his fingers to flow through it.

"When a supernatural dies, they're taken to purgatory. It's there that my brothers and I decide where they go. We can send people to heaven or damn them to hell.

But unlike humans, supernaturals have to come through us first. We make the deciding factor on their souls."

Like mine Sorens voice starts to crack sounding drained, his body so relaxed that he's fighting with himself to stay awake.

Pulling me closer to him he kisses my forehead softly, before sighing into my hair. "Goodnight my beautiful Zayla."

Titling my head slightly I kiss his chest before snuggling into him more. "Goodnight Soren. I love you."

"I love you more."

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