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Zayla - Another Birthday For Me.

After that day, my mysterious mate seemed to stick around. Never getting close enough for me to see him, but always close enough that I could smell him.

His scent always lingering in the air around me. Constantly leaving my wolf and I in a state of longing.

Sometimes at night if I was lucky I would even get to see a quick shadow of his silhouette when the moon would hit his quick movements just right.

I tried for the next 6 years to get him to come forward, just to catch even a glimpse of him.

Trust me I know how desperate this all sounds, but you don't know what it's like! Most of the time I spent talking to him about random things.... well talking to where I hope he was.

Anything to get him to just speak, but he wouldn't. After my 15th birthday, he didn't say another word to me directly, yet sometimes.... right when I was on the verge of passing out I'd hear him speak.

Telling me I was funny, that he enjoyed my stories, or just simply saying goodnight.

But each and every time it was never loud enough that you could hear it with normal ears. Honestly if my wolf wasn't working so fucking hard to find him, we probably wouldn't have heard him either, his voice always seemed to be carried on the wind.

Today is my 21st birthday and being a creature of habit I expected today to go how it has since I turned 15. with him leaving me a gift in my pants pocket after our packs run.

Other than my butterfly necklace, he's given me a beautiful white gold charm bracelet that held nothing but a little flashlight charm for my 16th birthday.

I was thoroughly confused at the meaning of the flashlight but chalked it up to something I'd probably never get the answer to anyway, so I just learned to treasure the randomness that is my mate and his gifts.

For my 17th my mate left me another charm. This time in the shape of a wolf. The wolf was carved out of a black rock, that has small red and gold veins running through it. I had never seen a material like this before.

I was honestly so curious about the rock and what it was made of, that I had taken it to my uncle Silas to see if he knew what it could be.

My uncle being an historian of sorts would know better than anyone what it's made of. He however was just as stumped and as fascinated with the charm what kind of material it was craved out of as I was.

After searching through all of his archives he offered to send it to a lab for testing but my heart and my wolf just couldn't part with it.

At 18 I was gifted an S. Shaped charm, I assumed it was a letter in his name, but the real guess is anyone's.

On my 19th I got a charm with 'Lux' engraved on a heart shaped opal, And on for my 20th I got a another heart this time it was made out of rose gold and was linked with an infinity symbol. The charm looking almost identical to my parents mate mark. Which made it even more special to me.

Every year he had thought out my charms perfectly. Each one meaning more to to me than the last.

This year my excitement was through the roof, my mind racing the whole month before as to what my new charm would be. I mean it was the only thing I could always count on him for, so it wasn't surprising that I kinda expected another piece to my charm bracelet. but instead I got nothing.

The whole day I paced around, not getting over the hurt of him forgetting about me. And by 11 pm, everyone in the house was silent, and I was pissy as fuck to say the least.

Gathering a towel from the closet, I walk out the backdoor, and down the path to the river.

After being no where in sight I can finally smell that he's here now, after being absent all day. Yet I don't even pay his scent an once of attention, despite the fact that my wolf is begging me to!

Getting to the shore I quickly set down my towel before unclasping my bracelet, laying it on top my towel before removing my tank and bra.

When I start sliding down my shorts, I hear him.

Grunting out as if he's in pain as my underwear hits the floor in a swift movement.

I can't help but smirk, he's usually so good at staying hidden, but tonight I got a reaction out of him.

Diving into the water I do a few quick laps above water, allowing the moon to shine down and show off my naked wet curves as brightly as it can.

Making sure to stay in the lit spots in the water, that way if he's going to be here he's going to be forced to see all of me.

On my last lap I smell it. Arousal!

He must have come closer because his arousal hits me so hard that I halt all movements in the water, my mouth watering at the smell, and my wolf begins to go crazy, trying to claw her way out of me to get to him!

Her primal need to sate his hunger over powering my own need to even breath.

The smell of him is so strong, that I moan out as my hormones take over every part of me.

Not being able to handle it anymore I swim to the shore, not even bothering to grab my cloths I walk to the strongest point I can smell him.

He's obviously not there, I mean he never is but I stand there smirking, because I got him! I finally figured out how to get to him.

Not wanting to give away my plan I chuckle lightly, shaking my head amused at his slip of willpower before walking back to the bank and grabbing my stuff.

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