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Devlin - Punishing Geraldo

The pit of souls is an eerie ass fucking place.

Souls from all walks of life sit here waiting for us to direct them to their final resting place.

Some souls however Soren punishes by leaving them here. The souls slowly going crazy and desperate to move on.

While Craven, Zennen and I help Soren manage the souls, ultimately what happens to them and their time here is managed by Soren.

Opening the gate and walking into the room, it's eerily silent. souls stand around the room unmoving. Their usually lively behavior temporarily put on hold.

Walking further into the room I search through the hordes of souls for the one soul I'm looking for.... Geraldo Burtini.

Grabbing onto souls as I try to find the man in question, I am able to see each and every thing each soul has done in their lives.

From living normal happy lives and raising a family to murderers and rapists their all here together, waiting for a verdict on where we'll release their soul.

All of them wanting to know when they'll move on.

Grabbing onto one soul in particular has me stopping momentarily, their name and face seeming so familiar to me but I'm not quite able to place it.

Diamond King.

Letting the information of her life flow through me quickly I realize that the soul in front of me is actually Zaylas grandmother.

Her soul is cracked from hardships but pure. Locking my eyes with her soul, I release her.

"Your heart is pure, and so you may move on. I shall watch for your family as they grow, enjoy heaven. Your mate is there waiting for you."

She smiles at me, admiration filling her eyes before her soul fades away in a soft white light.

Taking a deep breath and turning around I notice Craven just standing there doing fuck all.

"What are you doing help me." At my pissy growl he rolls his eyes.

"I would be able to if you told me what the fuck we're doing, or I don't know Devlin... who the fuck we're looking for maybe." He crosses his arms tightly over his chest, irritation lit up on every feature of his face.

I was in such a hurry I forgot to tell him the plan. Sighing out I quickly tell him who where looking for and why.

At first his face is unsure but he doesn't question me, he just momentarily pauses then turns around and starts searching.

After 15 minutes I hear "uh Dev, I found him but.... I don't know what you plan to do with him, we might need a different soul."

Confused I follow the echo of his voice until I find him. Locked up to the wall with a metal dog chain around his neck is Geraldo Burtini.

His soul shows the carve marks his human form took from an angry Soren, and while here in the pits his soul is whole and almost life like.

When it's released it will break up into the many pieces Soren left it in.

"He's perfect, just as I knew he would be." I say in excitement before reaching up and unlocking his chain from the wall.

Yanking it up, I force Geraldo to stand to his feet. Clasping my hands onto his shoulders I take in his life, and let me just tell you. Death was a easy way out for him.

"for your crimes against human and supernatural alike, you have been punished to rot here in purgatory until we see fit. The souls of this room will continue to move on but you shall never."

Turning my body I nod at craven who joins me crossing his left arm over mine and holding Geraldos shoulders in a mimicked hold.

Chanting out in Latin Craven and I begin the ritual for creating reapers. This is something we're not meant to do but if we use enough power we can if Soren is unavailable.

When the last word flows from Craven and I's lips our eyes turn white and our bodies go ridged as we give this soul an after life immortality.

However as just as the ritual is almost completed Craven and I add in a phrase that allows us to only say it and Geraldo will no longer be a reaper just another damaged soul. Without this phrase Craven and I would be stuck waiting for Soren to remove his rank as a reaper.

And well being as we don't want him to know that a soul he tortured is now a reaper, I'm sure you can understand why we want this to stay a secret.

As the ritual comes to an end, this disgusting excuse for a person stands there smirking.

"I don't know what you're smirking about, this is going to be anything but pleasant for you." Cravens voice holds irritation before he drops his hands, mine however move from his shoulder to his neck.

Lifting the short ass man off the ground with barely any muscle needed. What a little fucking cockroach..

Nah that's too nice a term, cockroaches are smart and can survive a nuke. This little Fucking roadkill is far below that of a cockroach.

Keeping him in the air as his legs dangle and his face holds a fear that he no doubt acquired from his time with Soren. I walk further into the pit until I hit the cells.

A hundred cells in total, this is the worst place for a soul to be. The cells are spelled so the persons or souls loose all of their free will and basically become locked in a frozen state.

However they're fully aware of their surroundings so they sit there sometimes for hundreds of years, unable to react or even move.

Stepping in front of me Craven gives the door the command to open. "Cell 27 I command thee to open."

As the door opens Craven and I enter the room. It's completely empty except a wooden chair that levitates slightly off the ground.

As I set Geraldo in the chair, it drops fully to the floor his body instantly freezing. Panic screaming from his eyes as I walk around him.

"You see Gerald, it's not smart to be cocky when you're being punished. I know It must have been absolutely intoxicating to feel all of that power rushing through your veins as you became a reaper."

When I get behind him I bend down and whisper in his ear, my tone is clipped and holds no emotion other than anger. "But you see, I have plans for you."

Grabbing onto the back of his neck, which now that he's a reaper can feel pain again, I dig my nails into his neck. He cannot die this way, nor can he bleed but he can feel the pain all the same.

Pulling his head back I make him lock his eyes with Craven who as now stepped forward.

"You will open a portal to the residence of Zayn King and his mate Skyla. I know you know who they are boy so don't fucking play with me."

In this cell he has to follow directions however something like opening a portal is hard to do if you don't know where you're looking for.

But on further inspection of his life we saw that he knows all to well where the Kings live. A little too fucking well for our comfort.

His torture at Sorens hand became clear when it was shown that the attack on Zayla was orchestrated by this man in front of me.

The facts of this only known after his soul made it here.

After a few minutes of nothing a portal slowly opens in the cell. Tightening my grip on his neck I give one final command. "You are to leave this portal open until Craven or I tell you otherwise. You are also to lay the portal in a place where it will remain unseen."

Craven and I watch as his portal shifts in color and scenery as he moves the portal to what looks like an attic.

Releasing his neck I walk back in front of him. "Enjoy your home, cell 27 has always been my favorite."

Taking a cheap shot before we leave Craven punches him in the gut, his eyes showing his pain but his body frozen in its spot. "That's for hurting my baby sister you little cunt. Enjoy solitude."

Walking out we command the cell to lock, only to be opened by Craven or I. Sealing it with blood.

We make our way back upstairs as quick as possible back to our fathers room, and Fates Mirror.

Just as we open the door we see Zennen about to pass out. Craven and I grab hold of him, startling him back into his chair.

Once he's regained his composure Craven and I release him from his hold on his portal.

"Okay, drop it."

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