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Zayla - Well This Is New.

Taking another deep breath I walk out of Sorens house for the last time alone. The next time I touch this front door my mate will be standing next to me.

I don't care what he thinks, nor what he fears. I am determined to have him by my side and I shall have it. My soul and his worries be damned!

Pushing my self to walk down the path of his home, I make the slow journey back to my own home.

Deciding to take a longer way around the territory line, I use this time to just enjoy being back in my human form, Because while I love being in wolf form, when you're locked without a choice, it gets tiring real fucking quick.

As I continue my mosing around, my brain is wandering around more than I am, never quite able to stick to one particular thought before a new one pops up in the forefront.

Climbing over a fallen tree in my path, I almost fall off when off in the distance a loud horde of growls bleeds through the trees.

Hopping down, I take off in the direction of the sound.

Making it to where the sound is coming from I see my brothers, my father and a few pack members getting attacked by at least 50 rouges.

Searching the sea of bodies I don't see my mother anywhere. Where the fuck is she?

I continue scanning the crowd for my mom until finally I find her, a group of humans and wolves have her flat on the ground, my eyes clock my father trying to get to her before he's tackled as well.

I try frantically to pull my wolf out but she won't respond.

"God dammit I fucking need you!" I screech our gripping my head tightly as I watch them stick needles into my parents.

As soon as my parents drop unconscious, I feel my wolf roar up in my head, without any warning she rips out of me.

She’s different this time I can feel it. Glancing down quickly I notice that No longer is our fur black like normal. No this time our fur has patches of char that kind of matches Sorens.

I don't pause for more than a few seconds before my body is moving. Shredding the wolves off my brothers. they stare at me concerned for a minute as my body lights on fire.

'Get Mom and Dad!' I yell in mind link startling them back to reality before the three of us take off.

With a brother on each side of me we rip through most of the wolves and even some humans before we're able to get to dad.

He's completely knocked out, but I continue shoving at him trying to wake him up. I keep doing this for several minutes as my brothers protect me and try to get to our mother who is surrounded.

Calling over a pack member, I take off to help my brothers. Once I'm almost to them I'm momentarily distracted when out of the corner of my eye I see a hole open in the field.

When out walks a man dressed in a nice suit, my body freezes. I watch as he bends down and pulls the dead wolfs soul out of its body.

Shaking it's head slowly it scans the field, huffing at the damage before its eyes lock on me. I see longing and admiration glowing in its ash grey eyes before he vanishes back into the portal and I'm pulled back to reality with screams from my brothers.

'God dammit Zayla help us, what the fuck are you doing!!!'

Snapping my head back to my brothers I watch as they're being held down by more wolves and my mothers body is being put in the back of a van.

getting my ass in gear I quickly kill the wolves on my brother Draxel, helping him up quickly we make our way to my brother Drayden but when he whimpers out in pain and collapses I can't stop the anger that I have been pushing down.

My concern for my family taking priority until this moment. Anger surges through every vein, until my body feels warm.... no my body feels hot.

Biting into the flesh of the last wolf in the vicinity, i am momentarily deafened by his scream of pain as his body starts burning.

The smell of hot flesh begins torching my nose hairs. My jaws continue to clench down on the now dead wolf when I hear my brothers cry out again.

'No mom!!!' Snapping my head. In the direction of the van I see as it takes off with my brothers hot on it's trail.

Taking off as quickly as my legs can carry me I make my way in front of the van, cutting it off.

Standing there in front of the van I watch as the men in the van stare at me terrified, and in their windshield I'm able to see myself. My body is now fully in flames, patches of flesh and muscle are missing, while my newly acquired fire shines brightly through the cracks.

My eyes are glowing bright, with my irises being two different colors. One eye shines red, and the other shines a bright purple. All the while the body of the other wolf is still dangling in my jaws.

Chucking the dead wolf on the ground, it's body crackles like a log on fire as it begins to go out.

Jumping on the hood of the van my paws dent it slightly as they start to melt the metal.

My brothers are at both doors of the van snapping their jaws and growling heavily at the men inside, pack members who've just made it to the fight guard the back door, while another tries to rip it open.

The men in the van are screaming orders at each other, a few of them are on the phone and others are pulling out weapons.

Having had enough of this little game, I slam my head hard into the windshield, the bulletproof glass not shattering but melting as my head burns through the material.

Deciding to use my paws, I slam them down over and over again until eventually the glass breaks.

Diving into the van I attack like a rabid animal, ripping arms and other limbs from bodies as they scream in horror for help and mercy.

Once the few in the front are taken care of I get to work on breaking the separation from the cab to the back of the van where my mother is. My brothers follow behind me up into the cab of the van.

My wolf at this point is seeing nothing but red, her instinct has fully taken over. She's fully blinded to everything around her except her task.

When I finally get through the separation I clock only 4 men and my mothers body.

Lunging at the closest one to me, I take him out quickly, biting into his jugular and with a quick snap of the head I rip the flesh from his body.

As I lunge into the next two who are next to each other, my claws are scratching into the flesh of their stomachs as my teeth bite into any part I can get hold of.

While I'm busy with these two my brothers advance on the last human, I'm far to distracted to pay much attention to what they're doing...

That is well... until the sound of a gunshot rings through my ear.

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